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Select Organizations in the United States    edited by William Van Rensselaer Miller   1894   Goo

List of National, State, and Local Commercial Organizations and National, State, and Local...   by US Interstate Commerce Commission. 1907   GPO

Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society.  by American Antiquarian Society.   Topsfield Historical Society.  1843   Goo     

        vol   1  1889-91        vol  15  1916        vol  16 1905          vol 28  Apr 1918 - Oct 1918

American Historical Association.  Annual Report   HT 

1889 1895 1900 :v1 1903 v.2 1907 v.2 pt.1 1911 v.1 1915 1919 v.1 1921
1889 1896 v.1 1900 v.2 1904 1907 v.2 1911 v.2 1916 v.1 1919 v.2 1921 Suppl.
1890 1896 v.2 1901 v.1 1905 v.1 1908 v.1 1912 1916 v.2 1919 Suppl. 1922 v.1
1891 1897 1901 v.2 1905 v.2 1908 v.2 pt.1 1913 v.1 1917 1919 v.2 pt 1 1922 v.2
1892 1898 1902 v.1 1906 v.1 1908 v.2 pt 2 1913 v.2 1918 v.1 1919 v2 pt: 2 1922 Suppl.
1893 1899:1 1902 v.2 1906 v.2 1909 1914 v.1 1918 v.2 1920 1947 
1894 1899 v.2 1903 v.1 1907 v.1 1910 1914 v.2 1918 suppl 1920 Suppl.  

A record of the Red Cross work on the Pacific slope, including California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho with their auxiliaries; also reports from Nebraska, Tennessee, and far-away Japan       by American National Red Cross. California    Oakland, Calif., Pacific Press Publishing Co, 1902    OpL

American National Red Cross.    A record of the ... year    1927?   Arc

History of American Red Cross Nursing      by Lavinia L. Dock   (World War, 1914-1918)   1922   Goo

Patriot-Improvers: Biographical Sketches of Members of the American Philosophical Society 1743-68 .        by Whitfield J., Jr. Bell  1997   Goo    vol 1

Benevolent institutions. 1910    United States. Bureau of the Census    Arc

Directory of Officials and Organizations Concerned with the Protection of birds and game...    1928      1929

Hand book of the National Boot and Shoe Manufacturers’ Association National Boot and Shoe Manufacturers’ Association.  1905?  LC

The Charity Organization Movement in the United States: A Study in American Philanthropy   by Frank Dekker Watson. 1971   Goo

Ancestral records and portraits; a compilation from the archives of Chapter I., the Colonial dames of America;   by Colonial dames of America. Chapter I, Baltimore.   1910   HT vol 1   vol 2

The American Negro in the Communist Party     by US House Committee on Un-American Activities 1954   Arc

Addresses and proceedings of the first National conservation congress held at Seattle, 1910-12 Washington, August 26-   LC

The Yearbook Of The National Society For The Study Of Education Part II The Education Of Exceptional Children     Arc

42nd     45th pt 1     45th pt 2    46th      49th    0th 1921

Yearbook and List of Active Members of the National Education Association    by National Education Association of the US   Goo  1907    1917

Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. LXX, Dec. 1910.   Address at the 42d Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois,   June 21st, 1910, Paper No. 1178   by    John A. Bensel    Gut

Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.   by American Society of Mechanical Engineers    vol 22  1901

Annual Convention of the National Assn. of Factory Inspectors of North America held at Boston, Mass., Jun 1888   Columbs, 1888    Har

The groundswell. A history of the origin, aims, and progress of the farmers' movement: embracing an authoritative account of farmers' clubs, granges, etc. ...sketches of the lives of prominent leaders, etc. ... by Hon. Jonathan Periam ...       by Jonathan Periam, 1874     MoA

History of the Grange Movement: or, The Farmer's War Against Monopolies,   by James Dabney McCabe    MoA

The Farmers' Educational and Co-operative Union of America     by Davis, Adrian      Four States Press, 1913    OpL   

Ancestry: The Objects the Hereditary Societies and the Military and Naval ...     by Eugene Zieber - Patriotic societies   1895   Goo

Women lawyers' journal :    National Association of Women Lawyers ,     1919  Goo   vol 9-12

Public Libraries of the United States: Their History, Condition, and Management (two parts: Part I is a report edited by Warren and Clark; Part II is Cutter's rules for a Dictionary Catalogue; 1876),     by US Bureau of Education, ed. by Samuel R. Warren and S. N. Clark,   by Charles A. Cutter      Part 1     Part 2

            American Library Association:  Annual Conferences     Goo  1890    1899    1903      1904

            Libraries and Founders of Libraries‎   by Edward Edwards    1864    Goo

Building of a Monument: A History of the Mary Washington Associations ...     by Susan Rivière Hetzel    (Fredericksburg, Va.)  1903   Goo

One Thousand American Men of Mark of To-day: Twentieth Century Edition de Luxe. A National...     1916  Goo

The Naturalists' directory ‎  Biography & Autobiography - 1895   Goo

Memorial biographies of New England historic genealogical ...    HT  v. 5 1894     v.6 1905    v.7 1907    v.8 1907     v.9 1908

Proceedings of the River Improvement Convention, Held in St. Louis February 12 & 13, 1867    by Mississippi River   Improvement Convention     MoA

History of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York, 1756-1906 .   by George Austin Morrison – 1906    Goo

Register of Saint Andrew's Society of the state of New York Third series, 1857-1906      Arc   1922 .    1923

History of the Society of Jesus in North America     by Hughes, Thomas Burrows Brothers, Longmans, Green, 1907   vol 1 pt     Vol 1 pt1

Biographical Memoirs.  v 4 1902    by National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)  1877   Goo

Sierra Club leaders    University of California, 1982    OpL

The Naturalists' directory ‎  Biography & Autobiography - 1895   Goo

Register of Officers and Members of the Society of Colonial Wars , 1897-1898 ...   by General Society of Colonial Wars   

 1895     1896   1898     1899-1902    1906   1906 Supp    1911 Supp

The honor roll of the society : services of members of the Society ...     General Society of Colonial Wars (U.S.)   Goo  1922

An index of ancestors and roll of members of the Society of Colonial Wars ...    Goo   1911    1922    1917-18

A supplement to the General Register of the Society of Colonial Wars, A.D. 1906    FHA

Year book ... General Society of Colonial Wars (U.S.)   Goo   1915  

New York illustrated : presented to members of the National Division, Sons of Temperance of North America,    by  Grand Division of Eastern New York...   June 18, 1873   MoA

Annual Report    by American Tract Society (Boston, Mass .) - Tract societies – 1866   Goo

A History of the National Tuberculosis Association: The Anti-tuberculosis ..    by Sigard Adolphus Knopf   1922   Goo

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