Rhode Island Vital Records

Rhode Island Vital Records

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The Early Records of the Town of Providence--Index, ... by Providence (R.I.). Record Commissioners   1904   Goo     vol 18 North Burial Ground

Inventory of the town and city archives of Rhode Island .. -  Historical records survey. Rhode Island   Arc

Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, in New England    Note:  Rhode Island Vols. 8-10 have title: Records of the state of Rhode Islandand Providence Plantations

vol 1    vol 2     vol 3     vol 4   vol 5    vol 6     vol 7     vol 8    vol 9     vol 10

Supplement to the Rhode Island colonial records : comprising a list of the freemen admitted from May, 1747, to May, 1754      by Sidney  Smith Rider, 1833-1917  Arc

Vital Record of Rhode Island : 1636-1850 : First Series : Births, Marriages ...    by James Newell Arnold   1897       Arc  Goo  OpL

vol  1       Kent County.  vol 12      Revolutionary rolls and newspapers. 
vol  2       Providence County.   vol 13      Providence journal
vol  3       Providence County
vol  4       Newport County vol 15   Providence gazette. Marriages, D-Z.    US chronicle Deaths, A-Z.
vol  5       Washington County.  
vol  6       Bristol County.  
vol  7       Friends and ministers  
vol  8       Episcopal & Congregational  
vol  9        Seeknonk (Inc East Providence) Pawtucket   & Newman Congregational Church  vol 20      Marriages H-Z Deaths A-B
vol 10      Town & Church vol 21      Deaths C-S
vol 11      Church records  
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