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Historic Documentation of Greater Philadelphia    Phil African American Census 1847  
Philadelphia Biography Master Index

Account of the Bilious Remitting Yellow Fever, as it Appeared in the City of Philadelphia, in the Year 1793,    DiC

An act to incorporate the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia : by-laws, rules and regulations ; together with reminiscences of the Hall, extracts from the ancient minutes, and catalogue of books in the library   Arc

Addresses delivered in the meeting-house of the First Baptist church of Philadelphia    by George Dana Boardman ,  1828-1903   Arc   vol 1   vol 2

Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, in the olden time; being a collection of memoirs, anecdotes, and incidents of the city and its inhabitants and of the earliest settlements of the inland part of Pennsylvania, from the days of the founders ...    by John F. Watson, 1779-1860.   Philadelphia ,: J.B. Lippincott & co,   1857    Goo       1870   Goo      MoA   1884    Goo

Annals of the first African church, in the United States of America, now styled the African Episcopal church of St. Thomas, Philadelphia, in its connection with the early struggles of the colored people to improve their conditions, with the co-operation of Friends, and other philanthropists;     by William Douglass,   Philadelphia,: King & Baird, printers, 1862    MoA  

Biographies of Successful Philadelphia Merchants     by Stephen Noyes Winslow   1864    Goo

Blockley days; memories and impressions of a resident physician, 1883-1884 [ Philadelphia General Hospital ]     by Arthur Ames Bliss,  1859   Arc

Boyd's Blue Book: A Directory from Selected Streets of Philadelphia...  1836   1889    1891   1898   1906

Carpenters' hall, (Chestnut street, bet. 3rd & 4th,) & its historic memories [illus.]   Phila.   1876   MoA

The centennial anniversary of the public schools of Philadelphia [1818-1918] by John Palmer Garber    OpL

City Directories  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

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The Colonial Architecture of Philadelphia    by Phil Madison Riley, Frank Cousins   1920    Goo

The Colonial Homes of Philadelphia and Its Neighborhood.     by Harold Donaldson Eberlein, Horace Mather Lippincott. 1912   Arc     Goo  

Colonial Philadelphians   by Hannah Benner Roach   1999   Goo

Daughters of Aesculapius: Stories Written by Alumnae and Students of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia: George W. Jacobs and Co., 1897    Drx      Har

An Exercise, Containing a Dialogue and Two Odes, Performed at the Commencement in the College of Philadelphia,     UPa    1766    1770    1775

Gopsill's street guide of Philadelphia ...        by   J. Gopsill's sons, 1887   OpL

The German immigration into Pennsylvania through the port of Philadelphia from 1700 to 1775       by Frank Ried Diffenderffer,    OpL

The German Settlement Society of Philadelphia and Its Colony, Hermann, Missouri.     by William Godfrey Bek.   1907   Goo

Guide to Laurel Hill Cemetery , Near Philadelphia, 1847     by Conger Sherman – 1847   Goo  

A history of old Pine Street being the record of an hundred and forty years in the life of a colonial church [Third Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, Pa.) ]     by Hughes Oliphant Gibbons.  1905,   OpL

The historic mansions and buildings of Philadelphia : with some notice of their owners and occupants    by Thompson Westcott,   Arc

Historic Tales of Olden Time: Concerning the Early Settlement and Progress of Philadelphia...     by  John Fanning Watson  1833  Goo

An historical catalogue of the St. Andrew's Society of Philadelphia, with biographical sketches of deceased members      Arc   vol 2

Historical Sketches of the Formation and Founders of the Philadelphia Hose Company...‎    by Philadelphia hose company, Vaux, Richard    1854     Goo

History and directory of Temple Presbyterian Church, Mitchell, James Young, 1832-1908.Philadelphia: J. W. Daughaday & co., 1873   MoA

History of Philadelphia, 1609-1884    by John Thomas Scharf, Thompson Westcott 1884   Goo

A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity Containing a Correct...    by Daniel Bowen. 1839  Goo 

History of the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry - Pennsylvania. National Guard. Troop of Philadelphia Cavalry, 1st   Arc

History of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and of the Hibernian Society for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland : March 17, 1771-March 17, 1892    by  John Hugh Campbell,  b1847   Arc

Hundred Years of Merchant Banking: A History of Brown Brothers and Company ...    by John Crosby Brown   1909 Goo

The Jews of Philadelphia: Their history from the earliest settlements ... events & institutions...    by Henry Samuel Morais,    1894     Goo      Har

Life of Rev. Thomas Brainerd, D.D.: for thirty years pastor of Old Pine Street Church, Philadelphia    by Mary Brainerd   1870    Goo 

The life of William Penn, the settler of Pennsylvania, the founder of Philadelphia and one of the first lawgivers in the colonies... in 1682 ... By Mason Locke Weems,  1759-1825.    CMU       MoA

Martin 's bench and bar of Philadelphia: together with other lists ...   Goo  1883

Old St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church, Philadelphia   by Frederick Lee Richards    1992  Arc

Philadelphia and Its Manufactures: A Hand-book of the Great Manufactories and Representative...    by Edwin Troxell Freedley   1867   Goo 

Philadelphia Public Ledger Obituaries October, 1918    DC 

The Philadelphia seminary biographical record, 1864-1923      by Luther D. (Luther Dotterer) Reed,  1873-1972   Arc

Postal Guide, Philadelphia Post-office: Containing Postal Information    by United States, Pa Post Office (Philadelphia - Postal service - 1900 Goo

Probate Cases: Being Cases Heard and Decided by the Register of Wills for ...      Philadelphia County (Pa.). Register of Wills, Jacob Singer    1909    Goo  

Proceedings of the Philadelphia County Medical Society. ...    by Philadelphia County Medical Society   1901  Goo

A record of the inscriptions on the tablets and gravestones in the burial-grounds of Christ Church, Philadelphia   (Philadelphia, Pa.)  Arc

Records of Christ church, Philadelphia. by Philadelphia. Christ church.     1894   OpL

Semi-centennial of Girard College.     by Girard College 1898    OpL

The Stranger's Guide in Philadelphia and Its Environs: Including Laurel Hill ...    Cemeteries – 1852    Goo

Suburb in the City: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 1850-1990 ,     by David R. Contosta   Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1992    OSP

Supplement to Genealogies .   (Avery, Carpenter, Davis, Draper, Fenwick, Jaquett, Jaudom, Kipshaven, Kollock, Pfeiffer, Sellers, \ Stidham, Stretcher, Wayne, Wampole, Van Culemborg)    By Edwin Jaquett Sellers.      1922     Goo

Why colored people in Philadelphia are excluded from the street cars:     by B P Hunt Philadelphia,: Merrihew & Son, printers, 1866    MoA

The work of the Philadelphia Jewish Sanatorium for Consumptives : September 4, 1909, to May 1, 1912 : including the annual report for 1911 : an institution founded for the treatment of curable consumptives of the indigent class organized and incorporated 1909        Philadelphia Jewish Sanatorium for Consumptives. 1912   Har

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