Mexican War

Mexican War 1846-48

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The first regiment of New York volunteers, commanded by Col. Jonathan D. Stevenson, in the Mexican war.    by Francis D.   Clark,  G. S. Evans, 1882    OpL

From the Golden Gate to Mexico City: The U.S. Army Topographical Engineers in the Mexican War, 1846-1848 ,     by Adrian George Traas     Arm

History of the Polk Administration by Lucien Bonaparte Chase   1850   Goo

Index of Publications, Articles and Maps Relating to Mexico, in the War ...   by US War Dept. Library, Adolphus Washington Greely, David Fitz Gerald   1896  Goo

Life and Services of General Winfield Scott, Including the Siege of Vera Cruz, the Battle of Cerro Gordo, and the Battles in the Valley of Mexico, to the Conclusion of Peace, and His Return to the United States     by Edward Deering Mansfield New York: A. S. Barnes and Co,   1852   UCh

Life of Major General Zachary Taylor; With Notices of the War in New Mexico, California, and in Southern Mexico; and Biographical Sketches of Officers Who Have Distinguished Themselves in the War With Mexico   by John Frost  UCh

Memoirs of a Maryland volunteer [ 1st Battalion] War with Mexico, in the years 1846-8     by John Reese Kenly, 1822-1891     Appendix: A. List of the officers of the First battalion of Baltimore and Washington volunteers.--B. List of officers of the District of Columbia and Maryland regiment of volunteers   Arc

The Mexican war and its heroes: being a complete history of the Mexican war, embracing all the operations under Generals Taylor and Scott, with a biography of the officers. Also, an account of the conquests of California and New Mexico.   Philadelphia,: J. B. Lippincott & co., 1860    Goo    MoA

The Mexican war and its warriors; comprising a complete history of all the operations of the American armies in Mexico - with biographical sketches and anecdotes of the most distinguished officers in the regular army and volunteer force      by John Frost,   1800-1859     New Haven, Philadelphia, H. Mansfield, 1850    OpL

Mexican War Veterans: A Complete Roster of the Regular and Volunteer Troops ...    by William Hugh Robarts - – 1887   Goo

Notes of the Mexican War, 1846-47-48: Comprising incidents, adventures and everyday proceedings...    by J. Jacob Oswandel. 1885   Goo

Official list of officers who marched with the army under the command of MajorGeneral Winfield Scott : from Puebla upon the city of Mexico, the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven, and who were engaged in the battles of Mexico   US   Adjutant-General's Office     Arc >

A Review of the Causes and Consequences of the Mexican War   by William Jay   1849    Goo

Roster of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of the War of 1812, the Mexican War ...   by Joel A. Piper, Nebraska, Office of the Secretary of State   1895     Goo

Sketches of the campaign in northern Mexico : in eighteen hundred forty-six and seven    by Luther Giddings,   New York : For the author by G. P. Putnam & co., 1853   MoA

The War with Mexico, 1846-1848     by Justin Harvey Smith   1919   Goo

The War with Mexico Reviewed   by Abiel Abbot Livermore   1850   Goo

Western portraiture, and emigrants' guide: a description of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa; with remarks on Minnesota, and other territories      by   Daniel S. Curtiss,    New York,: J. H. Colton, 1852.    MoA

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