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Proceedings of the State Bar Association of North Dakota ‎ by State Bar Association of North  Dakota  Goo    1909    1911   1912

Biennial report of the State Auditor to the Governor of North Dakota, for ... ‎ by North Dakota Office of State Auditor  1906  Goo

The Bison, Yearbook of North Dakota State College, 1934    DC

Census of Manufactures: 1914: 1914. North Dakota. by Bureau of the Census, Frank M Woodward, Mary E. Feeney, William Mott Steuart,  1917   Goo

12th census of population, 1900   North Dakota United States. Census Office  

Reel 1226  - Barnes, Benson, Billings, Bottineau, Burleigh, and Cavalier (part: ED 41, sheets 1-7) Counties

Reel 1227  - Cavalier (cont'd: ED 41, sheet 8--en d) and Cass Counties

Reel 1228   - Dickey, Eddy, Emmons, Foster, Grand Forks, and Griggs Counties

Reel 1229   - Kidder, LaMoure, McHenry, Mclnosh, McLean, and Mercer Counties 

Reel 1230   - Morton, Nelson, Oliver, Pembina, and Pierce Counties  

Reel 1231  - Ramsey, Ransom, Richland, and Rolette Counties

Reel 1232   - Sargent, Stark, Stutsman, Steel , and Towner (part: ED 180) Counties

Reel 1233 - Towner (cont'd: ED 181-end) , Traill, and Walsh Counties

Reel 1234   - Ward, Wells, and Williams Counties; Sanding Rock Indian Reservation; Indian and military and naval population schedules

Collections ‎    by State Historical Society of North Dakota   1906   Goo

Collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota   by State Historical Society of North Dakota, Orin Grant Libby   1908   Goo   vol 1   vol 2   vol 3   vol 4   vol 6‎

Compendium history and biography of North Dakota; a history of early settlement, political history, ... and biography; reminiscences of pioneer life ..     1900   Arc

Course of Study for the Common and Graded Schools of North Dakota... ‎    by North Dakota Dept. of Public Instruction, B. A. Wallace 1913   Goo

Digest of the decisions of Dakota, North Dakota, and South Dakota ...   Joseph Henry Hill, Horace Greeley Tilton   1911  Goo   vol  2‎

The early empire builders of the great West ‎ [expanded Early History of North Dakota]   by Moses Kimball Armstrong  1901   Goo

Early History of North Dakota: Essential Outlines of American History ‎  by Clement Augustus Lounsberry   1919    Goo

East Grand Forks, North Dakota 1909 Business Directory    DC

Fargo, North Dakota  Business Directory    DC   1909  

The government of North Dakota ‎  by James Ernest Boyle   1922   Goo

The Government of the People of the State of North Dakota    by Horace B. Woodworth   1896  Goo

Hankinson news : marriage and death announcement extractions from the Hankinson News, Hankinson, Richland County, N D    Richland County gazette (Wahpeton, N D )   Arc  

1885-0         1900-01 v 1-2     1902-31      1903-07     1907-10     1910-13      1913-6      1916-9     1919-22             1922-5    

1925-8         1928-1                1931-3\4      1934-7      1937-0        1940-3        1943-6      1946-9     1949-2 v 1     1949-2 v 2     1954-6 v 1     1954-6 v 2     

1957-9 v 1    1957-9 v. 2        1960-1         1962-3      1964-65      1966-7

History of the Red River Valley : past and present, including an account of the counties, cities, towns, and villages of the Valley from the time of their first settlement and formation    Arc  vol 1   vol 2

Illustrated album of biography of the famous valley of the Red River of the North and the park regins ... of Minnesota and North Dakota Alden, Ogle & company, Chicago,   Arc

Journal of the Constitutional Convention for North Dakota , Held at Bismarck, Thursday, July 4 to ...   1889   Arc

MAPS: North Dakota [State, City, National Parks, Historical]   UTx

Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana gazetteer and business directory    Arc   1880-81 vol 2 pt.2   

Minutes of the ... session of the North Dakota Annual Conference of the ... ‎  Methodist Episcopal Church. North Dakota Annual Conference   Goo   1902 

The North Dakota Agricultural College Alumni directory       Arc   1915

North Dakota blue book - Legislative Manual‎   by North Dakota Dept. of State    Goo  1897   1903     1905   1907   1908   1913    1918

North Dakota Casualties in the Korean War    DC

North Dakota Casualties in the Vietnam War    DC

North Dakota cemeteries    Fargo Genealogical Society    Red River Valley Genealogy Society  Arc  vol 18    vol 19

North Dakota history and people; outlines of American history      by Clement A. Lounsberry,  (Clement Augustus), 1843-1926   Arc  vol 1   vol 2   vol 3

North Dakota magazine: the state's resources--agricultural, industrial ... by North Dakota. Dept. of Agriculture and Labor   1906   Goo  

North Dakota of today ‎   by Zena Irma Trinka, Z'dena Trinka  1919   Goo

North Dakota year book   Goo   1910  ‎  1911   

Notes on the Dakota Reports Showing the Citations of Each Case as a ... ‎   1912   Goo

Official Report of the Proceedings and Debates of the First Constitutional Convention of North Dakota ,    by North Dakota   Goo  (US access only)    

Out where the West Begins: Being the Early and Romantic History of North Dakota ‎ by Zena Irma Trinka 1920   Goo

Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention ‎    by North Dakota Bankers' Association  Goo   1912   1918

Proceedings of the annual session of the North Dakota Educational Association      1909  Goo

Proceedings of the Masonic convention and M. W. Grand lodge of A.F. and A.M of the State of North Dakota...  1897  Goo   vol  8-19‎

Proceedings of the State Bar Association of North Dakota ‎  by State Bar Association of North  Dakota   Goo   1907    1909   1912   1915

Public Documents of the State of North Dakota: Being the Annual and Biennial ...   by North Dakota  1912   Goo

The Record: historical, personal and other sketches, politics, literature ...   by Clement A. Lounsberry, Walter F. Cushing  1898   Goo

Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the State of North Dakota  1890   1912    1913  

1889. The state of North Dakota: the statistical, historical and political ... ‎   South Dakota. Dept. of Immigration, Frank H. Hagerty   1889    Goo

Theodore Jerdine sod house, Osnabrock, North Dakota (photo, by Melin) 1906   LC

University of North Dakota ... annual catalogue ... and courses of study for ... ‎    Goo    1892

The alumni register, v.4, no.4; June 1914 - North Dakota . University. Alumni Association   Arc  v.4, no.4; June 1914

The Quarterly Journal of the University of North Dakota    by University of North Dakota     Goo    1913    1916   1910    1911-12   1912-13   1913-14   1916-7   1919-20   1920-

The School of Education Record of the University of North Dakota,    University of North Dakota. School of Education   1921  vol 7-13

Varsity verse : a selection of undergraduate poetry written at the University of North Dakota   by  Charles Watson Boise,  1908    Arc