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Ancestry of the Population of the U. S.     1994   Goo 

Concerning genealogies; being suggestions of value for all interested in family history,     by Frank Allaben.   1904     HT 

Field Notebook for Oral History.   2nd ed     revised. by Stacy Erickson.   1993    Goo

The genealogist's guide.    By George W. Marshall  (George William), 1839-1905. 1893    HT

Generations past : a selected list of sources for Afro-American genealogical research    by Sandra M. Lawson.   1988   HT

Guide to genealogical research in the National Archives of the United States    by Anne Bruner Eales and Robert M. Kvasnicka. 2000   HT

A Hand-book of Practical Suggestions: For the Use of Students in Genealogy     by Henry Reed Stiles   1899    Goo    HT

How to write the history of a family; a guide for the genealogist.    by Phillimore, W. P. W. (William Phillimore Watts), 1853-1913. 1888   HT

In our own voices: a guide to conducting life history interviews with ... ‎     by Jayne K. Guberman, Jewish Women's Archive (Brookline, Mass.)   2005   Goo

Proceedings International Congress of Genealogy, San Francisco, July 28-31, 1915. by International Congress of Genealogy   1915    HT

The Kinship of Men an argument from pedigrees or genealogy viewed as a science   by Henry Kendall 1888   Goo

Lessons in genealogy     Genealogical Society of Utah  Flake, C.J. Mormon bib.   Arc

A manual upon the searching of records and the preparation of abstracts of ... ‎   by Maskell E. Curwen   1867   Goo

Polish genealogy & heraldry : an introduction to research     by Janina W. Hoskins, Hoskins, Janina W. 1987   HT

Proceedings International Congress of Genealogy , San Francisco, July 28-31, 1915 - International Congress of Genealogy (1st : 1915 : San Francisco)    Arc

Records and Record Searching: A Guide to the Genealogist and Topographer     by Walter Rye   1897    Goo  

Searching for your ancestors; the why and how of genealogy, by Gilbert Harry Doane, 1897- 1937     HT

Some special studies in genealogy : I. American emigrants. How to trace their English ancestry    by Gerald Fothergill. II. The Quaker records    by Josiah Newman III. The genealogy of the submerged   by Chas. A. Bernau - Bernau, Charles A. Genealogy of the submerged   1908     Arc     Goo

The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy     ed  Sandra Hargreaves Luebking,   rev  1997  Anc 

Studies in Peerage and Family History      Goo   

Surname book and racial history : a compilation and arrangement of genealogical and historical data for use by the students and members of the Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  1918   HT

Where to Write for Vital Records : Births, Deaths, Marriages, & Divorces    2007   Goo