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An Accompaniment to Mitchell's Reference and Distance Map of the United States...    by Samuel Augustus Mitchell   1834    Goo

The American Date Book: A Hand-book of Reference Relating to the United States of America      by William Edgar Simonds   1902    Goo

American marriage records before 1699     Pompton Lakes, N.J., The Biblio company, 1926   HT

The Ancestry Family Historian's Address Book: A Comprehensive List ...    by Juliana Szucs Smith   2003   Goo

Ancestry of the Population of the U. S.     Reference  1994   Goo

Book of Facts: A Handbook of Ready Reference, Embracing History ...  ed Henry Woldmar Ruoff  1906 Goo

Churchyard literature : a choice collection of American epitaphs.   by John R. Kippax  1877   ABC   ORo

A collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions with occasional notes, pentade 1. Digitized second edition of these books by the Rev. Timothy Alden published in 1814     Arc    vol 1    vol 2    vol 3    vol 4   vol 5.

1894   Colleges in America     John Marshall Barker    MBk   

A Dictionary of Altitudes in the United States   by Henry Gannett, Geological Survey (U.S.) 1891   Goo

Dictionary of Americanisms: A glossary of words and phrases, usually regarded as peculiar to the United States.  by John Russell Bartlett, 1805-1886.  New York : Bartlett and Welford, 1848.  link

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue: A Dictionary of Buckish , University Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence updated after 1811 ed. by Francis Grose and Robert Cromie   Gut

Exploring the West from Monticello: A Perspective in Maps from Columbus to Lewis & Clark [illus.]  by Guy Meriwether Benson  UVa

The Farmer's Dictionary: A Vocabulary of the Technical Terms Recently ...      by Daniel Pereira Gardner   1854   Arc

The farmer's kalendar; or, A monthly directory for all sorts of country business...     by Arthur Young. 1862   Goo

General Land Office Primer of Instructive Information Relative to Legal Subdivisions and Plats of Public Land Surveys. Publication printed circa 1921. Reproduced by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States   ABC  

Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States. This web version of the Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States is based on a paper version with the same title compiled by Robert B. Matchette et al in 1995. This version incorporates descriptive information about federal records acquired by the National Archives after the 1995 paper edition went to press, and it is regularly updated to reflect new acquisitions of federal records.  ABC

The History and Growth of the U.S. Census, Prepared for the Senate Committee on the Census by... 1876.   by US Congress. Senate. Census Committee.  Washington DC, GPO.  1900   Goo

Matthews' American armoury (Heraldry) and blue book    Printed for the editor by Chas. Mitchell, 1907    OpL

Memorial Art, Ancient and Modern: Illustrations and Descriptions of the world’s most notable examples of cemetery memorials ... by Harry Augustus Bliss - Sepulchral monuments – 1912   Goo

The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States    by Henry Gannett  1905   Goo

The pedigree directory, 1917 : a list of pedigrees and of those interested in pedigrees, in one alphaget. A key to the vast store of information in private hands   by George  Sherwood,  Arc

Problems of the Census; address, Amer. Social Science Assn at Saratoga, Sept 5, 1887     by Carroll Davidson Wright,  Boston,  1887 Har

The registration of illegitimate births   a preventive of infant mortality; a paper read before the American Public Health Association at Rochester, New York, September7, 1915   OpL

R.L.Polk's Directory of Directories: Contains an Alphabetically Arranged list of directories published in the United States and Canada…...   by R.L. Polk & Co – 1916  Goo

Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources  3.1 edition   Wik

Slang, a dictionary of the turf, the ring, the chase, the pit, of Bon-Ton ...   By John Badcock  1823   Goo

Statistical Abstract of the United States     by US. Bureau of the Census, Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Bureau of Statistics, A Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer ...    by Thomas Baldwin   1852    Goo

Vocations... the Mechanic arts, Home-making , farming & woodcraft, business, professions, Law, Ministry ...  by Willaim DeWitt Hyde,  Boston, 1911  Har

Where To Write For Vital Records : Births, Deaths, Marriages, And ...    by Barry Leonard - 2004     Goo


1833    A New Gazetteer of the United States of America ...: Including ... Geographical, Historical,...  by William Darby, Theodore Dwight     Goo  

1839   A complete reference gazetteer of the United States of North America : containing a general view of the United States, and of each state and territory, and a notice of the various canals, railroads and internal improvements ... together with all the post offices in the United States  by William Chapin 1802-88   New York : Chapin and Taylor,     OpL

1843   A History and New Gazetteer: Or Geographical Dictionary, of North America and the West Indies   by Davenport, Bishop Davenport    Goo

A Complete, Descriptive and Statistical Gazetteer of the US ...   by Daniel Haskel, John Calvin Smith 1843  Goo    1853    1854  

Fanning's Illustrated Gazetteer of the United States ...: With the Population and Other...  Goo   

1853     A New and Complete Statistical Gazetteer of the United States of America,: Founded on and...    by Richard Swainson Fisher    Goo

A new & complete statistical gazetteer of the U.S....from federal & state returns, 7th nat census    by Richard Swainson Fisher,   MoA

Railroad gazetteer ...   railways, steamers and stages ...  by H.S. Crocker & Co. 1871   OpL


A Dictionary of Names, Nicknames and Surnames, of Persons, Places and Things.    by Edward. Latham, 1904   Goo

English surnames : their sources and significations    by Charles Wareing Endell Bardsley   1875  Arc

English surnames   Essays on family nomenclature, historical, etymological and humorous: with chapters of rebuses and canting arms, the roll of Battel abbey, a list of latinized surnames    by Mark Antony Lower   1844   Arc

Homes of family names in Great Britain    by Henry Guppy, 1861-1948   Arc

Family names and their story - Baring-Gould, S. (Sabine), 1834-1924   Arc

Girls' Christian Names, Their History, Meaning and Association .     by Helena Swan. 1905     Goo

A Grammar of American Surnames: being an introduction to the study of American nomenclature...     by Amos M Judson , 1898    Goo

Guide to similar surnames : for use in the Adjutant-General's Office, War Department    1920    Arc

On Giving Names to Towns and Streets.     by James Freeman Clarke,   Lockwood, Brooks & co., 1880    Goo    OpL

The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States.    by Henry Gannett, 1905 Go     Goo

A History of the Origin of the Place Names Connected with the Chicago & North Western and...     Western Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis & Ohaha Railways   2nd ed  William H. Stennett  1908   Goo

Origin of the Names of the States of the Union. by Hamilton Barclay Staples  1882    Goo

Personal and Family Names: A Popular Monograph on the Origin and History of ...     by Harry Alfred Long   1883    Goo

The Pronunciation of 10,000 Proper Names: giving famous geograpical and biograhical names, names...    by Mary Stuart Mackey.    Goo   1903       1922    

A Pronouncing Gazetteer ...: Containing Topographical, Statistical and Other Thomas Baldwin    1851   Goo

Pronouncing Vocabulary of Geographical & Personal Names ...: to which is added a complete list of...    by Elias Longley   1858    Goo  

Supplementary List of Generic Names    by Charles Owen Waterhouse  1904   Goo

Surname Book and Racial History : A Compilation and Arrangement of Genealogical and Historical Data for use by the Students and Members of the Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...     by General Board of the Relief Society Names, Personal   1918    Goo

Surnames [etymology and meaning of surnames]   by Bernard Homer Dixon    1857   Arc

Surnames.      by Ernest Weekley   1917   Arc

What's in a name? A popular explanation of ordinary Christian-names of men and women.     by Thomas Nichols. 1859     Goo