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O’Reilly Goo The Life and Adventures, Songs, Services, and Speeches of Private Miles O’Reilly [47th NY volunteers] … by Charles Graham Halpine 1864
Oak Goo Oak--Oaks--Oakes: family register, Nathaniel Oak of Marlborough, Mass., and … by Henry Lebbeus Oak, Ora Oak, New England Historic Genealogical Society 1906
Oakleys Arc Family traditions : celebrating Illinois newspaper history by Nancy Slepikca
Oatman MoA Captivity of the Oatman girls: being an interesting narrative of life among the Apache and Mohave Indians...in 1851; the narrow escape of Lorenzo D. Oatman; the capture of Olive A. and Mary A. Oatman …
Oatman UCa Captivity of the Oatman girls: ... narrative of life among the Apache & Mohave Indians: ... the massacre of 1851… by Royal B. Stratton 1857
Oatman MoA Captivity of the Oatman girls [Mary A & Olive A]…among the Apache and Mohave Indians… massacre of the family, by the Apache Indians, in 1851; …escape of Lorenzo D. Oatman; by Royal B. Stratton, d. 1875. 1858
Obear/Ober FHB The American ancestors of Josiah Abbott Obear : families, Batchelder, Bean (e)/Beans, Bland/Smith, Buffum, Chalkley/Chawkley, Chandler, Davis, Dodge, Drake, Els (t) on/Helson, Fowler, Gorball, Hall, Haukins/Hawkins,
Ober FHB The ancestral families traced herein : each from the pioneer who emigrated from the British Isles to New England : Chapin of Conn., Whitney of Mass., Whitney of Conn., Ober, Douglass of Conn., Taylor of Conn., Whitney of Conn.
Oberholtzer HT A genealogical record of the descendants of Martin Oberholtzer; together with historical and biographical sketches … by Fretz, A. J. (Abraham James) 1903
Oberholtzer Arc Jay Cooke, financier of the Civil War by Ellis Paxson Oberholtzer, 1868-1936
Obermann vol 2 Obermann: Selections From Letters to a Friend by Etienne Pivert de Senancour, ed. by Jessie Peabody Frothingham; Cambridge, MA: 1901
Obermann vol 1 Obermann: Selections From Letters to a Friend by Etienne Pivert de Senancour, ed. by Jessie Peabody Frothingham; Cambridge, MA 1901
O'Brie FHB A Holmes migration : from England through New England and Maine to New Brunswick, 1635-1992 David Holmes (ca. 1635-1666) was born in England and died in Milton, Massachusetts
O'Brien Arc Correspondence Between John Martin and William Smith O'Brien, Relative to a French Invasion - John Martin, William Smith O'Brien
O'Brien Arc The O'Briens of Machias, Me., patriots of the American Revolution : their services to the cause of liberty : a paper read before the American-Irish historical society at its annual gathering in New York City, January 12, 1904
O'Brien LC Minnesota pioneer sketches, from the personal recollections and observations of a pioneer resident, by Frank G. O'Brien, 1843-1920. Minneapolis, Minn., H.H.S. Rowell, 1904.
O'Brien MoA [pg 89] Family Monographs: The History of 24 Families living in the Middle West Side of NYC by Elsa Goldina Herzfeld, 1881-; 1905
O'Brien Goo A memoir of ... James Thomas OpL'Brien … with a summary of his writings by William George Carroll 1875
O'Briens Goo Historical memoir of the O'Briens: With Notes, Appendix, and a Genealogical Table of Their... by John O'Donoghue. 1860
O'Briens OpL The OpL'Briens of Machias, Me., patriots of the American Revolution by Unknown author 1904
Ochiltree HT History of the house of Ochiltree of Ayrshire, Scotland, with the genealogy of the families of those who came to America and of some of the allied families, 1124-1916. by Clementine Brown Railey, 1916
Ochs CMU An Honorable Titan: A Biographical Study Of Adolph S. Ochs by Gerald W. Johnson, NY 1946
O'Coigly Goo The trial of James O'Coigly: otherwise called James Quigley, … By James Coigly 1798
O'Connell HT Life and times of Daniel O'Connell, with sketches of his contemporaries, compiled from the works of W.J. O'N. Daunt, Mr. Fegan, R.L. Sheil, etc.
O'Connell vol 3 Daniel O'Connell and the committee of the Irish repeal association of Cincinnati
O'Connell link A Biography of Maurice F O'Connell: The Story of an American Hero by Perry T Ryan
O'Connell vol 1 Daniel O'Connell and the committee of the Irish repeal association of Cincinnati
O'Connell vol 2 Daniel O'Connell and the committee of the Irish repeal association of Cincinnati
O'Connor Goo The Bermondsey Murder: A Full Report of the Trial of Frederick George Manning and Marie Manning for the murder of John Patrick O’Connor... by Frederick George Manning, Maria DeRoux Manning 1849
O'Connor Arc The O'Connor family (Mathias O'Connor, 1756-1791); families of Daniel and Mathias OpL'Connor of Corsallagh house, Achonry County, Sligo, Ireland, A.D. 1750, with notes on the Hagadorn,…families, of New York by Watson Burdette OpL'Connor, 1879-
O'Connor Goo The OpL'Connor Family: Families of Daniel and Mathias OpL'Connor of Corsallagh … by Watson Burdette OpL'Connor 1914
O'Connor Goo Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Michael P. OpL'Connor … by United States Congress, 1883
O'Conor Cor Address by Charles O'Conor delivered before the New York historical society...May 8th, 1877
Ödegaarden HT The Skavlem and Ödegaarden families : being a genealogical record and pioneer history of the Skavlem and Ödegaarden families from their emigration from Norway down to the present
Odell HT The biographical and genealogical records of the Fite families in the U. S., including sketches of... families: Armstrong, Northcott, Odell, Randolphn … by Elizabeth Mitchell Stephenson Fite … 1907
Odell vol 2 The Hickman family history : John Peter Hickman (1740-1825) and his descendants : including the allied families
Odell vol 1 The Hickman family history : John Peter Hickman (1740-1825) and his descendants : including the allied families of Barger…
Odell UNC Wheatley, Phillis, 1753-1784 & Odell, Margaretta Matilda Memoir and Poems of Phillis Wheatley, a Native African and a Slave. Dedicated to the Friends of the Africans Boston: 1834
Odell HT The biographical and genealogical records of the Fite families in the US, including sketches of the following families: Armstrong, Coldwell…. 1907
Odiorne HT Genealogy of the Odiorne family. With notices of other families connected therewith. By James Creighton Odiorne, 1802-1879. 1875
Odiorne Goo Genealogy of the Odiorne Family: With Notices of Other Families Connected …by James Creighton Odiorne 1875
O'Ferrall Goo Forty Years of Active Service: Being Some History of the War Between the ... by Charles Triplett O'Ferrall 1904… four years from private to Lieutenant-Colonel and Acting Colonel in the Cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia
O'Ferrall OpL Forty years of active service…war between the Confederacy and the Union… from private to Lt.-colonel and acting colonel in the cavalry… of Northern Virginia [12th 1862-65 & 23rd 1864-65]... by Charles Triplett O'Ferrall, 1904
Offer FHB A clerical tradition : the story of the Black and related families in Scotland, Ireland, USA & Australia
Offley UNC A Narrative of the Life and Labors of the Rev. G. W. Offley, b1808 a Colored Man, Local Preacher and Missionary; Who Lived Twenty-Seven Years at the South and Twenty-Three at the North; Who Never Went to School a Day in His Life
O'Flaherty MoA [ p63] Family Monographs: The History of 24 Families living in the Middle West Side of NYC by Elsa Goldina Herzfeld, 1881-; 1905
Ogden FHB Matthew Williams, c1612-c1666, of Wethersfield, Connecticut and descendants : principal collateral lines: Ackerman, Baldwin, Brundage, Crane, Edison, McCandless, Ogden, Swaine, Tapp, Treat, VerPlanck, Winfrey
Ogilvie FHB Ancestors and descendants of Logan and Mary (Adams) Roberts : with ancestor families of Roberts, Douglass….Gerhardt, Hafer, Henderson, Morneault, Ogilvie, Roberts, Seagraves
Oglethorpe Goo James Oglethorpe: The Founder of Georgia. By Harriet Cornelia Cooper, 1904
Oglethorpe MBk Biographical Memorials of James Oglethorpe by Thaddeus Mason Harris
Oglethorpe Goo Biographical Memorials of James Oglethorpe: Founder of the Colony of Georgia in North America. by Thaddeus Mason Harris, 1841
O'Hara Que Edmund Burke, New York Agent: With His Letters to the NY Assembly & Intimate Correspondence w/Charles O'Hara. 1956. by Ross J. S. Hoffman
O'Howell FHB Rayn : and related families (Dailey, Gratton and O'Howell) by Diana DeMello Stuck, 1945-
Oickle bk xlv Elsie Thoresen collection : Hirtle family genealogy (book xlv): Wolfe, Abbot Theodore - Zwicker, William Herman
Oickle bk xl Elsie Thoresen collection : Hirtle family genealogy (book xl): Sullivan, Donald A. - Vcelka, Ralph
O'Keefe OpL Personal Reminiscences, by O'Keefe, Kelly, and Taylor; by John O'Keeffe Michael Kelly John Taylor Richard Henry Stoddard Scribner, Armstrong, and Company, 1875
Olcott: Goo Search ResultsDescendants of Thomas Olcott: one of the first settlers of … by Nathaniel Goodwin 1845
Older LC My own story. by Fremont Older, 1856-1935, editor the San Francisco call. San Francisco, The Call publishing co., 1919
Oldfather HT The genealogy of the Oldfather family, by Rufus A. Longman. 1869- 1911
Oldfather HT Post office directory of the Oldfather family relationship; being a suppl. to the family genealogy, by R.A. Longman. 1912
Oldfather OpL The genealogy of the Oldfather family by Rufus Adolphus Longman, Author, 1911
Oldfield OpL Otis Oldfield and the San Francisco art community, 1920's to 1960's by Helen Oldfield 1982
Oldham Arc History and genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown:…notes of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan, Yancey…
Olds HT The Olds (Old, Ould) family in England and America; American genealogy, by Edson B. Olds; English pedigree, by Miss Susan S. Gascoyne Old … Comp. and pub. By Edson MBk. Olds. 1915
Olin Goo A Complete Record of the John Olin Family: The First of that Name who Came … by Chauncey Cor. Olin - Indians of North America - 1893
Olin Arc Biographical sketches of the Samuel Olin family [ John, 1664?-1725); Samuel, 1793-1874) ] by Oran Lee Raber, 1893-
Olin Goo Biographical Sketches and Records of the Ezra Olin Family. By George Sheldon Nye 1892
Olive OpL One of the wonders of the age, or, The life and times of Rev. Johnson Olive, Wake County, North Carolina by Johnson Olive Edwards, Broughton, 1886
Oliver FHB A branch of the Stallings/Stillions family tree
Oliver Goo Ancestry of Mary Oliver, who Lived 1640-1698, and was Wife of Samuel Appleton... by William Sumner Appleton – 1867
Oliver HT Cleland Cousins: A Genealogy and Biographical Album of Cleland, and the Allied Families of Baker, Blair, Collins, Fisher, Gowdey, Haylett, Hume, Moody, Oliver, Richards, Ross, Wells, Etc. Dallas: Lithography by Lamb-Wilkerson, 1962
Oliver Goo Ancestry, Early Life and War Record of James Oliver, MoA. D.: Practicing … by James Oliver 1916
Oliver Arc Peter Oliver, 1713-1791 the last chief justice of the Superior court of judicature of the province of Massachusetts Bay by Thomas Weston, 1834-1920
Olliphant Goo To Arms!: Being Some Passages from the Early Life of Allen Olliphant … by Andrew Balfour - Surgeons - 1898
Olmstead vol 2 All these kinfolk : being the ancestors, descendents, and distant cousins of Beverly Rae Russell Brown and Norvil Leary Brown
Olmstead HT An abridged genealogy of the Olmstead family of New England by Elijah L. Thomas. 1869
Olmstead Goo Trumpet Notes: A Memorial of Charlotte Amelia Olmstead and Carroll Hanford by Charles Olmstead – 1895
Olmsted FHB Sixth supplement to the Olmsted family in America
Olmsted Arc Genealogy of the Olmsted Family in America: Embracing the Descendants of ... By Henry King Olmsted , George Kemp Ward
Olmsted HT Genealogy of the Olmsted family in America : embracing the descendants of James and Richard Olmsted and covering a period of nearly three centuries, 1632-1912
Olmsted Arc Arthur George Olmsted, son of a Pennsylvania pioneer; boy orator of Ulysses; for the freedom of the slave; defense of the Union; development of the northern tier; citizen, jurist, statesman by Stone, Rufus Barrett, 1847-1929
Olney HT A genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Olney : an original proprietor of Providence, R.I., who came from England in 1635 by James H. Olney, 1835- 1889
Olney OpL A genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas Harris, MoA.D., fifth in descent from Thomas Harris of Providence, R.I., and sketches of the Harris and the following families connected by marriage, Tew, Hopkins, Smith, Arnold, Tibbits… 1904
Olney HT A genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas Harris, M.D., fifth in descent from Thomas Harris of Providence, R.I., and sketches of the Harris and the following families connected by marriage, Tew, Hopkins, Smith,… 1904
Olsdatter FHB Johannes Erlandson (Gjefsesletten) (1831-1900) and Karen Olsdatter (1830-1902) Coon Twp., Vernon Co., WI., U.S.A. By Gary S. Nelson, 1941-
Olsen FHB History and genealogy of the Thomas Stone family
Olsson Arc A genealogy of Charles Carlson and Caroline Marie Haas, Utah immigrants by Bullock, Kenneth C, 1918-
O'Meara FBS The O'Meara family of Virginia and the Lynch family of Maryland and Virginia including collateral lines of Gossom and Maddox MacGill by Margaret Marie O'Meara, 1919-
Omlor FHB The early Omlor - Umlor immigrants : a compilation of the first immigrants to America by those named Omlor and Umlor and their descendants 1986
Onderdonk Goo Genealogy of the Onderdonk Family in America by Elmer Onderdonk - New Jersey – 1910
O'Neal UNC Life and History of William OpL'Neal, or, The Man Who Sold His Wife St. Louis, Mo.: A.R. Fleming, 1896
O'Neall FHB A Chapman family tree : being the descendents of Benjamin Chapman and Mercy Gray Gilpin Chapman, (1775 to 1992)
O'Neil OpL The story of Jennie O'Neil Potter by Anna Randall Diehl I.H. Blanchard Co., 1901
Oneill Arc Famous American belles of the nineteenth century [ Margaret Oneill (Mrs. John H. Eaton) ] by Virginia Tatnall Peacock, 1873-1918
O'Neill Goo In memoria, David Jones, Harry O'Neill, James Newell: Addresses and … 1878
O'Neill MoA [pg 81] Family Monographs: The History of 24 Families living in the Middle West Side of NYC by Elsa Goldina Herzfeld, 1881-; 1905
Onslow FHB Some Onslow families : with collateral lines (Onslow County, North Carolina), November 1976 with additions and appendices continuing to December 1997   Stroscio, Michael A., 1949-; Raleigh, North Carolina : M.A. Stroscio
Opie UNI A Journey in North America, Described in Familiar Letters to Amelia Opie, by Joseph John Gurney Circulation, by Josiah Fletcher, Norwich: Printed for Private 1841
Oppenheimer Arc Israel Family Collection 1814-1996 [ Joseph Oppenheimer 1832-1885 & Joseph 1911-2003 ]
Orcutt Goo Reminiscences of School Life: an autobiography. by Hiram Orcutt. Printed by the University press, 1898
Oredish FHB A family remembered, Jonathan Earl and Jane Wright
Oregon XMI Mountn Men Wyeth, John B Oregon, or A Short History of a Long Journey [1832] [across the praries; battle w/Blackfeet] 1833
O'Reilly Goo Life of John Boyle O'Reilly by James Jeffrey Roche, Mary Murphy O'Reilly 1891
O'Reilly OpL Life of John Boyle O'Reilly by James Jeffrey Roche, Cassell Pub. Co., 1891
Orendorff OpL Orendorff genealogy by Milo Custer, 1919
O'Rourke FHA The Ryle family history : related families, Barden, Callahan, Courtney, Culligan, Murray, O'Rourke, Sullivan
Orr LC Journal of a young lady of Virginia, 1782 [ Lucinda Lee Orr ]
Orth Arc Memorial addresses on the life and character of Godlove Stoner Orth, 1817-1882 (a Representative from Indiana), delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, Forty-seventh Congress, second session
Orton Goo An Account of Azariah Orton, of Farmington, Illinois, and His Descendants Includes an account of Hiram Orton, of Ortonville, Iowa by Julia H. Orton Jordan, Laura F. Marsh Orton, Edward Orton 1900
Orton Goo An account of the descendants of Thomas Orton of Windsor, … by Edward Orton 1896
Orvis OpL The Orvis family [microform] by Edward Everett Orvis 1895
Orvis Goo A History of the Orvis Family in America by Francis Wayland Orvis 1922
Osborn Arc Pastor of the old stone church : commemorative of Ethan Osborn, 1758-1858 late pastor of the First Presbyterian church, Fairfield, N.J by Beniah Bishop Hotchkin, 1806?-1878
Osborn Goo Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. Sarah Osborn: Who Died at Newport, Rhode Island … by Samuel Hopkins 1814
Osborn FHB Spencer Hamlin Osborn & Avanelle Richards Osborn
Osborn Goo Familiar Letters, Written by Mrs. Sarah Osborn, and Miss Susanna Anthony … by Sarah Osborn, Susanna Anthony – 1807
Osculati FHB A brief history of the personal legacy and experience of Maria Elisa Bossi DeHope
Osgood Arc American genealogy : being a history of some of the early settlers of North America and their descendants, from their first emigration to the present time, with their intermarriages and collateral branches… to the present era 1848
Osler Arc The story of the Toys by Mary Harris Toy Dodge, Mrs
Ossoli Goo Daughters of the Puritans: a group of brief biographies. including: Sarah Margaret Fuller Ossoli, 1810-1850, by Seth Curtis Beach. 1905 Goo
Ossoli LC Summer on the Lakes, in 1843. Sarah Margaret Fuller Ossoli,, marchesa d', 1810-1850. Boston, C. C. Little and J. Brown; New York, C. S. Francis and company, 1844
Ossoli MoA Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, 1810-1850 by R.W. Emerson, W.H. Channing, and J.F. Clarke. Boston : Roberts Brothers, 1874, c1859
Osterhoudt HT Genealogy of the descendants of John M. Bush and Jane Osterhoudt of Kingston, Ulster Co., N.Y., 1791-1914. by Beatrice Bush, 1887- 1914
Ostler FHB Samuel Holmes : family history by Kenneth R. Hardy
Oswald Goo Oswald family genealogy 1802
Otey Arc Hairstons and Penns and their relations - by Elizabeth Seawell Hairston, 1855-
Otis Goo Family Record of Isaac Otis, Sr., and His Wife, Tryphena Smith Otis, City of … by Horatio Nelson Otis - Otis family - 1859 - 42
Otis Goo Norton P. Otis (late a represenatative from New York): Memorial … United States. Congress. (58th, 3d session 1905
Otis Arc A discourse on the life and character of Dea. Joseph Otis, delivered in the Second Congregational church, Norwich, Conn., March 19, 1854 by Alvan Bond, 1793-1882. cn
Otis Goo Mercy [Otis] Warren‎ by Alice Brown 1896
Otis Goo Letters to the Hon. Harrison Gray Otis Citizen of Massachusetts 1839
Otis vol 1 The life and letters of Harrison Gray Otis, Federalist, 1765-1848:
Otis Arc Famous American belles of the nineteenth century [Emily Marshall (Mrs. William Foster Otis)] by Virginia Tatnall Peacock, 1873-1918
Otis FHB A genealogical memoir of the family of Richard Otis : and collaterally of the families of Baker, Varney, Waldron, Watson, Bean, Smith, Stackpole, Wentworth, Carr, Purington,
Otis Arc [Christine Otis] True stories of New England captives carried to Canada during the old French and Indian wars by Baker, Charlotte Alice, 1833-1909
Ottsen Arc The Crowthers of Fountain Green, Utah by William Orson Crowther, 1866-1944
Ould Arc Famous American belles of the nineteenth century [ Mattie Ould (Mrs. Oliver Schoolcraft) ] by Virginia Tatnall Peacock, 1873-1918
Outland FHB A book of clues : Adams, Shaw and other affiliated surnames by E. Elizabeth Adams Brooks
Outram Arc James Outram a Biography: a biography by Frederic John Goldsmid
Overmyer Goo Overmyer History and Genealogy, from 1680 to 1905 by Barnhart B. Overmyer, John Calvin Overmyer 1905
Overton pt 2 Childress/Mathis family history (part II) : researching surnames including Alexander, Ayres, Barron, Carter, Childress, Gooch, Hagerty, Ingram, Jackson, Mathis, McMullen, Overton, Padgett, Snow, Speer, Weaver and allied families
Owen KDL Obituary notice of the late principal geologist of Kentucky, David Dale Owen, MoA.D. Kentucky Geological Survey.
Owen FHB Clark Higley ancestry : including Alderman, Case, Ford, Fyler/Filer, Gillett, Griswold, Gunn, Halladay, Higley, Hunter, Moses, Owen, Phelps, Spencer, Strong, Thrall, Warham
Owen FHB Update of Clark Higley ancestry
Owen Arc Corrections in History of Second army corps [Walker, Francis Amasa, 1840-1897; Owen, Joshua Thomas, 1821-1887;] 1886
Owen OpL Genealogy in part, of the Anderson-Owen-Beall families. by Grant James Anderson,
Owen Arc Historical sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher and kindred families : including the Bowen, Russell, Owen, Grant, Goodwin, Amis, Carothers, Hope, Taliaferro, and Powell families by Margaret Campbell Pilcher, (Margaret Hamilton Campbell)
Owen vol 1 Robert Owen, A Biography,  by Frank Podmore, 1906
Owen OpL Genealogy in part, of the Anderson-Owen-Beall families. by Grant James Anderson, Whittet & Shepperson, Printers 1909
Owen Arc The life of Robert Owen, 1771-1858
Owens Arc Wood genealogy and other family sketches : genealogical memoranda of a branch of the Wood family in England and America. Also sketches of related families including Daniels, Fraser, Pense, Newey, Mullineux, Owens, Harger, Pohl, Roser, Boyson and Gorton
Owens HT A History and Genealogy of the Habersham Family of Clay, Stiles, Cumming, King, Elliott, Milledge, Maxwell, Adams, Houston, Screvens, Owens, Demere, Footman by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch 1901
Owens FHB [Cundiff family genealogy] : Descendants of William Henry Jackson Cundiff (1865-1923) and Arquilla May Rowe (1884-1967)
Owens FHB Notes on my family : Welch, Swan, Pierce, Tompkins, Jenkins, King, Harris, Carter, Hooper, Bennett, Cleveland, Brown, Prigmore, Moore, Lane, Sears, Walker, Wilcoxon, Boone, Owens, Green, Terry, Royall, Ruby, Barnes, Waits, Ashlock, Earthenhous
Oyler FHB A Wysong family history : allied families Albright, Brian, Cotterel, Fuller, Gustin, Hammer, Heistand, Keplinger, King, Liggett, Oyler, Rose, Sutton, Wood

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