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FHB A genealogy and history of some Stebbins lines--a supplement to a previous vol. by the same author : data to 1972 by Stebbins, John Alfred, b. 1883; Stebbins, John Alfred, b. 1883

FHB Clary, Stebbins, Bryan descent lines : to some of the Puritan engagers of Hadley, Massachusetts, to early southern Maryland and to other colonial ancestors

Arc Genealogy of the Stebbins family, including kindred lines of Swetland, Wilcox and Cheney families by Willis Merrill Stebbins, 1863-

FHA The family history of Theodore Rugg Noble : a descendent of the Westfield family of Thomas and Hannah Warriner Noble : with genealogical information of other families related by marriage : Bush, Campbell, Deming ...Stebbins, Treat, Walkup, Warriner, Wells

vol 2 The Stebbins genealogy by Ralph Stebbins Greenlee, 1838-

vol 1 The Stebbins genealogy by Ralph Stebbins Greenlee, Donahue, 1904
Eber Arc Genealogical notes of the descendants of Eber Stebbins, of Wilbraham (1773-1826), and his wife Elizabeth Bliss (1781-1831) : also of other families connected by marriage by Solomon Bliss Stebbins, 1830-
Edward Arc The diary of a sportsman naturalist in India by Stebbing, Edward Percy, 1870-1960 1920
Giles Arc Upward steps of seventy years : autobiographic, biographic, historic : growth of reforms, anti-slavery, etc. : the world's helpers and light-bringers : spiritualism, psychic research, religious outlook, coming reforms Giles Badger Stebbins, 1817-1900
Griffith Arc Griffith-Stebbins : a family history by Effie Bestor Griffith
Horatio Goo Horatio Stebbins, His Ministry and His Personality: His Ministry and His … by Charles Albert Murdock 1921
Horatio Goo Horatio Stebbins: memorial adopted by the Unitarian Club of … Unitarian Club of California 1902
Horatio Arc Oration delivered by Horatio Stebbins at San Francisco, Cal. July 4, 1876 - Stebbins, Horatio, 1821-1902
Horatio Goo Thirty-one years of California by Horatio Stebbins 1895
Joseph Goo Joseph Stebbins, a Pioneer at the Outbreak of the Revolution by George Sheldon 1916
Rowland FHB Memoir of the Stebbins family Stebbins, Daniel, 1766-1856
Rowland FHB The descendants of Rowland Stebbins : who was born 1592 in England, died in 1691 in Massachusetts which includes the descendants of Dr. William Fitch Cheney by Bosserman, Peter Barnhart, 1933-
Thankful Arc [ Thankful Stebbins ] True stories of New England captives carried to Canada during the old French and Indian wars by Charlotte Alice Baker

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