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The Act Incorporating the President, Directors and Company of the Farmington incorporating the Hampshire & Hampden Canal Company  Goo

Agricultural Bibliography of Maine: Biographical Sketches of Maine Writers on Agriculture…   by Samuel Lane Boardman. 1893     Goo

America.: A sketch of the political, social, and religious character of the United States of North America, in two lectures, delivered at Berlin, with a report read before the German church diet at Frankfort-on-the-Maine, Sept., 1854.    by  Philip Schaff, 1819-1893. New York,: C. Scribner, 1855   MoA

Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Lewiston, Maine  by Lewiston Me. 1864    Goo

Annual Report of the Women's Christian Temperance Union of the State of Maine.    by Women's Christian Temperance Union of Maine. 1911  Goo

Annual report town of Sherman ... for the year ending    FHA   1904-8   1910   1912-13    1916-17 

Annals of Oxford, Maine, from its incorporation, February 27, 1829 to 1850   by Marquis Fayette King,    OpL  

Annals of the town of Warren;     by Cyrus  Eaton, 1784-1875. 1851   HTD

Warren (Maine)    by Orin Warren, The Chase press, 1902     Goo

Appletons' hand-book of American travel.   Northern and eastern tour. Including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the British dominions.    New York,:  D. Appleton and Co;  1873.   MoA

Arcadia cook book   by Universalist Church (Waterville, Me.)   1919  HT

The Bangor, Brewer and Penobscot County Directory ...    by Augustus C. Smith, David Bugbee & Co,   W.A. Greenough & Co, Symonds, Chase and Co.   David Bugbee & Co, Greenough, Jones & Co,     Littlefield Directory Publishing Co, William F. Standwood Firm     1859     Goo

... Baptisms and admission from the records of First church in Falmouth, now Portland, Maine byFirst Parish Church   OpL

The Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Bangor  (Me.)    B. A. Burr, printer    1870   Goo

Descriptive sketches of six private libraries of Bangor, Maine,     by Samuel Lane Boardman, 1836-1914. Printed for the author, 1900.    MoA

A Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Maine [index only] by Earle G. Shettleworth,    Jr. & R.G. Reed    SAH

The Biology & Control of the Blueberry Maggot in Washington County, Maine [US Dept Agri Bull]    by Frank H. Lathrop,; Nickels, C. B.  1923   MoA

A brief history of Corinna, Maine, from its purchase in 1804 to 1916     by Lilla Eva  Wood,   Arc

A brief history of Winthrop, from 1764 to October 1855.    by  David Thurston, Portland,: B. Thurston, steam printer, 1855  Arc   MoA

An account of the centennial celebration at Winthrop , Me . - Winthrop ( Me .)   Arc

The Winthrop register,     By Harry Edward Mitchell, R. H. Remick    1903-4  

Winthrop and Monmouth register, 1909    by Mitchell, H. E. (Harry Edward), 1877-    Goo  

Catalogue of the Maine State Library 1850.    by Maine State Library, Abner Oakes. 1850   Goo

Census Statistics of the State of Maine, 1880.   by Maine. 1883   Goo

Centennial celebration, and dedication of town hall, Orono, Maine, March 3 ...   1874    Goo 

The centennial celebration of the incorporation of Waldoboro', Maine  Arc

The Centennial of Castine    1896   Goo

A Circular from the Land Office, Descriptive of the Public Lands of Maine, 1858.    by Noah Barker. 1858   Goo

Collections of the Maine Historical Society.     by Maine Historical Society.   Goo      2nd series vol 1   1890     1896     1906

Collections of the Pejepscot Historical Society .by Brunswick, Me Pejepscot historical society. 1889   Goo

Correspondence with the Lieut. governor of the province of New Brunswick - Maine. Governor, 1839-1841 (John Fairfield )   Arc

Cumberland and No. Yarmouth register, 1904    by  H. E. Mitchell, 1904   Goo    OpL

Dick Wilson, the Rum-seller's Victim: Or, Humanity Pleading for the "Maine Law." A Temperance...     by John K. Cornyn. 1853   Goo

Digest of the decisions of the Supreme judicial court, of the state of Maine, contained in Greenleaf's, Fairfield 's, Appleton's, and Shepley's reports; and comprising twenty-six volumes of the Maine reports. [1820-1847] - Eastman, Philip, 1799-1869   Arc

Directory and hand book Northeast Harbor     by  Hill, Stella Louise (Jones), Mrs., 1878-  Arc  1912

Discourse at the Semi-centennial Anniversary of the General Conference of the Congregational Churches in Maine.   Delivered in Portland, June 28, 1876.   by Alpheus Spring Packard.    1876    Goo

Documentary history of the state of Maine     by Maine Historical Society   Portland [etc.], 1869-1916    OpL   multiple sources

vol  1     vol  2      vol  3     vol  4     vol  5     vol   6      vol  7     vol   8     vol  9     vol 10     vol 11    vol 12    

vol 13    vol 14    vol 15    vol 16    vol 17    vol 18     vol 19    vol  20    vol 21    vol 22     vol 23    vol 24

Early gleanings and random recollections of the town of Corinth, Main, from 1792 to 1883   byMason Skinner Palmer   1883   OpL

Early Settlers of Harrison, Maine: With an  Historical Sketch of the settlement ...    by Gideon Tibbetts Ridlon   1877 Goo

Farmington, [Maine] town register 1902-3.   by  H. E. Mitchell,  1904   OpL

Farrar's Illustrated Guide Book to Rangeley, Richardson, Kennebago, Umbagog, and Parmachenee ...     by Charles Alden John Farrar   1880   OpL

Fly-fishing in Maine Lakes: Or, Camp-life in the Wilderness.    by Charles Woodbury Stevens, Charles Eliot Goodspeed. 1881    Goo

Freedom national--slavery sectional. Speech of Hon. John J. Perry, of Maine, on the comparative nationality and sectionalism of the Republican and Democratic parties. In the House of representatives, May 1, 1856, in Committee of the whole on the state of the Union.    By John Jasiel Perry, 1811-97.    1856.  MoA

Fugitive slaves — Maine.   Printed for the state, 1922    OpL   

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine.     by Henry Sweetser Burrage. 1909   Arc  vol 1   vol 2   vol 3   vol 4    Goo   vol 1   vol 2    vol 3    vol 4

General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School, 1863-1915     Bates College Lewiston, Me, Cobb Divinity School Lewiston, Me  1915   Goo

General Catalogue of Bowdoin College and the Medical School of Maine, 1794-1902    by Bowdoin College  1902  Goo   OpL

Bowdoin boys in Labrador. An account of the Bowdoin college scientific expedition to Labrador led by Prof. Leslie A. Lee of the Biological department  [189-?]   Arc

General catalogue of Bowdoin college, 1794-1916.    by Bowdoin College.   Bowdoin College, 1916  Goo   OpL 

General catalogue of Bowdoin College and the Medical School of Maine,     The College    1794-1912    1794-1894    1889   1907

           A Pamphlet descriptive of Bowdoin College and the Medical School ...  1905   Goo

History of Bowdoin College: With Biographical Sketches of Its Graduates, from 1806 to 1879 ...   by Nehemiah Cleaveland.  1882  Goo

Laws of Bowdoin College   goo  1873

Obituary record of the graduates of Bowdoin College and the ...     1921

Publications of the presidents and faculty of Bowdoin college,... 1876   Goo

General catalogue of officers, graduates and former Students of Colby College from  1820-1920      Goo

Geographical names on the coast of Maine.     By Edward   Ballard, 1804-1870. [Washington,: 1871?]    MoA

The Government of Maine: Its History and Administration.    by William MacDonald. 1902   Goo

Historic Harpswell, Harpswell, Maine: Its Historic Congregational Church and Famous Ministers ....   by Charles Nelson Sinnett. 1903   Goo

1400 Historical Dates of the Town and City of Bath, and Town of Georgetown ...      by Levi P. Lemont, Francis Winter  1874    Goo

Historical Researches of Gouldsboro, Maine     by Daughters of Liberty  1904  Goo

An Historical Sketch of the Town of Deer Isle, Maine…With Notices of Its settlers and early inhabitants ...      by George Lawrence Hosmer  1886   Goo

The History of Augusta : First Settlements and Early Days as a Town ‎   by Charles Elventon Nash, Martha Moore Ballard  1904   Goo 

Leading Business Men of Lewiston, Augusta and Vicinity: Embracing Also ...    by Boston Mercantile Publishing Company,   1889   Arc   Goo

History of Bath and Environs, Sagadahoc County, Maine: 1607-1894 ...   by Parker McCobb Reed   1894  Goo

1400 Historical Dates of the Town and City of Bath, and Town of Georgetown ...      by Levi P. Lemont, Francis Winter  1874    Goo

A contribution to the history of Bath.       By William Stoodley   Bartlet, 1809-1883   MoA

A history of the Baptists in Maine: together with brief notices of ... by Joshua Millet   1845   FHB

Vital records of Belfast Maine, to the year 1892 ..   Arc

History of Boothbay, Southport and Boothbay Harbor, Maine. 1623-1905: With Family Genealogies.    by Francis Byron Greene.   1906    Goo

History of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell, Maine, Including the Ancient Territory Known as...    by George Augustus Wheeler  1878   Goo

A History of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine, from the Earliest Explorations ...    by Alfred Cole, Charles Foster Whitman   1915    Goo

Annals of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick: including the village of Milltown, Me., and the present town of Milltown   by  I C  Knowlton  Arc

History of  Castine, Penobscot, and Brooksville, Maine:.. Ancient Settlement of Pentagoet    by George Augustus Wheeler. 1875  Arc    Goo    MoA    OpL

History of Chesterville, Maine.    by Oliver Sewall J. S. Swift, 1875   OpL

History of Camden and Rockport, Maine   Goo

Historical sketch : Camden Fire Insurance Association  1914  Goo

Sketches of the History of the Town of Camden, Maine: Including Incidental References to the...    by John Lymburner Locke. 1859  Goo  

History of Durnham, Maine: with genealogical notes.   by Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole Press of Lewiston journal company, 1899  OpL

The Fairfield Register      mitchell & davis    1904   1904

A History of Farmington, Franklin County, Maine, from the Earliest Explorations to the Present...     by Francis Gould Butler.  Arc   Goo    OpL

History of Farmington , Maine, from Its First Settlement to 1846     by Thomas Parker   1875   Goo   OpL

History of the State Normal School, Farmington, Maine: With Sketches of the Teachers and Graduates    by George Colby Purington  Arc

History of Fort Fairfield and biographical sketches ‎ Caleb Holt Ellis 1894   Goo  

The historic pageant of Fort Fairfield and the Aroostook Valley     by  Eva Winnifred  Scates,  Arc   vol 1   vol 2

History of Gardiner, Pittston and West Gardiner: With a Sketch of the Kennebec Indians & New Plymouth purchase..1602-1852.    by John Wesley Hanson - Abenaki Indians  1852   Arc     Goo

A history of the town of Industry, Franklin County, Maine, from the earliest settlement in 1787 down to the present time    by Hatch, William Collins   Arc   Goo

Military and naval history of residents of Kennebunk, who enlisted during the late civil war    by  Andrew  Walker  Arc

The history of Wells and Kennebunk from the earliest settlement to the year ... by Edward Emerson Bourne    Goo

History of the town of Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine, from its settlement June 10, 1780 ;   By J. C. Stinchfield,  (John C.)   1901    HT

Annals of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick: including the village of Milltown, Me., and the present town of Milltown, N.B.   by  I. C Knowlton  Arc 

History of Piscataquis County, Maine: From Its Earliest Settlement to 1880.   by Amasa Loring. 1880  Goo

The history of Portland, from 1632 to 1864: with a notice of previous ...    by William Willis - Portland (Me.) - 1865  Goo

... Baptisms and admission from the records of First church in Falmouth, now Portland, Maine byFirst Parish Church  1898  OpL

Biographical sketches of Captain Ebenezer Davis, and his son, the Hon. Charles Stewart Daveis, of Portland, Maine, members of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati.   by David G. Haskins, jr.   Cambridge: Press of J. Wilson and son, 1873.    MoA

Centennial Celebration...the Municipal Celebration of the 100th Anniversary...    by Portland, John Thomas Hull, Thomas Brackett Reed. 1886    Goo

Commercial, railway, and ship building, statistics, of the city of Portland, and the state of Maine. Prepared to accompany the second report of the Commissioners on Portland harbor ...    by   John Alfred Poor, 1808-1871.   Portland,: D. Tucker, printer, 1855.   MoA

Exercises at the unveiling of the statue of Thomas Brackett Reed, at Portland, Maine, August thirty-first, nineteen hundred and ten     by Thomas Brackett Reed Memorial Association (Portland, Me.)   Portland, Me: The Association, 1911?    OpL

The History of Portland, from 1632 to 1864: With a Notice of Previous ...    by William Willis - Portland (Me.)  1865   Goo

 Polk Portland, Maine, city directory  Arc    1912 

The Portland reference book and city directory   Goo  1850

The Portland sketch book    by Ann Sophia Stephens,  1813-1886 Portland: Colman & Chisholm, 1836  OpL

A Sketch of the Maine General Hospital, 1872.     by Maine General Hospital (Portland). 1872    Goo

Specifications for Rebuilding the Custom-house at Portland, Maine.    by United States. Supervising architect of the treasury department. 1855  Goo

The Wadsworth-Longfellow House: Longfellow's Old Home, Portland, Maine; Its History...    by Nathan Goold. 1908   Goo

History of Saco and Biddeford: With Notices of Other Early Settlements, and ... ‎ by George Folsom - Saco (Me.) - 1830   Goo

The History of Sanford, Maine, 1661-1900    by Edwin Emery, William Morrell Emery   1901   Goo

A history of Swan's Island, Maine,    by H.W. Small,M.D.  ( Herman Wesley) 1898   HT

A History of the Baptists in Maine: Together with Brief Notices of Societies and Institutions,...   by Joshua Millet. 1845   Goo

History of the City of Belfast in the State of Maine: from its first settlement in 1770 to 1875.     by Joseph Williamson.   1877    Goo

A history of the first century of the town of Parsonsfield, Maine.      by  Jeremiah Wadleigh B. Dearborn,    Thurston & company, 1888   OpL     HT

History of the old towns, Norridgewock and Canaan  comprising Norridgewock, Canaan, Starks, Skowhegan, and Bloomfield, from their early settlement to the year 1849; including a sketch of the Abnakis Indians.    by Hanson, J. W.   1849   OpL 

The history of Peru, in the county of Oxford and state of Maine, from 1789 to 1911     by Turner , Hollis, 1832-    Arc

History of the press of Maine, ed. by Joseph Griffin, 1872.    by Joseph   Griffin, Brunswick,: The Press, established 1819.    MoA  

History of the press of Maine    by Joseph Griffin,   Brunswick The Press, 1872    OpL

History of the State Normal School, Farmington, Maine: With Sketches of the ...   by George Colby Purington   1889   Goo   OpL

History of Thomaston, Rockland, and South Thomaston, Maine, from first exploration, 1605;     by Cyrus Eaton, 1784-75.  1865    Goo   MoA   vol 1    vol 2

A History of the Town of Industry: Franklin County , Maine, from the Earliest ...  by William Collins Hatch  1893   Goo   OpL 

 A history of the town of Union, in the county of Lincoln, Maine, to the middle of the nineteenth century; with a family register of the settlers before the year 1800, and of their descendants ...  by John Langdon  Sibley, 1804-1885.: B. B. Mussey and co., 1851    MoA  

Annals of the Town of Warren: With the Early History of St. George's Broad ...     by Cyrus Eaton - Warren (Me : Town)    1851   Arc   Goo

A history of Turner, Maine, from its settlement to 1886   by William Riley French   1887   Arc  Goo

The Turner register, 1903-4   Arc    Goo

The History of Waterford: Oxford County , Maine, Comprising Historical ...     by Henry Pelt Warren, William Warren,    Samuel Warren 1879  Arc   Goo   HT

The history of Wells and Kennebunk from the earliest settlement to the year ... by Edward Emerson Bourne   Goo

The Windham Register, 1904    by Harry Edward Mitchell, R. C. Russell    Goo

History of Woodstock, Me., with Family Sketches and an Appendix: ...    by William Berry Lapham    1882    Goo

 In Pine-tree Jungles: A Handbook for Sportsmen and Campers in the Great Maine Woods.  by Fred H. Clifford. 1902   Goo

Journal of the Constitutional convention of the district of Maine;   Maine (District) Constitutional convention,  Augusta,: Fuller & Fuller, printers, 1856.   MoA

Leading Business Men of Lewiston, Augusta and Vicinity: Embracing Also ...    by Boston Mercantile Publishing Company,   1889   Arc   Goo

The life and public services of Hon. Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, and Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine.    Boston: Thayer & Eldridge, 1860   Goo    MoA

The lobster fishery of Maine      by John Nathan Cobb, 1868-1930 Washington : Govt. Print. Off., 1900   OpL

The Makers of Maine: Essays and Tales of Early Maine History, from the First Explorations to the...    by Herbert Edgar Holmes.   1912   Goo

Maine: A History      by Maine Historical Society, American Historical Society  1919   Goo

Maine at Louisburg in 1745.   by Henry S. Burrage Burleigh & Flynt, 1910   OpL

The Maine Book    by Henry Ernest Dunnack  1920   Goo   OpL

Maine composers and their music  by Frances Turgeon Wiggins.  Maine Federation of Music Clubs, 1959   OpL

The Maine historical and genealogical recorder,    1885   Goo   vol 1    vol 2    HT vol 1-3     vol 7-9

Maine law documents for the people ... Compiled by Orlando Lund ... by  Orlando Lund. Elmira, N.Y.,: L. Baldwin, jr., printer, 1853 .     MoA

The Maine liquor law : its origin, history, and results, including a life of Hon. Neal Dow.    by Henry Stephen Clubb, 1827-   Published for the Maine Law Statistical Society by Fowler and Wells, 1856.     MoA

Maine Pioneer Settlements ... ‎ by Herbert Milton Sylvester  1909   Goo

The Maine register    - History - 1855   Goo

Memorial addresses on the life and character of William Pitt Fessenden, (a senator from Maine), delivered in the Senate and House of representatives, 41st Congress, 2d session, December 14, 1869.  United States. 41st Congress, 2d session,  Washington,: Govt. print. off., 1870.   Goo     MoA

Memorial of the 100th Anniversary of the Settlement of Dennysville, Maine, 1886.     by Dennysville (Me.). 1886   Goo

Memorial Volume of the Popham Celebration, August 29, 1862.   by Maine Historical Society. 1863   Goo

Northern Maine, its points of interest and its representative business men, embracing Houlton, Presque Isle, Caribou, Ft. Fairfield , Danforth, Lincoln, Mattawamkeag, Winn and Kingman    by George F. Bacon,  (George Fox)   Arc

Old Hallowell on the Kennebec .   by Emma (Huntington) Nason. 1909     Goo

Old Kittery and Her Families.     by Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole. 1903   Goo     OpL

Old Eliot: a monthly magazine of the history and biography of  the upper parish of Kittery, now Eliot   Goo    vols 1-3   vol 2   vol 3   vol 8

The physicians of Eliot , Maine    by John L. M. Willis  1907     Goo

Names of soldiers of the American Revolution who applied for state bounty under resolves of March 17, 1835, March 24, 1836, and March 20, 1836, as appears of record in Land Office     by Charles J. House, b. 1842?   Augusta, Me : Burleigh & Flynt, 1893   OpL  

Narrative of the Town of Machias, (Me) the Old and the New, the Early and Late     by George Washington Drisko 1904  Goo  

Papers relating to Pemaquid and parts adjacent in the present state of Maine, known as Cornwall County, when under the colony of New-York, comp. from official records in the office of the secretary of state at Albany, N.Y.,    by Franklin B. Hough. 1822-85. Albany: Weed, Parsons & co 1856.     Goo      MoA    OpL

Pemaquid & parts adjacent in Maine, known as Cornwall Co, under the colony of NY.   by Franklin Benjamin Hough, 1822-85.   MoA

Pemaquid, Its Genesis, Discovery, Name and Colonial Relations to New England ...   by Rufus King Sewall.  1896   Goo

The poets of Maine; a collection of specimen poems from over four hundred verse-makers of the Pine-tree state    by George Bancroft Griffith, 1841-   Portland, Me., Elwell, Pickard & co. 1888    OpL

Porter, as a Portion of Maine: Its Settlement, Etc.    by Thomas Moulton 1879    Goo

The Probate records of Lincoln county, Maine: 1760 to 1800.     by William Davis Patterson, Maine Genealogical Society (1884-    1895     Goo   HT

Proofs considered of the early settlement of Acadie by the Dutch:...appendix to the Dutch in Maine.    by John Watts DePevster, 1821-1907: 1858   Har    MoA

Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts.     by Colonial Society of Massachusetts. 1895  Goo

Publishments, marriages, births and deaths from the earlier records of Gorham, Maine    1897

The Railroad Laws of Maine: Containing All Public and Private Acts and Resolves, Relating to...    by Edmund Fuller Webb .  1875   Goo

Reference List on Maine Local History.    by Drew Bert Hall.  1901   Goo

Results of prohibition in Connecticut, being special returns received from every county as to the effects of the Maine liquor law,, containing contributions from the governor and upward of fifty clergymen, judges, editors, and private citizens.:      Ed by Henry S. Clubb ...  Sebastian Ralé: A Maine Tragedy of the Eighteenth Century.    by John Francis Sprague, Herbert G. Tupper. 1906   Goo

Sir Ferdinando Gorges and His Province of Maine: Including the Brief Relation, the Brief...    by Ferdinando Gorges. 1890   Goo

Sketch of the Life and Character of Hon. Amos Tuck: Read Before the Maine Historical Society..   by Jeremiah Wadleigh Dearborn. 1888    Goo

Sketches of the Coast of Maine and Isles of Shoals, with Historical Notes.   by Benjamin Franklin DeCosta. 1869   Goo

Sketches of the Ecclesiastical History of the State of Maine: From the Earliest Settlement to the...  by Jonathan Greenleaf. 1821    Goo

Soldiers of the American Revolution, of Lebanon,, Maine.   by George Walter Chamberlain,   Weymouth and Braintree Pub., 1897    OpL

Songs And Ballads Of The Maine Lumberjacks With Other Songs From Maine    by Roland Palmer Gray Harvard University Press, 1925    OpL   

Speech of Mr. Hamlin, of Maine, in defence of the rights of American fishermen. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, August 3 and 5, 1852.   by  Hannibal Hamlin, 1809-91.  Washington  1852.   MoA

The Story of New Sweden     Loring, Short & Harmon 1896   Goo

The Story of New Sweden: As Told at the Quarter Centennial Celebration of the Founding... Maine    by  Stanley J.  Estes, William Widgery Thomas 1896    Goo

A Survey of the State of Maine: in reference to its geographical features, statistics and...    by Moses Greenleaf. 1829   Goo

The town register: Benton, Clinton, Fairfield , 1909 - Mitchell Publishing Co   Arc

The Town register : Farmington, Milton, Wakefield, Middleton, Brookfield, 1907-8     by Augusta, Maine : Mitchell-Cony, 1908    OpL

The Town Register: Wayne, Wales, Monmouth, Leeds, Greene , 1905     by E Mitchell, Gott   1905   Goo

The Turner Register, 1903-4       Turner (Me.)     Goo

Vital records of Belfast Maine, to the year 1892 ..    Arc    Goo

Vital records of Farmingdale, Maine, to the year, 1892     Arc

Vital records of Georgetown, Maine   Arc

Vital records of Lebanon,, Maine, to the year 1892.     Published under authority of the Maine Historical Society, 1922    Arc vol 1   vol 2

Vital records of Londonderry, New Hampshire; a full and accurate transcript of the births, marriage intentions, marriages and deaths...earliest date to 1910   Arc

Vital records of Otisfield, Maine, to the year 1892; births, marriages and deaths    Arc

Vital records of Pittston, Maine , to the year 1892     Arc   Goo

Vital records of Randolph, Maine, to the year 1892   Arc

Vital records of West Gardiner, Maine, to the year 1892    Arc

Wealth and industry of Maine...1873.     Maine. Dept. of Industrial Statistics.     Sprague pr., 1873     OpL  

Wilton Marriages    WMa     1803-33    1833-50   1850-55

Lakeview Cemetery     WMa  1-54    55-109    Index

1795 Wilton Birth Registration Book.    WMa

Windham, Maine in the War of the Revolution, 1775-1783   by Nathan Goold   1900   Arc    Goo

Woods and Lakes of Maine: A Trip from Moosehead Lake to New Brunswick in a Birch-bark Canoe...    by Lucius Lee Hubbard, 1884    Goo

York deeds,     Maine Historical Society,  (1894- ), York County (Me.). Register of Deeds    1904  Goo  vol 13

Old York     by Herbert Milton Sylvester   W.B. Clarke Co., 1909    OpL

Semi-centennial of York County Conference, Buxton, Maine, June 4, 5, 1822: Papers There Read...  by John D. Emerson, B. P. Snow. 1876  Goo