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Address of Charles H. Bell before the New Hampshire historical society, on May 22, 1873; being the semi-centennial anniversary of the foundation of the society, and the 250th anniversary of the settlement of New Hampshire.     by   Charles Henry Bell, 1823-1893.    Concord N.H.  1874.    MoA

The Bench and Bar of New Hampshire: Including Biographical Notices of ...    by Charles Henry Bell   1893   Goo

Biographical review ..(Belknap County & Hillsborough County) Biographical review publishing company  1897   Arc

Biographical review ... containing life sketches of leading citizens of Merrimack and Sullivan counties, New Hampshire   Biographical Review Publishing    Arc

Biographical review : containing life sketches of leading citizens of Strafford and Belknap countries, New Hampshire   Biographical Review Publishing Company  Arc

Catholic Memoirs of Vermont and New Hampshire: With Sketches of the Lives of Rev. Wm. Henry Hoyt,...     by Bp. De Goesbriand, 1886    Goo

The Centennial Record of Freewill Baptists, 1780-1880     1881   Arc

Chronicles of the White Mountains.    by Frederick Wilkinson Kilbourne   1916    Goo

Claremont War History: April, 1861, to April, 1865: With Sketches of New ...    by Otis Frederick Reed Waite - Claremont (N.H.) 1868     Goo

Claremont, New Hampshire City Directory    DC  1917-18  

Collections of the New Hampshire Historical Society     by New Hampshire Historical Society.  Goo 1824     Vol 3   1832

The Congregational and Presbyterian Ministry and Churches of New Hampshire.    by Henry A. (Henry Allen) Hazen, 1875  Goo

The Connecticut River and the Valley of the : Three Hundred and ...   by Edwin Munroe Bacon - Dresden (N.H.) 1907    Goo

Documents and Records Relating to the State of New-Hampshire: During the ...‎    by Nathaniel Bouton, New Hampshire General Court 1874  Goo

Farrar's Illustrated Guide Book to Rangeley, Richardson, Kennebago, Umbagog, and Parmachenee ...     by Charles Alden John Farrar   1880   OpL

Festal days, songs and games of the Franco-Americans of New Hampshire - Writers' Program. New Hampshire   Arc

Gazetteer of Grafton County, N. H. 1709-1886 ‎    by Hamilton Child  1886   Goo

A gazetteer of the state of New-Hampshire,    by John Farmer, Jacob Bailey Moore 1823    Goo

Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire: A Record of the Achievements...    by Chicago Lewis publishing co  1908   

  Goo   Arc   vol 1   vol 2    vol 3    vol  4  

General Catalogue of Officers and Students, 1783-1903    by Phillips Exeter Academy   1903   Goo

The geology of New Hampshire. A report comprising the results of explorations ordered by the legislature.   1874-78.  MoA   vol 1    vol 2    vol   3   vol 3/3   

Hillsborough County record a glimpse of the business and resources of thirty-one towns.   by Richards Dodge   1853   OpL

Hillsborough, New Hampshire Town Reports for 1902, 1903, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1911, 1913, 1915-1918    

The History of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, 1735-1921   by George Waldo Browne  1922   Goo   vol 1

A History of Dartmouth College and the Town of Hanover, New Hampshire.      by Frederick Chase, John King Lord   1891    Goo

Gazetteer of Grafton county , N. H. 1709-1886     by  Hamilton Child,  1836- comp. cn    Arc  

The government and laws of New Hampshire before the establishment of the province. 1623-1679    by Albert Stillman Batchellor, 1850-1913  Arc

History of New Hampshire.   by Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole American Historical Society     vol 1      vol 2    vol 3      vol 4      vol 5

Colony, Province, State, 1623-1888: History of New Hampshire.    by John Norris McClintock. 1888    Goo

Gathered sketches from the early history of New Hampshire and Vermont ;     by   Francis Chase.   Claremont , N.H. ,: Tracy, Kenney & co., 1856.    MoA

History of New Hampshire, from Its First Discovery to the Year 1830...    by Edwin David Sanborn, Channing Harris Cox. 1875   Arc   Goo

State builders; an illustrated historical and biographical record of the state of New Hampshire at the beginning of the twentieth century    by George Franklyn Willey    Arc

History of Sanbornton, New Hampshire  1881  Goo    vol 1 

Index to the journals of the House of Representatives, province of New Hampshire...  Arc  1711-75

Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New Hampshire , January, 1889 - New Hampshire . Constitutional Convention    Arc

Leading manufacturers and merchants of New Hampshire : historical and descriptive review of the industrial enterprises of Portsmouth, Great Falls, Concord, Rochester , Nashua, Loconia, Dover, Manchester, Keene, and Claremont   Arc

List of officers, committees and members. Chronicle for thirty years, 1894 to 1924 : In memoriam, 1910-1924 : our deceased members, 1914-1924, sketches of their honored lives : list of members and lines of descent : index of ancestors and descendants   Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Hampshire   HT

Memorial encyclopedia of the state of New Hampshire; 1919    Arc 

Memorial of Rev. Henry Marden: given at the reunion of the McCollom Institute, Mont Vernon, N.H.,...   by Frank Gray Clark, 1891    Goo

Miscellaneous provincial and state papers, 1725-1800    by Isaac Weare Hammond,  1831-1890   Arc

Moore's Historical, Biographical, and Miscellaneous Gatherings: In the Form of Disconnected Notes...    Concord, NH 1886    Goo

The Native Ministry of New Hampshire ...    by Nathan Franklin Carter. 1906   Goo

New Hampshire Birth Records - Select years for the towns of Alstead, Barnstead, Bedford, Belmont, Center Harbor, Dover, Grafton, Hillsborough, Hudson, Millford, Newbury, Newington, Peterboro, Rindge, Somersworth, and Webster with more towns and years coming online daily   DC

The New Hampshire genealogical record  an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to genealogy, history, and biography : official organ of the New Hampshire Genealogical Society.  by George W. Tibbetts, 1903    OpL    vol 1    vol 2     vol 3    vol 4    vol 5    vol 7    vol  5-7    HT vol 1-7

New Hampshire, lake region [cemetery] inscriptions: Whiteface Intervale, Sandwich, Perkins ground, New Durham...  by Franklin P Rice  Arc

The New Hampshire manual of useful information    New Hampshire . Secretary of State   Arc   vol 2

The New Hampshire register, farmer's almanac and business directory.   HT   1871-1903 

New Hampshire business directory   HT  1822-1867    1868   1888 

New Hampshire register, state year-book and legislative manual     1871-1918

The New-Hampshire Town Officer     by William Merchant Richardson  Arc

Notes, historical and bibliographical, on the laws of New Hampshire    by  Albert Harrison Hoyt, 1826- Worcester , Mass. ,: Press of C. Hamilton, 1876.    MoA

Portsmouth and Newcastle, New Hampshire Cemetery Inscriptions: Abstracts ...    by Arthur Horton Locke   1907   Goo

Proprietors' records of Tyng Township, 1735-1741, with notes and sketches by George Waldo Browne  HT

Provincial and State Papers    by New Hampshire   1882    Goo

The ranger service in the upper valley of the Connecticut, and the most northerly regiment of the New Hampshire militia ... revolution      by Albert Stillman Batchellor,    Rumford Press, 1903    OpL

Records, 1893-1921 [typescript; textile workers; New Hampshire cotton mill]   Immigration Restriction League (Bost.?)   1893-     Har

Register of Officers and Members of the Society of Colonial Wars in the ...     by Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Hampshire, Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Hampshire, Theodore Atkinson, Society of Colonial Wars . New Hampshire - Biography & Autobiography   1907    Goo

The register of the New Hampshire Society of the Colonial Dames of America ..    Arc

Reminiscences of New Hampton, N.H.: also a genealogical sketch of the Kelley and Simpson families     by Frank H Kelley. 1889    Goo  

Rolls of the Soldiers in the Revolutionary War ...        by Isaac Weare Hammond, Jonathan Burton, Abraham Fitts, New Hampshire  1886   Goo

Sketches of successful New Hampshire men ...    J.B. Clarke, 1882    OpL

Transactions of the New Hampshire state agricultural society, 1850.    by New Hampshire state agricultural society.    Concord [etc.]: 1853-[61]    MoA


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