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An Address to the Inhabitants of Charleston, South Carolina     by Ann Alexander   Philadelphia: Kimber, Conrad and Co., 1805    link  

Beesley's illustrated guide to St. Michael's church, Charleston , So. Ca     by  Charles Norbury Beesley,   Arc

Biographical sketches, bench & bar of S. C...original fee bill of 1791. From records at Charleston    by John Belton O’Neall, 1793-1863    Goo      MoA

Bulletin of the Charleston Museum  (Volume 6-10, 1910-1914)     Arc

Census of the City of Charleston , South Carolina, for the Year 1861.   Prepared under the Authority of the City Council    by Frederick A. Ford.   1861   UNC

The Charleston city guide      by  James Clayton Prentiss,  1872  Arc

Charleston during the civil war       by Theodore Dehon Jervey,  1859-   Arc

Charleston furniture 1700-1825     by E.Milby Burton   Arc

The Charleston Museum: Its Genesis and Development        by William Gaillard Mazyck, Charleston Museum   Arc

The defense of Charleston harbor, including Fort Sumter and the adjacent islands      by John Johnson, 1829-1907    Arc

The dwelling houses of Charleston , South Carolina     by Alice Ravenel Huger Smith,  b1876   Arc

Directory of the City of Charleston     Arc   1851     1852

The French Protestant (Huguenot) Church in the city of Charleston, South Carolina - Charleston (S.C.). French Protestant Church   Arc    FHB

The French Protestant (Huguenot) Church in the city of Charleston , South Carolina    Arc  

Historic points of interest in and around Charleston , S. C - Johnson, John, 1829-1907    Arc

A History of the Calhoun Monument at Charleston, S. C.   by [Ladies' Calhoun monument association], Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar.  1888   Goo

A History Of The College Of Charleston Founded 1770     by J. H. Easterby    Arc

History of the Holy Communion Church Institute, of Charleston , South Carolina - Porter, Anthony Toomer, 1828-1902   Arc

History of the New England Society of Charleston, South Carolina, for One Hundred Years, 1819-1919.    by William Way.  1920    Goo

In memoriam : Jefferson Davis: a tribute of respect offered by the citizens of Charleston ,   Arc

The Jewish cemeteries of Congregation Berith Shalome at Charleston , S.C.       by  Barnett Abraham Elzas, 1867-1936   Arc

The new Jewish cemetery of K.K. Beth Elohim at Charleston , S.C.      comp Barnett Abraham Elzas,    Arc

The Jews of South Carolina: A survey of the records at present existing in Charleston     by Barnett Abraham Elzas, 1867-1936.    1903    Arc     Har

John Bachman, the pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston     by C L  Bachman,   Arc

Liste des François et Suisses. From an old manuscript list of French and Swiss Protestants, settled in Charleston , on the Santee, and at Orange Quarter, in Carolina, who desired naturalization, prepared probably about 1695-6 ..      ed  by Daniel  Ravenel,     "Originally published in the 'Southern intelligencer,'" Charleston , 1822, and republished in May 1826, in the 'City gazette,' of Charleston   Arc

Manual for the use of the members of the Second Presbyterian Church, Charleston, S.C.   Printed by Jenkins & Hussey, 1838    OpL

Marragie notices in Charleston courier, 1803-1808 - News and courier   Arc

Negro Plot: An Account of the Late Intended Insurrection among a Portion of the Blacks of the City of Charleston, South Carolina ,    by James Hamilton   Boston: Joseph W. Ingraham, 1822   UNC

Proceedings at a special meeting of the Survivors' Association, of Charleston District, July 25th, 1890 ...District Major John Johnson's history of "The defense of Charleston harbor":   Arc

Reminiscences of Charleston     by Charles  Fraser, 1782-1860  1854   Arc

Charleston's Son of Liberty. A study of the artisans of 1763-89   by Richard Walsh  1959   Arc

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