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The American Eagle  [v2, #10-11; Bridgeport, CT; washing machines; household/farm devices during WWI  1918   Har

America's Siberian adventure, 1918-1920  [ Polar Bear Expedition ] by Graves, William Sidney, 1865-1940.   1931   HT

American soldiers in Siberia,  by Kindall, Sylvian G., 1893- 1945     HT

The history of the American expedition fighting the Bolsheviki; campaigning in north Russia 1918-1919,    1920  HT

History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, National Army, Sept, 1917-June, 1919   by Charles Franklin Dienst 1921  KaC   Goo   HT

Army Art of World War I      Arm      WaS

Army Boys in the French Trenches: or, Hand to Hand Fighting With the Enemy     by Homer Randall 1919   Gut

Army Boys on German Soil: Our Doughboys Quelling the Mobs ,     by Homer Randall   Gut   1920   OBk

Biographical Dictionary   World War I:   2000-   BYU

Complete History of the Colored Soldiers in the World War: Authentic Story of the Greatest War of...     1919    Goo

Entertaining the American army : the American stage and lyceum in the world war     by James William Evans,  1873-   Arc

The History and Achievements of the Fort Sheridan Officers' Training Camps     by Fort Sheridan Association, Fred Girton  1920      Goo

History of the American Negro in the Great World War: His Splendid Record in the Battle Zones of Europe      ed William Allison Sweeney   1919  Gut

History of the Pennsylvania Hospital Unit (Base Hospital No. 10, U.S.A.) in ...     by U S Army. Base Hospital no. 10 - World War, 1914-18  1921    Goo  

How America Went to War: An Account from Official Sources of the Nation's War Activities, 1917-20.    by Benedict Crowell, Robert Forrest Wilson 1921   Goo

The Knights of Columbus in Peace and War     by Maurice Francis Egan, John James Bright Kennedy - World War, 1914-1918 – 1920   Goo

Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Navy who Lost Their Lives ...     by US   Bureau of Naval Personnel  1920    Goo

Report of war relief activities, 1917-1919   Red cross. United States. American national Red cross. District of Columbia chapter   Arc

Soldiers of the Great War ...    by William Mitchell Haulsee, Frank George Howe, Soldiers Record Publishing Association, Alfred Cyril Doyle   1920      Goo

United States Army in the World War, 1917-1919 .    by United States Dept. of the Army. Office of Military History. 1948   Goo

Women as Army Surgeons: Being the History of the Women's Hospital Corps in Paris, Wimereux and Endell Street, Sept 1914-Oct 1919       by Flora Murray     Dre

The 1st Division at Ansauville: January - April 1918    Arm

The Fourth Division : Its Services and Achievements in the World War    by Christian Albert Bach, Henry Noble Hall - World war, 1914-1918 1920    Goo

History of the Third battalion, Sixth regiment, U.S. Marines compiled from the official records kept by the battalion historian-and operations reports covering all of the engagements in which this battalion participated; maps by the Battalion intelligence section.     1919    OpL

History of the Twenty-sixth enginers (water supply regiment) in the world war, Septemer, 1917-March, 1919     Goo

The pictorial record of the 27th division      by Alexander Starlight,   Arc

History of the 29th Division (Blue and Gray) 1917 - 1919  DC

The 32nd Division in the World War, 1917-1919     by Wisconsin War History Commission, Michigan War History Commission     Goo  

The History of the 33rd Division, A.E.F., by Frederick Louis Huidekoper ...   by Frederic Louis Huidekoper   1921    Goo

        History of Co. "F", 108th Engineers, 33rd Div.    by Robert P. Richards    s.n., 1920   OpL

Roster of the Rainbow division ( forty - second ) Major General Wm. A. Mann commanding World War, 1914-1918   by   Harold Stanley Johnson   Arc

The Forty-seventh infantry; a history    by James E  Pollard,   Arc

The 55th Artillery (C.A.C.) in the American Expeditionary Forces, France, 1918   by Frederick Morse Cutler - World War, 1914-1918.  1920  Goo

New York in the World War.     by Robert Stewart Sutliffe. 1922     Goo

History of the 77th Division Aug 25, 1917 - Nov 11, 1918    DC 

82d Division Summary of Operations in the World War      Arm

Official History of the 88th Division (USA) in the First World War   DC

History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, National Army, September, 1917-June, 1919 ,    by Charles Franklin Dienst     KC

"M" Company 339th infantry in North Russia. M" Company 339th infantry in North Russia. by Moore, Joel Roscoe, 1879-   1920     HT

The ninety-first, the first at Camp Lewis by Alice Palmer Henderson    OpL

The 92d Division in World War I     Arm

The 93d Division in World War I    Arm

A short history and illustrated roster of the 108th Infantry [1914-18] US Army; Colonel Edgar S. Jennings, commanding.   1918    OpL

Company D, 109th Machine Gun Battalion of the World War    by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards    Lebanon County Historical Society, 1920  Arc  

History 119th Infantry, 60th Brigade, 30th Division, U.S.A. Operations in Belgium & France, 1917-19     by Coleman Berkley Conway, b1893   Wilmington N.C. Chamber Commerce, 1920  UNC

Company "E," 312th infantry - Morgan, George Rose, 1895-   Arc

Regimental History, Three Hundred and Forty First Field Artillery: Three ...   of the 89th national army organized Sept 1917 demobilized June, 1919   by Robert Davis 1913    OpL

History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, National Army, September, 1917-June, 1919 by Charles Franklin Dienst  1921  KaC   Goo  


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