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Yale Arc Yale genealogy and history of Wales. The British kings and princes. Life of Owen Glyndwr. Biographies of Governor Elihu Yale ... Linus Yale, sr., and Linus Yale, jr. ... Maurice Fitz Gerald ... Roger de Montgomery ... by Rodney Horace Yale, 1864-1937
Yancey Arc History and genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown:…notes of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan, Yancey…
Yancey Goo The Life and Times of William Lowndes Yancey: A History of Political Parties in the United States… by John Witherspoon Du Bose 1892
Yancey vol 10 Bartlett Yancey. The political and professional career of Bartlett Yancey. Letters to Bartlett Yancey by George A Anderson
Yaney FHB Jenne to Yaney II : 1660-1990
Yardley HT Genealogy of the Yardley family, 1402-1881. By Thomas W. Yardley. 1881
Yarker Goo Genealogy of the surname Yarker; with the Leyburn…allied families;..counties of Yorkshire, Durham, Westmoreland, and Lancashire including all of the name in Cumberland, Canada, America, and Middlesex. by John Yarker,
Yates Arc The story of Yates [ Matthew Tyson , 1819-1888] the missionary : as told in his letters and reminiscences by Charles Elisha Taylor, 1842-1915
Yates Arc The life and public services of Richard Yates, the war governor of Illinois . A lecture delivered in the hall of the House of Representatives, Springfield , Illinois , Tuesday evening, March 1st, 1881 by L. U. Reavis, 1831-1889
Yates HT Genealogy of the Virginia family of Lomax … by one of the seventh generation in the direct line; with references to the Lunsford, Wormeley, Micou, Roy, Corbin….other prominent families of Virginia and Maryland. 1913
Yates Arc The Yates book : William Yates and his descendants; the history and genealogy of William Yates (1772-1868) of Greenwood, Me., and his wife, who was Martha Morgan, together with the line of her descent from Robert Morgan of Beverly
Yates FHB Ours-then and now : Anneke Jans Bogardus-Van Horn-Yates-Decker and allied lines
Yeager FHB A brief history of the Yeager, Buffington, Creighton, Jacobs, Lemon, Hoffman and Woodside families : and their collateral kindred of Pennsylvania
Yeager FHB A brief history of the Yeager kindred of Pennsylvania [surname Yeager who immigrated to Pennsylvania prior to the year 1775. John George Yeager was the first known Yeager to immigrat]
Yeardley Gut Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel, ed Charles Tylor Philadelphia: Henry Longstreth, 1860
Yearick Arc Memoirs of Harry Warren Yearick and his ancestors for five generations by Harry Warren Yearick
Yeates FHB Ancestral immigration : Jackson - Argyle, Cantwell - Wall, Yeates - Webb
Yerkes HT Genealogical and biographical memorials of the Reading, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, and Elkins families, by Josiah Granville Leach, 1842-1922. 1898
Yinger OpL Descendants of Noble Augustus Hartshorn … and his wife, Mary Susan Yinger .. By Harry Lawrence Shiner 1918
Yocum Arc Notes of family history : the Anderson, Schofield, Pennypacker, Yocum, Crawford, Sutton, Lane, Richardson, Bevan, Aubrey, Bartholomew, De Haven, Jermain and Walker families byIsaac Cor. Sutton, (Isaac Crawford), 1877-
York UNC The Autobiography of Brantley York, 1805-1891 Durham, NC: The Seeman Printery, 1910
Yorstoun Arc [Abstracts of the] Carthew Yorstoun family [genealogy by Charles Morden Carthew-Yorstoun, 1903-
Young Arc Biographical dictionary of the Youngs (born circa 1600-1870) : from Essex and old Norfolk Counties, Massachusetts Bay Colony, which once contained parts of present-day Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Young FHB The Cooper and allied families : of Detrick, Dobell, Dobins, Dowdy, Gilmore, Greene, Hanna, Henry, Lyman, Miller, Mills, Moore, Morris, Moss, Rawlings, Rodecker, Stanton, Willett, Young, and Unversaw
Young Arc William and Esther Barry and their descendants : a memorial record by Esther Stetson Barry, b. 1854
Young Pitt The history of my life : Being a biographical outline of the events of a long and busy life, Samuel Young, 1821
Young KDL Eight years of Presbyterian evangelistic work in Kentucky - Bennett Henderson Young, 1843-1919. Richmond 1890
Young KDL Autobiography of a Pioneer: or, The Nativity, experience, travels, & ministerial labors of Rev. Jacob Young 1776-1859. 1857
Young LC Journal of an excursion, from Troy, N.Y., to Gen. Carr's head quarters at Wilson's landing (Fort Pocahontas) on the James river, Va., during the month of May, 1865. By one of the party. Young, William H., 19th cent.
Young OpL Fragmentary records of the Youngs, comprising, in addition to much general information respecting them, a particular and extended account of the posterity of Ninian Young, an early resident of East Fallowfield township, Chester County, Pa
Young KDL Reminiscences of a soldier of the Orphan brigade [Confederate] Lot D. Young, (Lieut.), b. 1842 1918?
Young OpL Genealogy of the Ham family and of the Young family
Younger MBk The Story of Cole Younger, by Himself - Being an Autobiography of the Missouri Guerrilla Captain and Outlaw, his Capture and Prison Life, and the Only Authentic Account of the Northfield Raid Ever Published by Cole Younger
Younglove FHB Mary Elizabeth Nevens and her American ancestors : families, Allen/Allin, Auter, Bartlett, Births, Blower, Brackett, Brigham, Champney, Clark….
Youngman Arc Genealogy and biographical sketches of the Youngman family by David Youngman, 1817-1895