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A Brief Description of New York: Formerly Called New Netherlands, with the Places Thereunto ...  by Daniel Denton 1845 Goo

Brief history of the Empire state    by Welland Hendrick,    Cor

The Empire State: a compendious history of the... history of the commonwealth of New York      by Benson John Lossing. 1888   Goo

Geography of the state of New York. Embracing its physical features, climate, geology, mineralogy, botany, zoology, history, pursuits of the people, government, education, internal improvements, &c. With statistical tables, and a separate description and map of each county ... By Joseph. H. Mather ... and L. P. Brockett ..., Mather, Joseph H. 1847   Cor    MoA

The History and Antiquities of New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.   by John Warner Barber. 1856  Goo

A history of NY... beginning of the world to the end of the Dutch Dynasty.  184     by Diedrich Knickerbocker  &  Washington Irving.       Cor  

The History of the Late Province of New-York,...  by William Smith, New-York Historical Society. 1830  Goo

History of New York state, 1523-1927,     by James Sullivan, 1873-1931.   Lewis historical pub  1927  MoA    vol 1   vol 2   vol 3   vol 4 vol 5    vol 6  

History of the State of New York.    by John Romeyn Brodhead,    Goo

History of the State of New York: First Period 1609 – 1664     by John Romeyn Brodhead. 1874   Goo

History of the State of NY, from the First Discovery of the Country.   by Francis Smith Eastman.    Cor

Leslie's History of the Greater New York.       by Daniel Van Pelt.   1898    Goo

The natural, statistical and civil history of the state of New York   by James Macauley,   Cor    vol 1    vol 2   vol 3

New York Considered and Improved, A. D. 1695 ,     by John Miller, ed. by Victor Hugo Paltsits   UNL

New York: The Plant ng & Growth of the Empire State (Vol 1)   by Ellis Henry Roberts   Cor

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