Nantucket, Massachusetts

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An Oration Delivered Before the Citizens of Nantucket , July 4, 1829 Being ...    by William Morse 1829   Goo

Andrew Pinkham's book : Nantucket, July the 20th, 1791, on board of the ship Alliance, Port Louis &c of France   PLC

Argument settlers "; what has happened on and around Nantucket. A complete history of Nantucket in condensed form   by Harry B. Turner, b. 1877 Arc  vol 1    vol 2

A Catalogue of Plants Growing Without Cultivation in the County of Nantucket ...     by Maria Louisa Owen - Botany – 1888   Goo

The cruise of the Nanutcket ships Asia, Captain Elijah Coffin and his crew, & Alliance, Captain Bartlett Coffin and his crew: to the Indian Ocean and the coast of New Holland in search of whales and seals, during the years of Our Lord 1791-1792-1793-1794   PLC

Early Settlers of Nantucket Their Associates and Descendants     by Lydia Swain Mitchell Hinchman   1896    Goo

The Glacier's Gift     by Eva Celine Grear Folger    Nantucket Island (Mass) 1911   Goo

Handbook of Nantucket : Containing a Brief Historical Sketch of the Island ...     by Isaac H. Folger   1875    Goo 

The history of Nantucket   by Obed Macy  [ed. by W. Coffin]    1835    Goo

The Island of Nantucket: What it was and what it is : Being a Complete Index ...    by Edward K. Godfrey   1882    Goo

The log book of the good ship Alliance of Nantucket : Captain Bartlett Coffin (transcription)   PLC

The Nantucket Scrap Basket: Being a Collection of Characteristic Stories     by Sons and Daughters of Nantucket 1916    Goo

Nantucket Tea Party    by Walter Tittle   1907   Goo

A Narrative of the Mutiny, on Board the Ship Globe , of Nantucket...    by William Lay, Cyrus M. Hussey - Mulgrave Islands – 1828   Goo  

Quaint Nantucket     by William Root Bliss   1896  Arc   vol 1  vol 2   Goo

Sconset Cottage Life: A Summer on Nantucket Island by Ansel Judd Northrup   1901   Goo

Sea-girt Nantucket : A Hand-book of Historical and Contemporaneous ...     by Henry Sherman Wyer   1906   Goo

September days on Nantucket      by William Root  Bliss , 1825-1906   Arc

Six to One; a Nantucket Idyl     by Edward Bellamy   1878    Goo

Spun-yarn from Old Nantucket : Consisting Mainly of Extracts from Books Now ...    by Henry Sherman Wyer, Joseph C. Hart   1914   Arc  vol 1   vol 2     Goo

The Story of the New England Whalers     by John Randolph Spears 1908    Goo

Tourists' Guide to Down the Harbor , Hull and Nantasket, Downer Landing ...    by John F. Murphy, Old Colony Railroad Company,   Boston and Nantasket Steamboat Company,  1890   Goo

Wrecks around Nantucket since the settlement ... incidents connected therewith, embracing over seven hundred vessels  by Arthur H. Gardner  1915     Arc    Goo


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