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HT Genealogy of the Whipple-Wright, Wager, Ward-Pell, McLean-Burnet families, together with records of allied families, 1917 by Charles H. Whipple, 1849- 1917

FHL A Blanchard memorial : being a brief account of our ancestors so far as the writer has been able to trace them through the various branches back to colonial times, together with a short history of our own family

Goo The Hughes Family, and Connections: Especially the Gass, Ward, and Boze Families by William Joseph Leander Hughes 1911

Arc Sons of the Puritans : a group of brief biographies    American Unitarian Association

FHB The American ancestors of Josiah Abbott Obear : families… Palgrave, Patch, Pickworth, Raymond, Robinson, Scott, Waddock, Warwick, Ward, Whatlock, Whittemore, Wilcox, Willard, Winslow, Witt, Woodbury
Andrew Arc Andrew Warde and his descendants, 1597-1910 : being a compilation of facts relating to one of the oldest New England …to the tenth and eleventh generations by George K. Kemp, 1848-1937
Artemus Goo Artemus Ward (Charles Farrar Browne): A Biography and Bibliography by Don Carlos Seitz - Newspaper publishing - 1919
Artemus Arc Letters of Artemus Ward, 1834-1867 to Charles E. Wilson 1858-1861
David LC The autobiography of David Ward (1822-1900) [social life & customs; NY to MI, WI] 1912
Frederick Arc Gentlemen rovers, [ Frederick Townsend Ward, 1831-1862 ] by E. Alexander Powell (Edward Alexander), 1879-
Humphry vol 2 A Writer's Recollections 1918, by Mrs. Humphry Ward 1918
Humphry vol 1 A Writer's Recollections 1918, by Mrs. Humphry Ward 1918
John OpL John Quincy Adams Ward, 1830-1910 an appreciation
Lester Arc Lester F. Ward: A Personal Sketch by Emily Palmer Cape
Mary OpL A writer's recollections. by Mary Augusta Ward, (Arnold) 1918
Matt Goo A Full and Authentic Report of the Testimony on the Trial of Matt. F. Ward … Ward was tried in the Hardin Circuit Court at Elizabethtown, Ky., April, 1854, for the murder of W.H.G. Butler.
Nathanie Goo A Memoir of the Rev. Nathaniel Ward, A.M.: Author of The Simple Cobbler of … by John Ward Dean 1868
Sallie Arc Famous American belles of the nineteenth century [ Sallie Ward (Mrs. George F. Downs)] by Virginia Tatnall Peacock, 1873-1918
Samuel UNC Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro: His Anti-Slavery Labours in the US, Canada, & England Samuel Ringgold Ward. 1855
Samuel OpL A memoir of Lieut.-Colonel Samuel Ward, First Rhode Island regiment, army of the American revolution by John Ward, 1875
William Goo Ward Family Descendants of William Ward, who Settled in Sudbury, Mass., in … by Andrew Henshaw Ward 1851

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