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An Abridgment of Milner's Church History, for the Use of Schools and Private Families.     by Joseph Milner, Rebecca Eaton .   1826    Goo

Asheville city directory and business reflex   compiled by Harry W. Fulenweider  1890

The Battle of Camden, South Carolina, August 16, 1780 ,    by H. L. Landers      Cam

Beaufort County's Contribution to a Notable Era of North Carolina History: a Series of Articles    by Lindsay Carter Warren,    1930    ECU

Biographical Sketches of the Bench and Bar of South Carolina     by John Belton O'Neall   1859   Goo   MoA

Biographical History of North Carolina from Colonial Times to the Present,     by Samuel A. Ashe, (Samuel A'Court)     Goo    1905     vol 2     vol 3

Biographical sketches, bench & bar of S. C...original fee bill of 1791. From records at Charleston    by John Belton O’Neall, 1793-1863     Goo      MoA

The Blue laws of New Haven colony, usually called Blue laws of Connecticut; Quaker laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts; Blue laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. First record of Connecticut; interesting extracts from Connecticut records; cases of Salem witchcraft; charges and banishment of Rev. Roger Williams, &c.; and other interesting and instructive antiquities. Compiled by an antiquarian     by R. R. Hinman,   (Royal Ralph), 1785-1868, comp   Arc

Charlotte & S. C. R. R. and Atlantic, Tenn. & Ohio R. R. Companies' Rates Passenger Fare: May, 1863    Charlotte and SC Railroad Company   Columbia, S. C.: Guardian Steam-power Press, 1863    UNC

Child Labor in the Carolinas: [A]ccount of Investigations Made in the Cotton Mills of North and South Carolina, by Rev. A. E. Seddon, A. H. Ulm and Lewis W. Hine, under the Direction of the Southern Office of the National Child Labor Committee       Alexander Jeffrey McKelway, 1866-1918.    New York: National Child Labor Committee 1909    UNC  

Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina: Embracing for ...  by John Belton O'Neall Landrum 1897   Arc    Goo  

The Colonial & State Political History of Hertford County, N.C.   by Benjamin B. Winborne,  1906   ECU

Columbia, South Carolina  City Directory   SC   1859

Commencement Address to the Graduating Class of Clemson Agricultural College James Kennedy Patterson  1911  Goo

The Conquest of the Old Southwest: The Romantic Story of the Early Pioneers into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky, 1740-1790 ,      by Archibald Henderson   Gut  

A Contribution to the History of the Huguenots of South Carolina: Consisting of Pamphlets.     by Frederick Adolphus Porcher, Samuel Dubose.   1887    Goo 

The Cotton Mills of South Carolina , 1907: Letters Written to the News and Courier.    by August Kohn.   1907    Goo  

Documents Relating to the History of South Carolina During the Revolutionary War    by Alexander Samuel Salley.   1908    Goo

Documents relative to a proposed settlement of Jews in South Carolina in 1748    by Barnett Abraham Elzas, 1867-1936   Chrlstn   1903   Har

Early History Of Tarboro, N.C.; also Collated Colonial Public Claims of Edgecombe County, & Easter Sunday…     by Gaston Lichtenstein,    1908    ECU

Economic & Social History Of Chowan County, North Carolina 1880-1915     by W. Scott Boyce,  1917     ECU

The First Remonstrance From South Carolina against the stamp act. ... To Charles Garth, Esq., Agent of the Colony of South Carolina..      Goo

Fitz -Hugh St. Clair: the South Carolina Rebel Boy: Or, It is No Crime to be ...‎    by Sallie F. Moore Chapin, Indiana University. Digital Library Program, Committee on Institutional Cooperation    1872    Goo

The freedmen [ African Americans ] of South Carolina. An address delivered by J. Miller M'Kim, in Sansom hall, July 9th, 1862. Together with a letter from the same to Stephen Colwell, esq., chairman of the Port Royal Relief Committe      by  M'Kim, J. Miller (James Miller    Arc

Handbook of South Carolina: Resources, Institutions and Industries...     by Ebbie Julian Watson, Commerce Dept. of Agriculture, & Industries, 1908    Goo

Historic Camden, By Thomas J. Kirkland, Robert MacMillan Kennedy   1905   Goo   vol 1

Heroes of the old Camden district, South Carolina, 1776-1861: An address to ... ‎ Edward McCrady   1888   Goo

Historic Houses of South Carolina     by Harriette Kershaw Leiding    1921    Goo

An Historical Account of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South Carolina...    by Frederick Dalcho  1820    Goo

History of banking in South Carolina from 1712 to 1900 - Williams, George Walton, 1820-1903   Arc

History of Edgecombe County, North Carolina      by   J. Kelly Turner, & Jno. L Bridgers, Jr.     1920   ECU  

History of Fairfield Co., SC     by Ederington   Arc     

Hist. of the German settlements & Lutheran Ch. in N. & S. Carolina, from the colonization of the Dutch, German    by Gotthardt Dellmann   1872    Har    MoA

History of Halifax County [N.C.; illus.]     by William Cicero Allen,   1918   ECU

A History of Marlboro County:...Sketches of Numerous Families    by John Alexander,  William Thomas, William Evans Thomas 1897  Goo

History of Old Pendleton district, with a genealogy of the leading families of the district,    by R. W. Simpson  (Richard Wright), 1840-1912. 1913   HT

The History of Orangeburg County, South.    by Alexander Samuel Salley, John Ulrick Giessendanner.  Goo     1897     1898   

History of South Carolina     by Yates Snowden, Henry Gardner Cutler.   1920    Goo

American History Told by Contemporaries (Account of the Province of Carolina (1682) by Samuel Wilson the Secretary to the Proprietors)     by Albert Bushnell Hart  1900  Goo

A chapter in the early history of South Carolina - Rivers, William J. (William James), 1822-1909   Arc

An Historical Account of The Rise And Progress Of The Colonies Of South Carolina And Georgia    by Alexander Hewatt   Gut    vol 1   vol 2   MBk  vol 1   vol 2

Historical Collections of South Carolina : Embracing Many Rare and Valuable Pamphlets, and Other ..   by Bartholomew Rivers Carroll.   1836    Goo  

The History of South Carolina    by William Gilmore Simms, Mary Chevillette Simms Oliphant    1918    Goo

The history of South-Carolina: from its first settlement in 1670, to the ...     by David Ramsay   1809    Goo

The History of South Carolina Under the Proprietary Government, 1670-1719  by Edward McCrady 1897   Goo

The History of South Carolina from Its First European Discovery to Its Erection Into a Republic ...    by William Gilmore Simms.  1860   Goo

Ramsay's History of South Carolina: From Its First Settlement in 1670 to the Year David Ramsay. 1858   Goo

The South Carolina Historical Magazine.   by South Carolina Historical Society. 1904    Goo

The History of South Carolina in the Revolution, 1780-1783.    by Edward McCrady. 1902   Goo

History of the old Cheraws : containing an account of the aborigines of the Pedee, the first white settlements, their subsequent progress, civil changes, the struggle of the revolution, and growth of the country afterward ; extending from about A. D. 1730 to 1810, with notices of families and sketches of individuals     by Alexander Gregg,  1819-1893   Arc

History of the German Settlements and of the Lutheran Church in North and South Carolina...   by Gotthardt Dellmann Bernheim. 1872      Goo    Har

History of Williamsburg church: A discourse delivered on occasion of the ... By James Albert Wallace   1856    Goo

Chronicles of St. Mark’s Parish Santee Circuit Williamsburg Township, SC.    FHB    Goo

History of Wachovia in North Carolina:  The Unitas Fratrum Or Moravian Church in North Carolina...   by John Henry Clewell. 1902    Goo

Home, Robert A brief description of the Province of Carolina.  Narratives of early Carolina, 1650-1708.    ed. Alexander Salley, Jr:  1911   MoA

The Introduction of Rice Culture into South Carolina    by A. S. Salley  1919   Din

The Jews of South Carolina: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day.   by Barnett Abraham Elzas. 1905    Goo  

Journal of the Commissioners of the navy of South Carolina October 9, 1776-March 1, 1779, July 22, 1779-March 23, 1780     South Carolina. Commissioners of the Navy Board   Arc   vol 1   vol 2

The Life and Times of C. G. Memminger.    by Henry Dickson Capers, South Carolina Governor, 1834-1836 (George McDuffie), US Rights Party SC. 1893    Goo

Literature in the Albemarle [N.C.; "orations, poems, songs, lectures, & biographical sketches"]    comp. by Bettie Freshwater  Pool,  1915   ECU

MAPS: South Carolina [State, City, National Parks, Historical]    UTex

Marriage Notices in SC & American General Gazette    Goo

Marriage notices in the South-Carolina gazette; and country journal (1765-1775) and in the Charlestown gazette (1778-1780)    by A. S. Salley,  ( Alexander Samuel)   Arc

Men of the Time: Sketches of Living Notables. A Biographical Encyclopedia ...  by J. C. Garlington  1902   Goo

Minutes of the vestry of St. Helena's Parish, South Carolina, 1726-1812    Alexander S. Salley   1919    Goo

Narratives of Early Carolina, 1650-1708.    by Alexander Samuel Salley.  1911    Goo

The negroes at Port Royal: Report of E. L. Pierce, government agent, to the Hon. Salmon P. Chase, secretary of the Treasury.  US Dept. of the Treasury    1862    MoA

The Police Control of the Slave in South Carolina...   by Howell Meadoes Henry. 1914     Goo

Regulations for the Medical Department of the Military Forces of South Carolina,    by R. W. Gibbes 1861    UNC

Report of the Committee of the South Carolina Historical Society ... ‎ by South Carolina Historical Society   1891  Goo

South Carolina :  a home for the industrious immigrant    1867   Har

South Carolina as a Royal Province, 1719-1776.    by William Roy Smith. 1903    Goo

South Carolina Bench and Bar    by Ulysses Robert Brooks  1908   Goo

South Carolina, with special reference to Aiken and vicinity, as a desirable location for actual settlers   Arc

The Spirit of the Roanoke: A Pageant of Halifax County [NC] History   1921    ECU

St. James Church, Goose Creek, SC 1706-1909    FHB

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina   by Huguenot Society of South Carolina    Goo   1901    1918  

A Voice from South Carolina.   by John A. Leland. 1879    Goo

Who Who's and what's what in Barnwell, South Carolina: spring of 1959   FHB

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