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African American Community of NE Missouri  1880-1960      Border Star newspaper pub Westport covers slavery.   

Hannibal Free Public Library  Digital Collections     Historic Missouri Newspapers  

Missouri Digital Heritage - State Archives contains 140+ county histories

Missouri Soldiers Database, War of 1812 to WW I      Missouri Yearbook Project     Virtually Missouri  

1897 assessment list of personal property, Laclede County, Missouri - Tuck, Wilbert   Arc

Battles & biographies of Missourians; or, The Civil war period of our state     by William L Webb,   1900     UMo

The Bench and Bar of St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, and other ...     by American Biographical Publishing Company   1884   Goo

Bethel church book : minutes of the proceedings of the Bethel church, 1806-1867 / prepared by Missouri Historical Records Survey, Division of Professional and Service Projects, Work Projects Administration  1940   HT

Biographical sketches of the officers and members of the Twenty-Seventh general assembly of Missouri    Goo  1874

Black Families of the Ozarks ... 1820s - 1950s; Greene Co. Archives Bull. 45; incl. 1936- Negro City & Co. Dir.        TLO      SGCL ODL Vol 1 & 2   UMo

Book of   [ Livestock ] marks and brands, Miller County, Missouri, 1837-1856     by  Peggy Smith Hake,   Arc

Boone County Historical Society Civil War Collection    UMo

Cemetery records, northwestern Linn county , Missouri - Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, 1923-   Arc

Centennial History of Missouri: (the Center State) One Hundred Years in the Union, 1820-1921.    by Walter Barlow Stevens. 1921    Goo

Charles W. Quantrell; a true history of his guerrilla warfare on the Missouri and Kansas border during the civil war of 1861-1865,    by John P. Burch, as told by Captain Harrison Trow. 1923  UMo

The Colored Directory 1929      HaL

A Compendium of History & Biography of Linn County Missouri...     1912    UMo

The Connor Hotel.   1908      UMo   

The conquest of Kansas,: by Missouri and her allies.   A history of the troubles in Kansas, from the passage of the organicact until the close of July, 1856.    By William Addison Phillips,   1824-1893.     Boston,: Philips, Sampson and company, 1856    MoA

Directory of Towns, Villages and Hamlets Past and Present of Missouri.    by Arthur Paul Moser   1979    UMo

Douglass High School Yearbooks   1940     1942   1855     HaL

Early merchants of Stone County, Missouri, 1895-1908 : taken from the merchants' license tax book which is retained by the County Court House, located in Galena, Missouri  FHA

Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri: A Compendium of History & Biography...    by Howard L Conard,   1901   vol 1    vol 2    vol 3     vol 4     vol 5    vol 6

The Fight for Missouri, from the election of Lincoln to the death of Lyon.    by Thomas Lowndes Snead, 1886   UMo 

Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, and Missouri in 1861. A monograph of the great rebellion,      by James Peckham.   lieut.-col. 8th Mo. infantry.    American news co., 1866.   MoA

The German Settlement Society of Philadelphia and Its Colony, Hermann, Missouri.     by William Godfrey Bek.   1907   Goo

The Great South: A Record of Journeys in Louisiana, Texas, the Indian Territory, Missouri,...    by Edward King. 1875   Goo

Hand-book of southeast Missouri with detailed description of Washington County    by Neziah Wright Bliss 1826-   Arc

Hannibal (MO) City Directories.  1859 - 1929    HL

History of Boone County, Missouri: ... official & private sources... townships ... St. Louis, biographies.    1882  Arc     Goo    UMo

History of Clay County, Missouri.    by W. H. Woodson.   1820     UMo

The History of Clinton County, Missouri: Containing a History of the County...    Clinton County (Mo.)   1881   Goo

The History of Grundy County, Missouri: An Encyclopedia of Useful ...   1881 Goo

History of Harrison County, Missouri.    by George W. Wanamaker.    1821     UMo

Howard County, Freed Negroes Register, 1836-1861    MSH 

A History of Henry County, Missouri.   by Uel Lamkin    1919     UMo  

The History of Jackson County, Missouri: Containing a History of the County ...    by Union Historical Company   1881   Arc     Goo

Plat book of Jackson County, Missouri : compiled from county records and actual surveys   MDH   1904   1911 

Political history of Jackson County: Biographical sketches of men who have helped to make it - Marshall & Morrison, Kansas City, Mo.,   Arc

History of Johnson County, Missouri.    by Ewing Cockrell.   1918   OpL    UMo

History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps, Dent counties, Missouri    1889   UMo

History of Marion County, Missouri.    1884     UMo

A History of Missouri.     by E. M. (Eugene Morrow) Violette. 1918    Goo

History of Missouri.: From the Earliest Explorations & Settlements until the Admission of…     by Louis Houck,  Goo   Uno   vol 1   vol 2     vol 3

A History of Northeast Missouri.    by Walter Williams. 1913    Goo

The History of Pettis County, Missouri: including an authentic history of ...   by I. MacDonald Demuth   1882   Goo

The history of Pike County, Missouri : an encyclopedia of useful information, and a compendium of actual facts Mills & company  Arc  vol 2

A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri: With Numerous Sketches, Anecdotes, Adventures,...   by William Smith Bryan   1876    Goo

The history of the Polk County Baptist Assciation: with history of churches ...   By J. W. Haines   Goo

The History of Salt River Association, Missouri. by Wiley Jones Patrick. Columbia, Missouri.  E.W. Stephens Publishing Co. 1909   Goo

A history of southern Missouri & N. Arkansas: account of the early settlements, Civil War, KKK      by William   Monks, 1830-1913.   1864    UMo

A history of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas   by William Monks, West Plains Journal Co., 1907   OpL

History of the County Press of Missouri.    by Minnie Organ.   1910    UMo

A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri: With Numerous Sketches, Anecdotes, Adventures,...     by William Smith Bryan. 1876    Goo

History of 390th Engineer Group (CONS)(AF SPT)     1957    UMo

A history of Washington, Missouri    FHA

History of Westminster College, 1851-1903      by Michael Montgomery Fisher, John Jay Rice    Arc

History of William Jewell College, Liberty, Clay County, Missouri.   by James G. Clark, 1893   MDH   UMo 

Jewell is her name: a history of William Jewell College   MDH

The illustrated sketch book and directory of Jefferson City and Cole County;   by the Missouri ilustrated sketch book co. ... J. W. Johnston , ed  1900  Arc   OpL

Index to biographies for Cooper County , Missouri   Index from History of Cooper County , Mo. Historical Publishing Co., Topeka, Cleveland, 1919   Arc

Index to 1850 census for Benton County, Cass County, Carroll County, and Morgan County, Missouri  by United States. Census Office.  OpL

Jasper County , Missouri, in the Civil War.    by Ward L. Schrantz, 1923   UMo 

Jewell is her name: a history of William Jewell College.   by Hubert Inman Hester,   1967   UMo

Joplin 1902 Booklet      JPL

The Joplin Tornado    JPL      UMo

Old Grubstake Days in Joplin   JPL    UMo

Siliceous dust in relation to pulmonary disease among miners in the Joplin district, Missouri.   by Edwin Higgins,   A.J. Lanza, F.B. Laney  1917     UMo  

Journal and proceedings of the Missouri state convention,: held at Jefferson City and St. Louis, March, 1861.    Missouri. Convention,    St. Louis, [Mo.],: G. Knapp & co., printers, 1861    MoA

Journal of the Senate, extra session of the rebel Legislature, called together by a proclamation of C. F. Jackson; begun and held at the town of Neosho, Newton county, Missouri, on the twenty-first day of October, eighteen hundred and sixty-one.      Missouri. General Assembly.    Jefferson City,: E. S. Foster, public printer, 1865-66.    MoA

Kansas City , Missouri  City Directory    DC   1859/60  

The Kansas City bridge, with an account of the regimen of the Missouri River,      by   Octave Chanute, 1832-1910. New York,: D. Van Nostrand, 1870   MoA

Atlas of Kansas City, Mo., and environs, 1925   MDH

A complete set of surveys and plats of properties in the city of Kansas, Missouri, 1886   MDH

Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis R.R. Co.  The Klondike of Missouri.   1898      UMo

Imperial Kansas City, 1900    FHA

Men who are making Kansas City : a biographical directory    FHA

William Rockhill Nelson: The Story of a Man, a Newspaper and a City     by Kansas City Star   1915    Goo

The Klondike of Missouri    JPL

Late account of the Missouri Territory, compiled from notes taken during a tour through that country in 1815, and a translation of letters from a French emigrant, written in 1817 ..    by  D. T Madox,   Arc

Letters for the people, on the present crisis Slavery in Missouri ... Nebraska Territory ...American Indians ... The Pacific railroad ... Compromises ... The true patriot's duties      by Frederick Starr,   Making of America Project   New York, 1853     OpL

The life and public services of Dr. Lewis F. Linn, for ten years a senator of the United States from the state of Missouri. By E. A. Linn and N. Sargent., Linn, Elizabeth A. (Relfe) Mrs.  MoA

Lifelines. Livingston County Genealogical Society Newsletter    MSH

Lincoln and Missouri.     by Walter B. Stevens, 1916   UMo 

The Mapping of Missouri.   by Arthur Winslow. 1892    Goo

Marion County Atlas,  1875     HFPL

Martyrdom in Missouri: A History of Religious Proscription, the Seizure of Churches, and the persecution of ministers… during the late civil war….    by William M. Leftwich.  Saint Louis,: Southwestern book & pub. co., 1870     Goo       MoA

Memoir of the iron bridge over the Missouri River, at St. Joseph, Mo., build in 1871-2-3,    Detroit bridge and iron works.     Detroit?: 1873?    MoA

Men who are making Kansas City ; a biographical directory   by Creel, George    1902   Arc   HT

My memories of William Jewell College.  by  John Eustace Davis,  1959      UMo

The Missouri & North Arkansas Railroad Strike    by Orville Thrasher Gooden,   NY, 1926   CUP

Missouri Historical Review.   State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia, MO.     vol 10  Oct 1915 – July 1916         vol 16   1922         1934    

Missouri's Memorable Decade,1860-1870      by George Miller,   1898    UMo  

The Mormon Settlements in the Missouri Valley [Neb Hist Rev, v15]  Gweb 1907

MU College and Department Histories    UMo

MUtation - Yearbook of the UMC Medical and Nursing Schools   UMo

The Negroes of Columbia , Missouri: a concrete study of the race problem     by William Wilson Elwang, Columbia, Mo. : Dept. of Sociology, University of Missouri, 1904    UMo

The Official Manual of the State of Missouri, 1921-22    UMo

Pen-pictures of the officers and members of the House of representatives of the twenty-sixth General assembly of Missouri.      by J.T. Pratt.    Pratt, J. T.   [Jefferson?]: Printed for the author, 1872    MoA

Personal reminiscences and fragments of the early history of Springfield and Green County...   1914  Goo

Pioneering Days   by Bud Belden   JPL   UMo

Personal Reminiscences and Fragments of the Early History of Springfield and ...    by Martin J. Hubble - Springfield (Mo.)   Goo

Portrait and Biographical Record of Buchanan and Clinton Counties, Missouri ... by Chapman Brothers, Chapman Brothers   1893    Goo

Portrait and biographical record of Clay, Ray, Carroll, Chariton, and Linn counties, Missouri.     Chapman bros., 1893  OpL

Portrait and Biographical Record of Lafayette and Saline Counties, Missouri ...‎    by Chapman Brothers, Chapman Brothers   1893     Goo    OpL

Portrait and biographical record of St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren counties, Missouri.   Chapman publishing co., 1895   Arc    OpL

Register of the Society of colonial wars in the state of Missouri ...    Society of colonial wars. Missouri   Arc   1900-03    1904-06   1907-09

Reminiscences of the and Bar of Missouri: With an Appendix, Containing ...     by William Van Ness Bay   1878   Goo

Roger's Souvenir History of Mercer County, Missouri & Dictionary of local dates.   1980     UMo

A sheaf of memories     Old settler's association of Morgan County, Missouri     by Robert Franklin Walker Published in 1904  OpL

Sketches of Frontier and Indian Life on the Upper Missouri & Great Plains ...‎      by Joseph Henry Taylor   1897   Goo

Slavery in Missouri, 1804-1865.   by   Harrison Anthony Trexler. 1914    UMo 

Some incidents of the Civil War in Columbia and Boone County    by Judge North Todd Gentry--a typewritten manuscript for a lecture given to a women's group on Oct. 14, 1931. (1931)   UMo

Springfield, Missouri, and Surroundings 1889     [numerous engraved prints of Springfield notable individuals]    TLi

St. Charles County in the World War   SCCL

The State Historical Society - the Civil War in Missouri    UMo

Stone's Tri-County Directory, 1892-93 [Marion & ?? Cos.] Missouri;   Co,   1892    UMo

The story of the Civil War in northeast Missouri. Second paper. The campaign of General Harris and Colonel Green.     by    F. C. Shoemaker, (Floyd Calvin), b. 1886. 1913     UMo

The Tiger Claw - The University High School Yearbook at the University of Missouri - Columbia   UMo

The Travail of Missouri for Statehood.   by Walter B. Stevens, 1920    UMo&

The Turnbo Manuscripts   800 tales of life in the early days of the Ozarks    TLO

Twetieth century History of Carroll County, Missouri. v 1   by Samuel Kirkwood Turner.   1911    UMo

University of Missouri Alumnus Magazine    UMo

Report of the committee on the reorganization and enlargement of the University of the state of Missouri: presented to the Board of curators, at their meeting, December 20, 1870. Approved, adopted, and ordered printed.    University of Missouri.   St. Louis,: R. P. Studley & co., printers, 1871    MoA

The Savitar - The University of Missouri Yearbook    UMo

The Tiger Claw - The University High School Yearbook at the University of Missouri - Columbia   UMo

The US Biographical Dictionary & Portrait Gallery of eminent and self-made men. Missouri Volume.   1878    UMo

Vietnam: a pictorial history of the 1st Engineer Battalion !st Infantry Division     UMo

45 Warren County, Missouri cemeteries,    FHA   vol 1

Portrait and biographical record of St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren counties, Missouri.   Chapman publishing co., 1895   Arc   OpL

The western tourist and emigrant's guide through the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and the territories of Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska… large and minute map, exhibiting the township lines...counties…cities, villages and settlements, etc,    by  J. H. (Joseph Hutchins) Colton, 1800-1893. New York, J.H.Colton & Co. 1855    MoA

WHMC Civil War Manuscripts    UMo

William Jewel College       Catalogs      History     The Tatler -   Yearbook

William Rockhill Nelson: The Story of a Man, a Newspaper and a City     by Kansas City Star   1915    Goo

Wright County roots by Long, Virginia Lawson; Rippee, Phyllis; Wright County Historical and Genealogical Society (Hartville, Missouri)  FHB  vol 2


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