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Naval Academy

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Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md       Arc   1867    1874    1884   1887    1904   1916

Annual reunion,  ‎ U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association   1887  Goo   vol 1-4    vol 5-18‎

Faculty of the United States   Naval Academy , 1954-5   Arc

The history of Annapolis, the capital of Maryland: the state house, its various public buildings ... together with a full history and description of the United States Naval Academy from its origin to the present time    by Owen M.,Taylor,   b. 1819   Arc

History of the United States Naval academy , with biographical sketches, and the names of all the superintendents, professors and graduates, to which is added a record of some of the earliest votes by Congress, of thanks, medals, and swords to naval officers    by Edward Chauncey Marshall,  b1824    Arc

John Paul Jones' last cruise and final resting place the United States Naval Academy     by Henri Marion,  1857-1913   Arc

Life at the U.S. Naval Academy : The Making of the American Naval Officer        by Ralph Earle,    Arc

Regulations of the United States Naval Academy : As Approved by the Secretary ... United States Naval Academy , United States Naval Academy     Arc