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Disclosures and confessions of Frank. A. Wilmot, the slave thief and negro runner. With an accurate account of the Under-ground railroad ! What it is and where located!    Arc

From Dixie to Canada; romance and realities of the underground railroad: By ... ‎ Homer Uri Johnson  1894   Arc     vol 1    Goo

Harriet, the Moses of her people ‎ Sarah Hopkins Bradford   1886    Goo

History of the underground railroad in Chester  [PA] and the neighboring counties ... ‎ Robert Clemens Smedley  1883   Arc    Goo

Old trails on the Niagara frontier    by  Frank Hayward Severance - Underground Railroad - 1903    Goo

Recollections and experiences of an abolitionist, from 1855 to 1865     by Alexander Milton Ross, 1832-1897   Arc

Reminiscences of Levi Coffin, the reputed president of the Underground Railroad...with the stories of numerous fugitives…    by Levi Coffin, 1798-1877.    Western Tract Society, 1876   Arc   MoA

Sketches in the history of the underground railroad , comprising many thrilling incidents of the escape of fugitives from slavery...   by ber M. Pettit,  b1800 or 1801   Arc

Still's underground rail road records: with a life of the author... ‎  William Still 1886     Goo

Stories of the Underground Railroad     by Anna L. Curtis, illust. by William Brooks   1941    Shc

Tracking The Underground Rail Road .   by Jean M. Fox . The Farmington Hills (ich) Historical Comm. 1993   FCL

Underground railroad      by  B. F.,Dorsey, (Benjamin F.)   Goo

The underground rail road. A record of facts, authentic narratives, letters, &c., narrating the hardships, hair-breadth escapes and death struggles of the slaves in their efforts for freedom, as related by themselves and others, or witnessed by the author;together with sketches of some of the largest stockholders, and most liberal aiders and advisers, of the road.    by Still, William, 1821-1902.   1872   KDL

The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom   by Wilbur Henry Siebert   1898   DC    Goo   TOW

The underground railroad from slavery to freedom ‎     by William M. Mitchell  1860    Arc   Goo

The underground rail road.  A record of facts, authentic narratives, letters…    by William Still   Arc     DC    Gut    Quin

When men were sold: the underground railroad in Bucks County, Pa.... ‎    Edward Hicks Magill, Bucks County Historical Society   1898   Goo

A woman's life work: including thirty years' service on the underground ... ‎ Laura Smith Haviland   1881   Goo

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