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The biographical encyclopædia of Pennsylvania of the nineteenth century.      Galaxy publishing co,  1874   MoA

A biographical album of prominent Pennsylvanians    American Biographical Publishing Co., 1888   OpL  

Biographical sketch of John Evans, deputy governor of Pa., w/letters, William Penn.    by   Rev Edward Duffield Neill,   1872   MoA

The Book of Prominent Pennsylvanians     Leader Publ, 1913   Arc      OpL   Pitt

A Collection of memorials concerning divers deceased ministers and others of the people called Quakers : in Pennsylvania , New-Jersey, and parts adjacent, from nearly the first settlement thereof to the year 1787 ; with some of the last expressions and exhortations of many of them - Society of Friends   Arc

A collection of upwards of thirty thousand names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776      by I. Daniel Rupp,   Ig. Kohler, 1876    OpL

Colonial and Revolutionary families of Pennsylvania : genealogical ...      New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1911   Ane

Continental sketches of distinguished Pennsylvanians.    by David Robert Bruce Nevin   Porter & Coates, 1875   Arc   OpL

Encyclopedia of genealogy and biography of the state of Pennsylvania with a compendium of history : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation   Arc       vol 1   Earliest explorations and settlements- Pennsylvania the colony  

Encyclopedia of genealogy and biography of the state of Pennsylvania with a compendium of history: a record of the achievements of her people ...

             vol  1   Earliest explorations and settlements-Pennsylvania the colony             vol 2    From the beginning of the French and English wars to the Revolution

vol  3  Troubles with Connecticut                                                                                      vol  4   The period of the Revolution    

             vol 5                                                                                                                                             vol  6   War of 1812-1815

vol  7  The commonwealth from 1815-1860                                                                   vol  8   Pennsylvania during the war of 1861-1865

             vol  9  Pennsylvania from the Civil War to the present time

Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania biography: illustrated,    by John Woolf Jordan, 1840-1921  Arc 

vol  1     vol 2    vol 3    vol  4      vol 5    vol  6     vol  7    vol 10     vol  13‎

Families of the Wyoming Valley : Bi: Biographical, Genealogical and Historical ... bench and Bar     by George Brubaker Kulp   1890    Goo   vol 3

Genealogical and personal history of the Allegheny Valley, Pennsylvania      ed supervision of John Woolf Jordan, 1840-1921 Pitt   vol1     vol   2     vol 3

Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley (W. Va. - Pa.)  ...    by James Morton Callahan  – 1912    Goo

Genealogical gleanings of Siggins, and other Pennsylvania families: ...‎     by Emma Siggins White, Martha (Humphreys)   Maltby    1918    Goo

Genealogies and Sketches of Some Old Families who Have Taken Prominent Part in the development of Virginia and Kentucky...‎    by Benjamin Franklin Van Meter   1901    Goo

Noted Pennsylvanians      by Walter Lefferts    J.B. Lippincott company, 1913  OpL

Pennsylvania biography: or, Memoirs of eminent Pennsylvanians: with occasional extracts, in prose and verse, from their writings ...   by John R. Goodman  JJ. Crissy, 1840   OpL

Political leaders of provincial Pennsylvania      by Isaac Sharpless,       Arc

Prominent and progressive Pennsylvanians of the nineteenth century. by Leland M. Williamson    The Record Publishing Company, 1898   OpL

Who 's who in Pennsylvania: ...   Goo   1904    1904  vol 1   vol 2     1908     1909

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