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Some descendants of Samuel Comstock of Providence, R.I., who died about 1660

edited by Cyrus Ballou Comstock are a few genealogy book links for you to consider:

Pension List of 1820 - Letter from the Secretary of War Transmitting a Report of the Names, Rank and File of Every Person Placed on the Pension List in Pursuance of the Act of the 18th March, 1818, Etc. Washington, 1820


Do  bios     The Journal of Lieut. William Feltman, of the First Pennsylvania Regiment , 1781-82: Including ... - William Feltman   Arc 

Owen Rice, Christian, scholar and patriot; a genealogical, biographical and historical memoir - Weaver, Ethan Allen, 1853-1929

Personal reminiscences of the war - Bloodgood, J. D. (John D.), d. 1915

Some personal reminiscences of service in the cavalry of the Army of the Potomac - Thomas, Hampton Sidney, 1837-

Edwin W. Sampson papers, 1863-1864 - Sampson, Edwin W

[Letters and testimony presented by Mr. Collis defending himself against accusations made to the military record - Collis, Charles Henry Tucky, 1838-1902

Army letters, 1861-1865.  [Colored Infantry Regiment, 8th ] Being extracts from private letters to relatives and friends from a soldier in the field during the late Civil War, with an appendix containing copies of some official documents, papers and addresses of later date - Norton, Oliver Willcox, 1839-   Arc

In the ranks: from the Wilderness to Appomattox Court House. The war, as seen and experienced by a private soldier in the Army of the Potomac    by M'Bride, Robert Ekin, 1846-   Arc

Life in the army, in the departments of Virginia, and the Gulf, including observations in New Orleans, with an account of the author's life and experience in the ministry - Gregg, John Chandler

A daily journal of the 192d reg't Penn'a volunteers, commanded by Col. William B. Thomas, in the service of the United States for one hundred days - Myers, John C

M.L. Gordon's experiences in the Civil War : from his narrative, letters and diary - Gordon, M. L. (Marquis Lafayette), 1843-1900  Arc

Family histories and genealogies. A series of genealogical and biographical monographs on the families of MacCurdy, Mitchell, Lord, Lynde, Digby, Newdigate, Hoo, Willoughby, Griswold, Wolcott, Pitkin, Ogden, Johnson, Diodati, Lee and Marvin, and notes on the families of Buchanan, Parmelee, Boardman, Lay, Locke, Cole, De Wolf, Drake, Bond and Swayne, Dunbar and Clarke, and a notice of Chief Justice Morrison Remick Waite. With twenty-nine pedigree-charts and two charts of combined descents (Volume 1, pt.2) -

''Peter SMITH  d.1741 Westmoreland Co. VA''
Abell, Richard & Smith, Wilmer  (1996)   ACPL
''Ances. & Desc. of Absalom Wamsley SMITH''
Allen, Maud B.  (1962)  ACPL   - GROUP 17
''Joseph SMITH & Emma Hale'' IMM Robt & Mary French Smith
Anderson, Mary A. (Smith)  (1929)  ACPL  GROUP 53 ?
''SMITH Ances. of Sarah Olivia Smith, Wayne Co. TN''
Arnett, Earl F. (1982) ACPL IMM Valentine &Liz Bayly Smith VA
''IMM John SMITH d.1684 Milford New Haven Colony CT''
Attwater, Robert  (1891)  - GROUP 39
''SMITH and Collateral lines''     online
Barnes, Harriet S. Lewis  (1910)  - GROUP 1
''Desc.of John Wheeler b.1777 PA & Elizabeth(Piper) SMITH ''
Bayer, D. Frank  (1989)   ACPL
''John SMITH 1750-1818 & Christina Nunemacher-Annville, Leb.Co.PA''
Bell, Raymond Martin  (1997)  ACPL 
''John Andrew SMITH 1754-1836, Revo. Soldier''
Boyd, Margaret L. Kraig  (1996)  ACPL
''Records of IMM Rev Henry SMITH, Puritan Pastor''
Brady, Jane Tullia (Smith)  (c1951)  ACPL  - GROUP 7
''Life, Ministry, Journals of Rev. Hezekiah SMITH''
Broome, John David  (2004)  ACPL  IMM Peter Smith LI, NY
''IMM Thaddeus (1805 GERM -d.___OH)& Theresa SMITH''
Brown, Phyllis (Smith)   (1972)  ACPL
''100s Early IMMs in the Pedigrees of Edith SMITH''
Cable, Edith (Smith)  (1991)  ACPL   - GROUP 5  ?
''SMITH Family'' Nicholas (1765 US-1842 CAN) m.Catherine May
Carter, Carolyn   (1990)  ACPL
''Wright & Lydia(Brunt) SMITH'' [s/o-Geo & Liz Taylor Smith, VA]
Chamberlain, Josephine (Smith)  (1976)  ACPL
''Gene. of John Keysar SMITH''  IMM John 'ye Smith' d.1704 CT
Crane, Angeline P. (Smith)   (1925)  ACPL
''Ebenezer & Ruth SMITH & their Descendants'' 
Dickerman, Albert  (1891)  ACPL    GROUP 1, TAB 11
'''Ances. Hiram & Sarah Jane (Bull) SMITH''
Frost, Josephine C.  (1927)   ACPL 
   EKA- Jesse Smith (1758-1829)  NO Revo. Pens.
'Families of SMITH & Rosenkrans in America''  ACPL
Goodenough, Carol McWain  (1976)   - GROUP 35
''Fam. Records- Hanaford, +12 others inclu. SMITH''
Hanaford, Mary E. Neal  (1915)    (see CASS marr.) 
  IMM Nicholas  d.1673 NH
''Fam. of John SMITH  b.1655 Co. Monagan IRE''
Harris, Joseph S.  (1906)  ACPL  IMM John arr  PA c.1720
''Alexander SMITH (1692-pre1766 IRE) m. Elizabeth Frazier''
Harris, Joseph S. (1908)  ACPL   IMM John arr PA c.1720
''Chronicle of Decs. IMM Ephraim SMITH'' [1798 ENG-1880 PA]
Hays, Hugh Howard   (1942)   ACPL  (see CASS data)
''IMM Lt. Samuel SMITH & one line of his Descendants''
Hook, James William  (1953)  ACPL   - GROUP 1
''Peter SMITH (1760-1837)& Hannah Sanborn, Indiana''
Hughes, Nancy Case  (1972)   ACPL
''Ancestors of George A. SMITH''  ACPL - GROUP 53 ?
Jarvis, Zora (Smith) (1962) IMM Robert & Mary French Smith
''Ances. & Desc. of Timothy SMITH, Meigs Co. OH"
Johnson, Eric H.  (2006)  ACPL    - GROUP 33
''Capt. Thomas SMITH (1767 VT -1850 CAN)''
Kalbfleisch, Ray   (1995)   ACPL
''Bazel d.1852 OH & Mary(Howell) SMITH Monroe Co. OH''
Kopp, Rita Bone  (1983)   ACPL
''Gene. of William SMITH [m.Elizabeth Morison] Peterborough,NH''
Leonard, L.W.  (1852)  ACPL   IMM Robert d.1766 NH
''James SMITH  (c.1740 - post 1800 VT)
Linely, Veronica  (1993)   ACPL
''Fact & Fancies of Family History''    - GROUP 8
Marcy, Elizabeth Eunice (Smith)   (1911)  ACPL
''Gene. & Desc. of  IMM Matthew SMITH 1637 thru 1889''
Martin, Sophia (Smith)   (1890)
''Amer. Desc. of  IMM Rev John SMITH m.Susanna Hinckley''
McCourt, Martha F.  (1995) ACPL   - GROUP 9
''Life of Honorable Jeremiah SMITH''   ACPL
Morison, John H. (1845)  IMM Robert d.1766 NH
''SMITH Gene. of IMM Henry (1607 ENG-1687 MA) & Elizabeth''
Napoli, Marjorie Little   (1974)   ACPL  - GROUP 24
''Wills of SMITH Families of NYC & Long Island 1664-1794''
Pellentreau, William Smith  (1898)
''Family of Roswell, s/o- Steele SMITH''  - GROUP 18
Perkins, Henry Ebsen  (1919 & 1921)   ACPL
''Ances. Henry Perkins SMITH & Christiana Long''   ACPL
Randall, Georgiana (Hathaway)(1958) IMM John 'ye Smith' d.1704 CT
''The SMITH Family, accounts of most branches of the name
  from the 14th century''  Reade, Compton  (1904)
''Gene. IMM Robert SMITH 1625 thru 1985''  [m. Mary French]
Saylor, Gaylen John   (1985)  ACPL     GROUP 53 ?
''Ancestors of Henry & Catherine (Forshee) SMITH''
Smith, Annie M.  (1921)  ACPL  IMM Alpheus b.1744 Scot
''Ances. & Desc. of Samuel SMITH, Middlefield MA''
Smith, Edward Church  (1947)  ACPL  IMM Matthew arr 1637
''Maternal Ances. of Edward C. SMITH''
Smith, Edward Church  (1958)  ACPL  IMM Matthew arr 1637
''IMM Ralph SMITH of Eastham MA''    - GROUP 8
Smith, Dwight  (1913)    ACPL
''Gene. IMM Rev. Nehemiah SMITH 1638-1888''
Smith, Henry Allen   (1889)   ACPL    poss.  GR 37 ?
''IMM Henry SMITH & Thomas Birchard  who arr. 1635''
Smith, Howard B.  (1924)   ACPL    - GROUP 4
''Home of the SMITH Family, Peterborough NH''  -ACPL
Smith, Jonathan (1900)      IMM Robert d.1766 NH
''Gene. IMM Robert SMITH (d.1745 PA) m. Phebe Canby''
Smith, Josiah B.   (1885)   ACPL
''Gene. of IMM William SMITH Bucks Co. PA  1684''
Smith, Josiah B.  (1883)  ACPL     - GROUP 52
''Jesse SMITH (1704-1782) Ancestors & Desc.'' - GROUP 8
Smith,L. Bertrand (1909) OH Gene.Soc.Library, Mansfield OH
''Descendants of IMM Lt. Samuel SMITH (1602 -1680)''
Smith, Rev. Lucius  (c.1890)   Unpublished Manuscript
 Western Reserve Library  Cleveland, OH
   and  LDS microfilms    GROUP 1 - all TABs
''Gene. of William SMITH (1770-1857) & Family''
Smith, Margaret T. (1884)  IMM Richard 'Bull' - GROUP 50
''Family Records & Recollections''   ACPL
Smith, Melania (Boughton)  (1870)    - GROUP 39
''Journal of Jesse Nathaniel SMITH''  ACPL  - GROUP 53 ?
Smith, Oliver R.  (1970)  IMM Robert & Mary French Smith
''The Burlington [NJ] SMITHS''  IMMs 7 Smith Yorkshire ENG
Smith, Richard Morris  (1877)   ACPL
''One Branch of IMM Rev Henry Smith in CT,VT,OH & West''
Smith,  Robert D.  (2005)    - GROUP 7
''Memorial of Rev. Thomas SMITH & his desc.'' 
Smith, Susan Augusta   (1895)  ACPL   - GROUP 9
''Charles SMITH & Amy Rachel Bryant''  
Smith, Tenny   (1938)   ACPL     - GROUP 8
''The IMM John 'Rock' SMITH Family of Long Island NY''
Smith, Valentine W.   (1937)
''Desc. of IMM Ephraim SMITH [1691 Eng-1750 NJ] to 1996''
Smith, Virginia  (post 1996)  ACPL
''IMM Richard SMITH -1st ENG. settler Narragansett Co. RI''
Updike, Daniel Berkeley  (1937)  ACPL
''Joseph SMITH (c1762-1841) Gloucester & Salem Cos. NJ''
VanName, Elmer Garfield  (1964)  ACPL
   EKA- Thomas b.c.1730   m. Susanna___
''Genes. & Bios. of American Families - VT''
VT Vol 1 (1931) IMM James SMITH 1610-1676  - GROUP 21
''Abiel SMITH  [d.1814 MA] & Lydia Otis''    ACPL
Weis, Robert L.  (1923)  John d.1692 MA  m. Elliott & Packard ??
  (?confused w/ John d.1692 Dartmouth MA m. Kirby & Howland ?)
''..Life of St Clair W. SMITH 1844-1909, 19th cent.Trailblazer''
Wilson, Ealon V. (1967) ACPL  EKA- Joel & Jane (Wilson) Smith
''James H. SMITH Family Organization''    ACPL
Wiscombe, Erold Clark  (1980) 
EKA- Daniel bc 1730 Morris Co. NJ  m. Gardiner & Pierson
''[SMITH] Genealogies in the Library of Congress''  
1. 1790 thru 1972   Kaminkow  (1972)
2. 1972 thru 1976   Kaminkow  (1977)
3. 1976 thru 1986   Kaminkow  (1987)
4. 1986 thru 1990   Library of Congress (1991)
5. 1991 thru  2001  Kaminkow (2001)  online ONLY
''A Compliment to Genealogies in the Library of Congress'' 
Kaminkow, Marion J.  1981   -books found in other Major Libraries



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Hannah Logan's [1720-61] courtship, a true narrative...daughter of James Logan, colonial governor of diary of her lover, the Honorable John Smith, assemblyman of Pennsylvania and king's councillor of New Jersey, 1736-52;    


Keywords: Smith, Hannah (Logan), Mrs.,  or 2; Smith, John, 1722-1771