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OpL A genealogy of the Allen family from 1568 to 1882 by William Allen, Chronicle Book and Job Press, 1882

HT A genealogy of the descendants of John Thomson of Plymouth, Mass. : also sketches of families of Allen, Cooke and Hutchinson by Charles Hutchinson Thompson 1890

Goo A History and Genealogical Record of the Alling-Allens of New Haven, Conn ... by George P. Allen 1899

Arc A record of the Allen family from the first settlement in Pennsylvania. Commenced tenth month 14th, 1856, by Samuel Allen, the son of the eldest son of the same name for five generations by Samuel Allen, b1782?

DSP Allen family history [Ohio]

FHB Allen, Riggs, Nichols, Salton & Cilley families : of Osceola and Ottawa Counties, Michigan

FBS Allen, Riggs, Nichols, Salton & Cilley families : of Osceola and Ottawa Counties, Michigan by Susan Gates Davis

HT Allen-Isham genealogy. Jirah Isham Allen, Montana pioneer, government scout, guide, interpreter and famous hunter, during four years of Indian warfare in Montana and Dakota. From 1839 to 1929

FHB Atkinson family in Virginia : with connections to Gwaltney, Marriott, Flake (Flack), Williamson, Holleman and Allen families, some ancestors of the Rowland family

FHB Echoes of Spring Creek : a genealogy of the Hawkins family [John Hawkins b1630 married Mary Dewes] and related families of Jackson County and the surrounding area

Arc Genealogical history of the Allen family and some of their connections. By Frances M. (Frances Mary)Stoddard, b1816

Goo Genealogical sketches of the Allen family of Medfield : with an account of the celebration of the golden wedding of Ellis and Lucy Allen : with the address read at the same time : also an account of the golden wedding of Gershom and Abigail [Allen] Adams

Arc Genealogy of the Allen and Witter Families: Among the Early Settlers of this Continent and Their ... By Asa W. Allen

Goo Genealogy of the Allen and Witter families: among the early settlers of this continent and their descendants by Asa W. Allen published in Salem, Ohio in 1872

Goo Genealogy of the Allen and Witter Families: Among the Early Settlers of this Continent… by Asa W. Allen. 1872

Arc Genealogy of the Wells family and families related by Gertrude W. Custing, (Gertrude Wells)

Arc Historic families of Kentucky. With special reference to stocks immediately derived from the valley of Virginia; tracing in detail their various genealogical connexions

FHB Mary Elizabeth Nevens and her American ancestors : families, Allen/Allin, Auter, Bartlett, Births, Blower, Brackett, Brigham, Champney, Clark,

Arc Maxwell history and genealogy, including the allied families of Alexander, Allen, Bachiler, Batterton, Beveridge, Blaine, Brewster, Brown, Callender, Campbell, Carey, Clark, Cowan, Fox, Dinwiddie, Dunn,.. 1916

Arc Meet your grandfather, a sketch-book of the Hagood-Tobin family by Johnson Hagood

Arc Nathaniel Crocker, 1758-1855, his descendants and ancestors of the names of Allen, Blood, Bragg, Brewster, Bursley, Chase, Davis, Fairbanks, Gates, George, Gordon, Harding, Howland, Jennison, Kendall, Lewis, Lincoln,

LC Pilgrimage of Mary commandery no. 36, Knights templar of Pennsylvania to the Twenty-ninth triennial conclave of the Grand encampment U.S. at San Francisco, Cal. By Clifford Paynter Allen, b 1841 Philadelphia, Thomson printing company 1904

FHB Spilman papers [Allan family; Markell family; Reed family; Melville family; Williams family; Woods family; Armstrong family]

Goo The Allen trials: namely, Allen versus Hunter, Warner versus Griffen, Jobson … by David Wemyss Jobson 1857

FHB The ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman (1829-1912) wife of Learner Blackman Harrison : with lines from Adams, Allyn, Andrews, Austin, Bachelder, Bishop, Blake, Blanchard, Boylston, Bright, Bronson, Bulkeley, Butler, Call, Cooke, Clarke, Crawford

FHB The ancestry of Richard Keith Slaymaker : Allen, Barnes, Bates, Beeghly (U.S., Germany), Bell, Bergman (Germany), Blanchard, Bosworth, Brown, Cleveland, Curry, Curtis, Dean (U.S.)….

Arc The Candee genealogy: with notices of allied families of Allyn, Catlin, Cooke, Mallery, Newell, Norton, Pynchon, and Wadsworth by C. C. Baldwin, (Charles Candee), 1834-1895

HT The Emison families; origin and history of the American Emisons, with partial genealogies and notes on the following collateral families; Baird; Clark; Allen; Patterson-Cullop-Mantle-;Brevoort … by Emison, James Wade, 1894- 1947

FHB Who is in my genes? : French -- Taber -- Morrison -- Klinglesmith families of Hardin County, Kentucky; with family lines of Abell, Allen, Ament, Buckles, Crume, Harris, Haycraft, Lyon, Miller, Norris, Wright, VanMeter and other related families

FHB Wright/Allen/Day family history by Calista Verne Wright Leonard, 1919-
Alexander Goo Alexander Viets Griswold Allen, 1841-1908‎ by Charles Lewis Slattery 1911
Allen Goo The Allen Trials: Namely, Allen Versus Hunter, Warner Versus Griffen, Jobson … by David Wemyss Jobson - Patent laws and legislation - 1857
Ann MoA Ann Arbor's [Michigan] first lady : events in the life of Ann I. Allen by Russell E. Bidlack.
Beatrice Goo Our sister Beatrice: recollections of Beatrice Julian Allen and her letters by Beatrice Julian Allen, Grace Grier - Missions - 1907
Benjamin Goo Memoir of the Rev. Benjamin Allen by Benjamin Allen, Thomas G. Allen, Gregory Townsend Bedell 1832
Betty Goo Betty Allen and Her Six Soldier Sons: A Paper Read at the Charter Meeting of ... By Mary A. H. Emerson – 1896
Charles Goo In memory of Rev. Charles Thompson Allen, D.D.: Lovingly dedicated … 1904
Clarinda Arc Ancestors and descendants of Andrew Lee and Clarinda Knapp Allen by Gerald Ralph Fuller, 1919-; Dial, Esther Dial
Edward Goo The Allen Memorial. First Series: Descendants of Edward Allen of Nantucket … by Orrin Peer Allen 1905
Electa FHB The ancestry of Electa Allen : & the life of Isaac Newton Goodale, including, Allen, Bliss, Burt, Clark, Edwards, Ford, Goodale, Lyman, Parsons, Plumb, Rust, Sheldon, Strong, Woodford, Wright
‎Elizabeth Goo Sketches of Green mountain life: with an autobiography of the author ‎Elizabeth Allen 1846
Ethan Arc Allen, Ethan, 1738-1789; American biography vol 9 by Jared Sparks, 1789-1866. 1902
Ethan Har Allen's captivity: Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen, containing his voyages, travels, … 1845
Ethan Goo Ethan Allen: Of Green Mountain Fame, a Hero of the Revolution by Charles Walter Brown 1902
Ethan Goo Ethan Allen: The Robin Hood of Vermont by Henry Hall 1895
Ethan Goo Memoir of Col. Ethan Allen … by Hugh Moore, Ethan Allen 1834
Ethan Goo The Mountain Hero [Ethan Allen] and His Associates by Henry Walter De Puy 1855
Ethelene UNC 2 Oral History Interview with Ethelene McCabe Allen, May 21, 2006. Interview C-0316. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)
Ethelene UNC 1 Oral History Interview with Ethelene McCabe Allen, May 21, 2006. Interview Cor-0314. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)
Frank KDL Autobiography of Frank G. Allen, b 1836; & selections from his writings [pioneer Kentucky preacher] 1887
George Goo George Allen, the only son‎ by Mary Anna Fox - Biography & Autobiography - 1847
George Arc Mr. Allen's report of a declaration of sentiments on slavery, Dec. 5, 1837 by George Allen, 1792-1883
George Goo Reminiscences of the Rev. George Allen, of Worcester (Mass.) by George Allen, Franklin Pierce Rice 1883
George FHB Some descendants of George Allen of Sandwich, Massachusetts by Allen, Ruth Bailey, 1917-
Grant Goo Grant Allen: A Memoir by Edward Clodd 1900
Hannah Goo A beloved mother: life of Hannah S. Allen, by her daughter [J.B.].: life of … by John Bate, Hannah S. Allen 1884
Heman HT Some of the ancestors and descendants of Samuel Converse, jr., of Thompson parish, Killingly, Conn.; Major James Convers, of Woburn, Mass.; Hon. Heman Allen, MoA. Cor., of Milton and Burlington, Vermont; Captain Jonathan Bixby, sr. of Killingly, Conn
James Goo A Memoir of James B. Allen by Elisha E. Caster 1866
James Arc Biography of Deacon James Allen1792-1870; [Oakham, Mass] by Hiram Knight
James KDL James Lane Allen: A sketch of his life & work [author of 'The Choir Invisible'; chronicles early settlement … NY, 1901
John MoA John Allen and the founding of Ann Arbor. Michigan: University of Michigan Library 2005
John MoA Memorial of John Allan, 1777-1863. by Evert Augustus Duyckinck, 1816-1878. New York,: For the Bradford club, 1864
Jolley Goo An account of a part of the sufferings and losses of Jolley Allen, a native … by Jolley Allen, Massachusetts Historical Society - 1888
Jonathan Gooi Life and Sermons of Jonathan Allen . . By Abigail Ann Maxson Allen - College teachers - 1894
Joseph Goo Letters of James Martineau to Joseph Henry Allen‎ by James Martineau, Joseph Henry Allen 1903
Joseph Goo Memorial of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen: (Northborough, Mass.)‎ by Elizabeth Waterhouse Allen 1891
L. L. UNC Okah Tubbee, b. 1810 or 11 and Rev. L. L. Allen (Lewis Leonidas) A Thrilling Sketch of the Life of the Distinguished Chief Okah Tubbee Alias, Wm. Chubbee, Son of the Head Chief, Mosholeh Tubbee, of the Choctaw Nation of Indians. 1848
Lucy Goo Memorial of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen: (Northborough, Mass.)‎ by Elizabeth Waterhouse Allen 1891
Marion FHB Marion Devalson Allen & Laura Priscilla Porter family history : descendants for five generations by Taylor, Dawn Allen; Dawn AllenTaylor family
Matthew Arc Ancestry of Margaret Wyatt, wife of Matthew Allyn of Braunton in Devon, and later of Windsor in Connecticut by Charles Knowles Bolton, 1867-1950
Morrill Goo Memoir of the Rev. Morrill Allen, of Pembroke, Mass‎ by Theophilus Pitt.] [Doggett - Clergy - 1870
Nathaniel Goo Nathaniel T. Allen: Teacher, Reformer, Philanthropist‎ by Mary Anne Greene 1906
Otis Arc A memoir of Frank Russell Firth, 1847-1872 : with a sketch of the life of Otis Everett Allen, 1850-1872 an introd by Rev. Edward Everett Hale .. Ford Collection
Phinehas Arc Phinehas Allen's descendants. Benjamin, jr., Benjamin, John, Walter, of Lincoln, Mass., 1745, and a complete genealogy of the descendants of Benjamin Allen, of Ashby, Mass., 1777 by George Henry Allen, 1832-
Pickering Goo Memorial of Pickering Dodge Allen [Massachusetts cavalry. 2d unattached co., 1861-1863]
Richard Goo Last letters of Richard L. Allen by Richard Lamb Allen, S. OpL. A. - History - 1871
Richard UNC Richard Allen, 1760-1831 Philadelphia: Martin & Boden, Printers, 1833
Richard UNC The Life, Experience, and Gospel Labours of the Rt. Rev. Richard Allen. To Which is Annexed the Rise and Progress of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1833
Rufus FHB Rufus Stocton Allen and his family by Horney, Barbara Lehmann
Samuel OpL A genealogy of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Connecticut by Willard S. Allen, Private Printer, 1876
Samuel Goo The Allen memorial: descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Conn., 1640-1907‎ 1907
Thomas Arc Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Thomas Allen 1884
Thomas Goo The autobiography of Thomas Allen, by the author of Post mortem by Arthur Montagu Brookfield 1882
Walter Arc Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass., 1640, and some of his descendants : with a few notes on the Allen family in general by Allen Herbert Bent, , 1867-1926
Wellington MDL Wellington Allen, Reminiscence, 1885
William Goo Life of William Allen: With Selections from His Correspondence by William Allen 1847
William Goo Memoir of William Allen, F.R.S.‎ by James Sherman - Chemists - 1881
William Goo Sketches. Joseph Lancaster and his contemporaries. William Allen, his life … by Henry Dunn - 1848
William Goo The Life and Character of Capt. Wm. B. Allen: Of Lawrence County, Tenn… by W. P. Rowles, Alfred Osborn Pope Nicholson
William Goo The Spitalfields Genius: The Story of William Allen …‎ by Joshua Fayle - Quakers - 1884
Zachariah Goo Memorial of Zachariah Allen: 1795-1882 by Amos Perry 1883


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