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The American Newspaper  by James Edward Rogers 1909   Goo

American Newspaper Directory   edited by George Presbury Rowell   1882   Goo  Arc  1891   1895    1898    1902     1906

The American Newspaper Directory and Record of the Press Containing an Accurate List of All the newspapers , magazines, reviews, periodicals, etc....    by Daniel J. Kenny.   1861     Goo   

Ayer Directory of Publications   by Ayer Press American newspapers Directories   1881   Goo

 A complete list of American newspapers.   A statement of the industries, characteristics, population and location of towns in which they are published...   Geo. P. Rowell & Co.  1876    MoA

Newspaper Directory and Advertisers' Manual    Goo   1907

Chas. C. Ford's Newspaper Manual: Containing the Names Of...newspapers and ...     by Charles C. Ford     Goo

The community newspaper, its promise and development.    by Emerson Pitt Harris, 1853-New York: Appleton, 1923.   MoA

Editorials from the Hearst Newspapers     by Arthur Brisbane     UVa    Gut

Editors I Have Known Since the Civil War: (rewritten and Reprinted from ...   by Robert Hiram Henry 1922    Goo

Edward P. Remington's annual newspaper director      18uu    OpL

Fifty years among authors, books and publishers.     by James Cephas Derby, 1818-1892.   New York,: Carleton, 1884.   MoA

Geo. P. Rowell and Co.'s American newspaper directory.    OpL

        1869      1872     1873      1875     1877     1878     1879     1880      1881    1882   1884    1885

History and Present Condition of the Newspaper and Periodical Press of the ...    by Simon Newton Dexter North - American newspapers – 1884    Goo

History of Printing in America: With a Biography of Printers, and an Account of Newspapers ...    by Isaiah Thomas, Benjamin Franklin Thomas, 1749-1831.    American Antiquarian Society, Albany, N. Y.,: J. Munsell, printer,  1874   ARC     Goo       MoA

Hubbard's right hand record and newspaper directory     H.P. Hubbard, 1880    OpL

Letters to the Connecticut courant, Pennsylvania independent republican, Washington chronicle, North Carolina union banner, Nemaha courier, Pittsburg commercial, and Topeka record,   Washington , United press association, 1867     LC

N.W. Ayer and Son's American Newspaper Annual and Directory    (partial serial archives)   UPa      LC   1869-1920

National Newspaper Directory and Gazetteer: Containing a Complete Classified ...     by Pettingill & Co  1899   Goo

The New York Times Index     April-June 1922

Newspapers and newspaper writers in New England, 1787-1815 : Read before the New England historical, genealogical society, Feb. 4, 1880. By Delano Goddard. by Goddard, Delano Alexander, 1831-1882. 1880    HT

Specimens of Newspaper Literature: With Personal Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Reminiscences     by Joseph Tinker Buckingham   1852   Goo

The story of a page : thirty years of public service and public discussion in the editorial columns of the New York World     by John Langdon Heaton,   1860-1935.    New York , London : Harper & Brothers, 1913     MoA

The story of the Sun, New York: 1833-1928      by Frank Michael O'Brien, 1875-    New York ; London : D. Appleton and Company, 1928.    MoA