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Awful calamities : or, The shipwrecks of December, 1839, being a full account of the dreadful hurricanes of Dec. 15, 21 & 27, on the coast of Massachusetts...comprising also a particular relation of the shipwreck of the following vessels: Barque Lloyd, brigs Pocahontas, Rideout and J. Palmer , and schs. Deposite, Catharine Nichols and Miller. And also of the dreadful disasters at Gloucester   Arc   Goo   HT

The American Coast Pilot: Containing Directions for the Principal Harbors ...    by Edmund March Blunt   1857    Goo

The American Merchant Marine: Its History and Romance from 1620 to 1902    by Winthrop Lippitt Marvin   1902   Goo

Annual List of Merchant Vessels of the United States ‎       US. Dept. of the Treasury. Bureau of Navigation, Dept. of Commerce and Labor.   1911  Goo

Annual Report of the Light-House Board of the United States to the Secretary ...      by United States Light-House Board  1893    Goo

Appleton's Railroad and Steamboat Companion,     by Williams, G. S. Wellington Appleton 1848    Goo

The arson of the "Peggy Stewart" and the Annapolis  1905   Arc

The building and voyage of the Griffon in 1679    by Marshall, Orsamus Holmes, 1813-1884   Cor

Captain Arthur Barlowe's Narrative of the First Voyage to the Coasts of America 1584   [Pamlico Sound; Roanoke]    1906   AJ

The cruise of the Nanutcket ships Asia, Captain Elijah Coffin and his crew, & Alliance, Captain Bartlett Coffin and his crew: to the Indian Ocean and the coast of New Holland in search of whales and seals, during the years of Our Lord 1791-1792-1793-1794   PLC

Derelicts: An Account of Ships Lost at Sea in General Commercial Traffic and a Brief History of Blockade Runners Stranded Along the North Carolina Coast, 1861-1865    by James Sprunt    ECU

A Directory of Names, Pennant Numbers and Addresses of All Members of the International Ship Masters' Association of the Great Lakes  Goo 1904     1908  

A description and list of the lighthouses of the world, 1861   by Alexander George Findlay    1864   Goo

Early voyages on the upper St. Lawrence    by Adam Shortt, 1859-1931  Arc

Expedition of Capt Samuel the French settlements in Acadia & Manhattan Island 1613     by George Folsom, 1802-1869    Cor

Extract from the journal of the voyage of the Half-Moon, Henry Hudson, master, from the Netherlands to the coast of North-America, in the year 1609.    by Robert Juet,   d 1611    Cor

Fifty Years on the Mississippi ; Or, Gould's History of River Navigation: Containing a History of ...        by Emerson W. Gould   1889   Goo   Goo

From the voyages of David Pieterszen de the service of the United Provinces..     by David Pieterz, de Vries    1857?    Cor

A Full and particular account of all the circumstances attending the loss of the steamboat Lexington, in Long-Island    Cor

A history of American college regattas    by Wilson and company, 1875     OpL

History of Early Steamboat Navigation on the Missouri River : Life and Adventures of Joseph La ...   by Hiram Martin Chittenden   1903    Goo  

The History of North Atlantic Steam Navigation : With Some Account of Early Ships and Ship owners     by Fry, Henry   1896    Goo

History of propellers & steam navigation, with biographical sketches of the early inventors     by Robert Macfarlane, 1815-83.    1851   MoA

History of Steam on the Erie Canal: Appeal for the Extension of the Act of ...    by H Boynton - Steam navigation – 1873    Goo

History of steamboating on the Minnesota River    by Hughes, Thomas 1905  OpL

A History of the American Whale Fishery     by Walter Sheldon Tower    Goo

History of the American Whale Fishery from Its Earliest Inception to the ...    by Alexander Starbuck 1878   Goo

Hudson's Voyage in 1609 (tr. J R Brodhead from Dutch) (NY Hist Soc). 1648?   Cor

Later history of the Ann Arbor carferries no. 6 and 7   1951    HT

Light List : Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States ...      by United States Coast Guard, United States Light-House Board    1900    Goo

Lloyd's steamboat directory, and disasters on the western waters: containing ... by James T. Lloyd  1856   Goo

Logbook for Grace: whaling brig Daisy, 1912-1913   by Murphy, Robert Cushman   OPL

The log book of the good ship Alliance of Nantucket : Captain Bartlett Coffin (transcription)   PLC

Log of the Ship Asia V. 1791-1794   PLC

Log of the Ship Edward Cary    1854-58    PLC

Log of the Ship Nauticon    1548-53   PLC

Log of the Ship President   1799-1801  PLC

Log-book of Timothy Boardman - Kept On Board The Privateer Oliver Cromwell, During A Cruise From New London, Ct., to Charleston, S. C., And Return, In 1778;   A Biographical Sketch   Arc    MBk

Log of the Ship Susan    1841-6   PLC

Log of the Ship Washington   1842-4     PLC

A Manual of the Law Relating to Shipping and Admiralty: As Determined by the ...     by Robert Desty  1879    Goo

The May-Flower and Her Log, July 15, 1620 - May 6, 1621: Chiefly from Original Sources ,    by Azel Ames    Gut

Martin Pring, 1580-1646 The Voyage of Martin Pring, 1603 [Maine coast; Plymouth Harbor] 1603/1906   WHS

Merchant Venturers of Old Salem: A of the Commercial Voyages...     by Robert Ephraim Peabody - Salem (Mass.)   1912    Goo

Merchant vessels of the United States...   (including yachts)   by United States. Coast Guard  1920    Goo

Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay in His Majesty's Ship Rosamond      by Edward Chappell Can

Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast 1811-14: First Amer settlement of the Pacific (Tr.)     by Gabriel Franchere,   1786-1863       MoA

Navy Island and the first successors to the Griffon    by Henry Raymond Howland,   Cor

New voyages to North-America,      by Louis Armand de Lom d'Arce Lahontan, baron de, 1666-1715?    Chicago: A. C. McClurg & co, 1905      MoA

Old Ironsides and Old Adams: Stray Leaves from the Log Book of a Man-of-war's Man    by Charles Wheeler Denison  W. W. Page, 1846    Arc     OpL

The Old Merchant Marine: A Chronicle of American Ships and Sailors ,    by Ralph Delahaye Paine  1919      Goo      Gut

An Old Sailor's Yarns: Tales of Many Seas     by Roland Folger Coffin   1884   Goo

Passenger lists of ships coming to North America, 1607-1825; a bibliography by Lancour, Harold, 1908- 1937   1937   HT

Passport applications  - Passports--United States  

Reel 1. October 27, 1795-November 30, 1812      February 22, 1830-November 15, 1831

Reel 690 - August 15 - 31, 1905        Reel 691 -  September 1 - 30, 1905      Volume Reel 692  - October 1 - 31, 1905    

Reel 693  - November 1 - 29, 1905    Reel 694 -  December 1 - 31, 1905

Proceedings of a Meeting, and Report of a Committee of the Citizens of Cleveland, in Relation to Steamboat Disasters on the Western Lakes ,    by Cleveland Committee on Steam Navigation on the western lakes    MoA

Report on the Ship-building Industry of the United States     by Henry Hall   1884    Goo

Ronald Morton: or, The Fire-Ships ,   by William Henry Giles Kingston    Ath

Round Cape Horn: Voyage of the Passenger-Ship James W. Paige, From Maine to California in the Year 1852 ,    by Joseph Lamson    Goo      LC

Rudder Marine Directory: A Trade List of Shipbuilding, Shipping & Marine ... ‎   1920

The sailing ships of New England, 1607-1907     by John   Robinson,   Marine Research Society, 1922    OpL

Sailors narratives of voyages along the New England coast, 1524-1624     by Winship, George Parker   Arc

Ships and Havens      by Henry Van Dyke   New York: Thomas Y. Crowell and Company, c1897    KeC

Ships and Shipping of Old New York: A Brief Account of the Interesting ...      by Bank of the Manhattan Company   1915 Goo    

The Sloops of the Hudson: An Historical Sketch of the Packet and Market Sloops of the Last Century, with a Record of their Names; Together with Personal Reminiscences of Certain of the Notable North River Sailing Masters ,    by William E. Verplanck and Moses Wakeman Collyer     1908    Goo   Ult   

Some Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston: Being a Collection of Sketches of Notable Men and Mercantile Houses Prominent During the Early Half of the Nineteenth Century in the Commerce and Shipping of Boston     by State Street Trust Company (Boston) 1918   Kel

Steamboat disasters and railroad accidents in the United States     by S. A. Howland     1840  Arc    OpL

The Story of the Island Steamers    by Harry Baker Turner - Steam-navigation – 1910    Goo

The Story of the New England Whalers     by John Randolph Spears 1908    Goo

The Transit of Civilization from England to America in the Seventeenth Century   by Edward Eggleston   1901    Goo

A Treatise on Maritime Law: Including the Law of Shipping; the Law of Marine ...     by Theophilus Parsons   1859   Goo

Voyage of John de Verazzano along the Coast of North America, Carolina to Newfoundland 1524    by Giovanni da Verrazzano,   1485?-1527   Cor

The voyage of Pierre Angibaut: known as Champdoré : captain in the marine of New France : made to the coast of Maine, 1608     by B. F. De Costa (Benjamin Franklin), 1831-1904  Arc

Voyage of the U.S. exploring squadron, commanded by Captain Charles Wilkes, in 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, and 1842. : together with explorations and discoveries made by Admiral D'Urville, Captain Ross, and other navigators and travellers : and an account of the expedition to the Dead Sea, under Lieutenant Lynch      by John Stilwell Jenkins,  1818-1852    Arc

Voyages from Holland to America 1632-1644    by David Pieterz de Vries,   1857    Cor

A Voyage to Georgia Begun in the Year 1735 by Francis Moore   London: Printed for Jacob Robinson, 1744    Goo

Voyages of the Elizabethan seamen to America. Thirteen original narratives from th collection of Hakluyt     by Richard Hakluyt,  1552?-1616   Arc