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Address delivered before the alumni of Brown university, Teusday,  June 15, 1880      by Edward Lillie Pierce   S. S. Rider, 1880   OpL

Annual register of the Associated Alumni of Brown University 1921

Liber brunensis   [Alumni lists of names]  by Providence Press Co., 1869       1910  vol 52

Memories of Brown    by Robert Perkins Brown     Brown Alumni Magazine Co., 1909   OpL

Catalogue.    Brown University     

     1899-1900     1900-01     1905-06      1906-07      1907-08    1911-12     1912-13    1915-16      1916-17     1920-21    1923-24

Historical Catalogue of Brown University  1764 -1914    by Brown University   1914   Goo

Early history of Brown University    by Reuben Aldridge Guild    Printed by Snow & Farnham, 1897    OpL

History of Brown university   by Reuben Aldridge Guild    Providence press company, printers,   1867   OpL

The history of Brown University  1714-1914      1764-1914     by  Walter Cochrane Bronson,     Brown University, 1914    OpL

Life, times, and correspondence of James Manning, and the early history of Brown University    by Reuben Aldridge Guild, 1864   MoA   OpL

Brown University Library; the Library of the College Or University in the English Colony of ...     by Henry Bartlett Van Hoesen Samuel Lane Boardman Pierpont Morgan Library Belle da Costa Greene Percival Merritt 1902    OpL  

 Historical sketch of the Library of Brown University, with regulations.     by Reuben Aldridge Guild   Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, printers, 1861   OpL

 A list of books printed in the fifteenth century in the John Carter Brown library and the general library of Brown university,    University press, 1910    OpL

                 Address by Elihu Root...dedication of the Hay library      by Root, Elihu    OpL

An address to the Philermenian Society of Brown University     by Alexander Hill Everett    Knowles, Vose & Co., 1837   OpL

Brown university broadsides    by George Parker Winship   1913    OpL

Civil war record of Brown University     by Burrage, Henry Sweetser comp. 1920   OpL

A Discourse Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Brown University    by Virgil Maxcy     Lilly, Wait, Colman, and Holden, 1833     OpL

Exercises Commemorating the Restoration of University Hall: Brown University ...    by William MacDonald     Standard printing company, 1905  OpL

Inventors and money-makers:   lectures on some relations between economics and psychology delivered at Brown University in connection with the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the university   by F. W. Taussig   Macmillan, 1915   OpL