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Thacher Arc Biography of J.S. Buckminster, S.C. Thacher [ Samuel Cooper, 1785-1818 ] and J.E. Abbot
Thacher Arc Faithful pastors angels of the churches. : A sermon preached to the bereaved flock, March 4. 1739. On the Lord's-Day after the funeral of the Reverend Mr. Peter Thacher of Boston
Thacher OpL Genealogy, and biographical sketches of the descendants of Thomas & Anthony Thacher from their settlement in New England June 4th, 1635. by David W. Allen, Independent Print., 1872
Thacher Arc A sermon on the decease of the Rev. Peter Thacher : pronounced Dec. 31, 1802 in Brattle-Street Church, Boston by William Emerson, 1769-1811
Thacher Arc Nathaniel Crocker, 1758-1855, his descendants and ancestors of the names of Allen, Blood, Bragg, Brewster, Bursley, Chase, Davis … with genealogies of many of their connections; a contribution to Mayflower genealogy 1923
Thacher Arc Report of a committee of the church on the reply of the Rev. Moses Thacher … Church in the North Parish (Wrentham, Mass.)
Thacher 16-34 Thacher-Thatcher genealogy by John R. Totten, (John Reynolds), 1856-1936
Thacher OpL Thacher-Thatcher genealogy ... by John Reynolds Totten, New York Genealogical and Biographical Soc., 1910
Thacher HT Genealogy, and biographical sketches of the descendants of Thomas & Anthony Thacher from their settlement in New England June 4th, 1635. by Allen, David W., fl 1872
Thacher 1-15 Thacher-Thatcher genealogy by John R. Totten, (John Reynolds), 1856-1936
Thames FHB Shadrach & Hopey Rogers and family : including allied families of…Sandefur, Scott, Somervell, Speed, Spell, Sunlin, Taylor, Thames, Thompson, Wagner, Welch, West, White, Williamson and Worthy
Thatcher UNC Memoir of Phillis Wheatley, a Native African and a Slave, B. B. Thatcher, (Benjamin Bussey), 1809-1840 Boston: G. W. Light; New York, Moore and Payne, 1834
Thayendanegea Goo Life of Joseph Brant: (Thayendanegea) Including the Border Wars of the ... by William Leete Stone - Indians of North America - 1865
Thayer Arc A discourse on the life and character of the Rev. Nathaniel Thayer, 1769-1840 … delivered at his interment, June 29, 1840 by Alonzo Hill,1800-1871.
Thayer pt 1 Family memorial. Part 1. Genealogy of fourteen families of the early settlers of New-England, of the names of Alden…these families are more or less connected by marriage…descendants of John Alden. Part II. Genealogy of Ephraim and Sarah Thayer…
Thayer Goo Memorial of the Thayer name: from the Massachusetts colony of … by Bezaleel Thayer 1874
Thayer Goo Tribute of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts to James Bradley Thayer. 1905
Thayers Cor The trial and execution of the three Thayers. Read before the Society, March, 15, 1869. by Wilgus, Nathaniel, d. 1873
Thomas Arc Some personal reminiscences of service in the cavalry of the Army of the Potomac by Hampton Sidney Thomas, 1837
Thomas OpL Oration on the Life and Character of Gen. George H. Thomas: Delivered Before the Society of the … by James Abram Garfield R. Clarke, 1871
Thompson Goo Family Records of the Branches of the Hanaford, Thompson, Huckins, Prescott … by Mary Elisabeth Neal Hanaford 1915
Thompson OpL Thompson genealogy by Mary Ann Thompson Elliott, Thompson Family Assoc., 1916
Thompson Arc Dora Knowlton Ranous by Rossiter Johnson, 1840-
Thomson Goo Report of the Trial of John Thomson Alias Peter Walker Before the Circuit ... by John Thomson, Hugh Cowan - Trials (Murder) – 1858
Thomson HT A genealogy of the descendants of John Thomson of Plymouth, Mass. : also sketches of families of Allen, Cooke and Hutchinson by Charles Hutchinson Thompson , 1838- 1890
Thomson FHB Samuel Holmes : family history by Kenneth R. Hardy
Thomson HT The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter : genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania... by Addams S. McAllister 1917
Thomson HT A genealogy of John Thomson, who landed at Plymouth, in the month of May, 1622 by Ignatius Thomson, 1774-1848. 1841
Thoreau Goo Henry D. Thoreau: Emerson's Obituary by Ralph Waldo Emerson - Anarchism – 1904
Thorer FHB 300 years, Thorer family; 50 years, Theodor Thorer--1612-1912
Thoresen bk xl Elsie Thoresen collection : Hirtle family genealogy (book xl): Sullivan, Donald A. - Vcelka, Ralph
Thorndike Arc Nathaniel Crocker, 1758-1855, his descendants and ancestors of the names of Allen … Lothrop, Morton, Parks, Prence, Rice, Rockwell, Rogers, Seavey, Smith, Snow, Taylor, Thacher, Thorndike, Winslow and others, by Henry Goo. Crocker, 1868-1930
Thorne UNC "Eagle Clippings" by Jack Thorne (b. 1863) Newspaper Correspondent and Story Teller, A Collection of His Writings to Various Newspapers Brooklyn, N. Y.: D. B. Fulton, 1907
Thorne HT The Strang genealogy : descendants of Daniel Streing, of New Rochelle, New York, with special records of the Purdy, Ganung, Kissam, Sackett, Bloomfield, Keeler, Belcher, Morgan, Whitney and Thorne families 1915
Thorne Arc The Elmwood Eatons by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, 1849-1937
Thorne Arc Eight generations from William Thorne of Dorsetshire, England, and Lynn Mass. by Joseph Steward Middleton, b1839
Thorne HT Genealogical record of John Thorne : also the direct descendants of James Thorne and Hannah Brown of Salisbury, Mass. and Kingston, N.H., also the families connected by marriage
Thorngate Arc A historical sketch of the Thorngate-Rood family, descendants of George Thorngate, senior, and Matilda Blanchard, 1798-1906 by Hosea W. Rood, (Hosea Whitford), 1845-1933
Thornton HT Genealogy of the Page family in Virginia : also a condensed account of the Nelson, Walker, Pendleton and Randolph families, with references to the Byrd, Carter, Cary, Duke, Gilmer… Washington, and other distinguished families in Virginia 1883
Thornton Goo The Life of Elder Abel Thornton: Late of Johnston, R.I. A Preacher in the ... by Abel Thornton - Free-will Baptists - 1828
Thornton OpL The autobiography of Mrs. Alice Thornton, of East Newton, Co. York by Alice Thornton Pub. For the Society by Andrews and Co, 1875)
Thornton FHB A sketch of the Willis family of Virginia, and of their kindred in other states : with brief biographies of the Reades, Warners, Lewises, Byrds, Carters, Champes, Bassetts,
Thornton Goo Addresses at the Dedication of the Monument Erected to the Memory of Matthew Thornton at Merrimack, N. H., September 29, 1892 The Republican Press Association 1894
Thornton OpL Alice Thornton Adams, 1887-1908. Riverside Press, 1908
Thornton HT Genealogy of the Virginia family of Lomax … by one of the seventh generation in the direct line; with references to the Lunsford, Wormeley, Micou, Roy, Corbin….other prominent families of Virginia and Maryland. 1913
Thornwell Arc The Life and Letters of James Henley Thornwell … by Benjamin Morgan Palmer
Thourlby FHB Bliss family : Thomas Mulvanaghty/Mulvanaughty (later changed to Bliss) married circa 1832 Leitrim County, Ireland Winifred Gilchrist/Kilchrist; family histories for….
Thrale OpL Autobiography, letters and literary remains of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale) - Hester Lynch Piozzi, 1741-1821. 1861
Thrale Goo Mrs. Thrale, Afterwards Mrs. Piozzi: A Sketch of Her Life and Passages from … by Leonard Benton Seeley – 1908
Thrall FHB Update of Clark Higley ancestry
Thrall Arc Genealogy of the Thrall family : also of the Rose family to the year 1862 by Walter Thrall
Thrall FHB Clark Higley ancestry : including Alderman, Case, Ford, Fyler/Filer, Gillett, Griswold, Gunn, Halladay, Higley, Hunter, Moses, Owen, Phelps, Spencer, Strong, Thrall, Warham
Thresher OpL A tribute to the memory of Ebenezer Thresher, 1798-1886 [Ohio]. by Henry Francis Colby, Press of United Brethren Publishing House, 1886
Throop FHA Times and places of Welcome Chapman : and his ancestors in North America
Thropp Arc Workizer, Thropp & Cone families : biographical notes concerning their relations to historical events in the Schuylkill Valley and Valley Forge by Edward Payson Cone
Thropp OpL The Workizer, Thropp & Cone families by Edward Payson Cone 1905
Thrush Goo Memoir of Thomas Thrush by Charles Wellbeloved 1845
Thruston Rweb Ancestry of the Thuruston-Phillips FAMILIES A SKETCH OF THE ANCESTRY OF The Thruston-Phillips Families
Thurston Goo Descendants of Edward Thurston, the first of the name in the … by Charles Myrick Thurston 1865
Thurston HT Thurston genealogies by Brown Thurston, 1814-1900. 1892
Thurston Goo The Ancestry of Walter M. Thurston: Giving Some Account of the Families of …‎ by John H. Thurston, Walter MoA. Thurston 1894
Thurston Arc Hannah Thurston : a story of American life [Quakers; Women's rights] by Bayard Taylor, 1825-1878
Thurston HT Genealogy of Charles Myrick Thurston and of his wife, Rachel Hall Pitman, formerly of Newport, R.I., after December, 1840, of New York : with an appendix containing the names of many descendants of Edward Thurston and Henry Pitman 1865
Thurston Goo Doings at the First National Gathering of Thurstons at Newburyport, Mass … by Brown Thurston - 1885
Thurston OpL The ancestry of Walter M. Thurston: giving some account of the families of Carroll, De Beaufort, Merrill, Moore, Mosbaugh, Pearson, Pine, Poore, Reynolds, Van Kruyne, and Von Bauer 1894
Thwaites Goo Reuben Gold Thwaites: A Memorial Address by Frederick Jackson Turner, State Historical Society of Wisconsin 1914
Thwing Goo Thwing: A Genealogical, Biographical and Historical Account of the Family by Walter Eliot Thwing 1883
Tibbetts Arc Thomas Steel of Boston and some of his descendants, 1664-1905;... ancestry of Samuel and Olive (Pierce) Steele, pioneers of Koshkonong, Wis., 1842...Laura J. and Louise L. (Pierce) Arkins, of Denver, Colorado by George Warren Steele, b1841
Tibbits HT A genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas Harris, M.D., fifth in descent from Thomas Harris of Providence, R.I., and sketches of the Harris and the following families connected by marriage, Tew, Hopkins, Smith,… 1904
Tibbits OpL A genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas Harris, MoA.D., fifth in descent from Thomas Harris of Providence, R.I., and sketches of the Harris and the following families connected by marriage, Tew, Hopkins, Smith, Arnold, Tibbits… 1904
Tichenor Arc A partial history of the Tichenor family in America, descendants of Martin Tichenor of Connecticut and New Jersey, and a complete genealogy of ... from Isaac Tichenor, of Ohio, spelling the name Teachenor...descended from William Ticknor of Massachusetts
Tichenor Arc Col. George C. Tichenor's views on revisions of the tariff and customs laws by Henry Dodge Tichenor,
Tichenor Goo Isaac Taylor Tichenor, the home mission statesman
Tichenor OpL Isaac Taylor Tichenor, 1825-1902. the home mission statesman by Jacob Smiser Dill Sunday School Board, Southern Baptist Convention, 1908
Tiffany HT Genealogical sketch of the Tiffany family by Ella. F. Wright (Ella Frances Reed), 1859- 1904
Tiffany HT The Tiffanys of America : history and genealogy by Nelson Otis Tiffany for and in the interest of Charles Lewis Tiffany of New York City and of the Tiffany family. By Nelson Otis Tiffany, 1842- 1901
Tilden FHA Mrs. Elroy M. Avery (Catharine Hitchcock Tilden), December 1844 - December 1911 : a memorial
Tilden Arc Revolutionary ancestry of Catharine Hitchcock (Tilden) Avery [Samuel Tilden, 1739-1834] by Catharine Hitchcock Avery, 1844-1911
Tilden Arc The Life of Hon. Samuel Jones Tilden: Governor of the State of New York … by William Mason Cornell
Tilden Goo The Life of Samuel J. Tilden by John Bigelow, Samuel Jones Tilden - Statesmen - 1895
Tilford Arc Maxwell history and genealogy, including the allied families of Alexander, Allen, Bachiler, Batterton, Beveridge...Kimes, McCullough, Moore, Pemberton, Rosenmüller, Smith, Stapp, Teter, Tilford, Uzzell, Vawter, Ver Planck, Walker, Wiley, Wilson… 1916
Tilghman LC Memoir of Lieut. Col. Tench Tilghman, secretary and aid to Washington :
Tilghman HT Genealogical notes of the Chamberlaine family of Maryland, (Eastern shore,) and of the following connected families: Neale-Lloyd, Tilghman Robins, Hollyday-Hammond-Dyer, Hughes-Stockton, Hayward, Nicols-Goldsborough, and others 1880
Till Goo Lloyd Manuscripts: Genealogies of the Families of Awbrey-Vaughan, Blunston … by Howard Williams Lloyd 1912
Tiller HT Bates; a brief history and genealogy of Joseph Harrison Bates. By his son Madison C. Bates. 1915
Tilley Arc Our Mayflower ancestors and their descendants : 10 generations from Howland-Tilley to Henderson-Howell by Jocelyn Hart Faux, 1929-
Tilley Arc Genealogy of the Tilley family by R. Hammett (Risbrough Hammett) Tilley, 1850-1910
Tilley Goo Swain and allied families: including Tilley, Howland, Chipman … By William Chester Swain 1896
Tillinghaste FHB From generation to generation : the genealogies of Henry Moore Neil, Abby Grosvenor Tillinghaste, Guy Mallon, Albert Nielson Slayton, Byron Lakin Bargar, Alfred Hastings Chapin
Tillinghaste FHB From generation to generation : the genealogies of Henry Moore Neil, Abby Grosvenor Tillinghaste, Guy Mallon, Albert Neilson Slayton, Byron Lakin Bargar , Alfred Hastings Chapin by Julia Evans Stone Neil, 1843-
Tilmon UNC A Brief Miscellaneous Narrative of the More Early Part of the Life of L. Tilmon, Pastor of a Colored Methodist Congregational Church in the City of New York by Levin Tilmon Jersey City: W. W. & L. A. Pratt, Printers, Sentinel Buildings, 1853
Tilson Arc Tilson-Tillson descendants : a supplement to The Tilson genealogy (1911) by Mercer V. Tilson - Tilson, Mercer Vernon, 1837- Tilson genealogy, from Edmund Tilson at Plymouth, N.E., 1638 to 1911
Tilson FHB Our family roots : Willis - Jones - Tilson - Chandler
Tilson OpL The Tilson genealogy, from Edmond Tilson at Plymouth, N.E., 1638 to 1911 by Mercer Vernon Tilson, The Memorial Press, 1911
Tilton Arc A genealogical history of the descendants of Peter White of New Jersey, from 1670, and of William White and Deborah Tilton his wife, Loyalists by James Edward White, 1822
Tilton vol 1 The ancestors of Heman Hyde (1788-1869) and his wife Polly Wyman Tilton (1786-1862)
Timberlake FHB 74 years with "Bud" Timberlake Autobiography of Harry Bertram Timberlake, Jr. (b.1910) of Leavenworth, Kansas. He was a son of Harry Sr. and Irvie Kay, and married Helen Shafer in 1934
Timmons FHB Timmons & Tanner : building an American heritage : including allied famiies of Browning, Chandler, Cox, Dixon, Gregg, Hinshaw, Loyd, McManus, Rains, Ramey, Wierman and Wroten
Tingley FHB A brief history of New Mexico personalities Clyde Tingley and Carrie (Wooster) Tingley : genealogies
Tippets FHB Autobiography of Ellen Tippets Prescott, 1896-1965 no. 683, A1 1896-1965
Tipton FHB Ancestry of Ollie Tipton (Johnson) (Johnson who was born 1872 in Danville, Illinois.)
Tisdale HT A supplement to "A family register" : genealogy of Col. Israel Tisdale and his descendants compiled and arranged by Edith Francena Tisdale, 1853- 1920
Tisdale OpL Genealogy of Col. Israel Tisdale and his descendants. By Edith Francena Tisdale, Metcalf Pres, 1909
Titcomb FHB Pemberton, Willard, Prescott, Titcomb, Sewall and Longfellow, and allied families, 1882 by Sarah Elizabeth Titcomb
Titcomb Goo Early New England people: Some account of the Ellis,Pemberton,Willard … By Sarah Elizabeth Titcomb
Titus Arc The Titus family in America : three generations [ Robert, 1600- ] by Anson Titus, 1847-1932

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