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Alexander Kelly McClure Correspondence (1850-66) , a powerful Pennsylvania Whig/Republican, touch on the rise of the party, the election of Governor Andrew Curtin, and the maintenance of an effective war footing...      DiC    

Allentown, Pennsylvania  City Directory   DC   1899     1929 - 30  

Annals of Old Wilkinsburg and vicinity : the village, 1788-1888 / compiled by the Group for Historical Research, Wilkinsburg;     ed Elizabeth M. Davison and Ellen B. McKee  Pitt

Annals of Pennsylvania, from the discovery of the Delaware ... 1609-1682.  by Hazard, Samuel, 1784-1870.     Philadelphia,: Hazard & Mitchell, 1850.    MoA  

Annals of southwestern Pennsylvania,  by Lewis Clark Walkinshaw ... Pitt   vol 1    vol 2     vol 3     vol 4

1790-1930, the 140th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church of West Alexander, Pennsylvania     by Presbyterian Church (West Alexander, Pa.) 1930  OpL

At the forks of the Delaware, 1794-1811; chronicles of early travel to Easton and neighboring parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including extracts from a hitherto untranslated and unpublished manuscript. By Rayner Wickersham Kelsey. A paper read at Easton, Pennsylvania, November 13, 1919, before the Northampton county historical and genealogical society.   Kelsey, Rayner Wickersham, 1879-      1920    DHT

Black-robes : or sketches of missions and ministers in the wilderness and on the border    by Robert P. Nevin , 1820-1908    Pitt

Boyd's directory of Shamokin: containing the names of the citizens ...   by William H. Boyd - Shamokin (Pa.) - 1901   Goo

A Brief account of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick : with biographical notices of some of the members and extracts from the minutes     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    BYU

A brief history of the First Presbyterian Church    Pitt

A brief history of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Spring City, Pa : together with, Sketches of the other leading churches of the town - Jones, Jacob K At head of title: 1845 - 1899   Arc

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 1936 - 37 City Directory   DC   1936 - 37

Canonsburg centennial, eighteen hundred two, nineteen hundred two : addresses in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the borough of Canonsburg, Washington county, Pennsylvania     ed Blaine Ewing, L. L. B.      Pitt

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania 1929 - 30 City Directory (including North and West Catasauqua)   DC  1929 - 30

The capture of Fort Duquesne; an historical discourse before the Society of colonial wars in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, delivered in Christ church, Philadelphia, on the 140th anniversary of the capture of the fort, Sunday, November twenty-seventh, 1898, upon the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial tablet of Brigadier-General John Forbes, commander of His Majesty's troops in the southern provinces of North America     by Reverend Cortlandt Whitehead      Pitt

Chester (and its vicinity,) Delaware County , in Pennsylvania : with genealogical sketches of some old families     byJohn Hill Martin,  1823-1906  Arc

Directory of the borough of Chester, for the years 1859-60,: containing a concise history of the borough...     Whitehead, William. pub.   West Chester: E. F. James, book and job printer, 1859.  MoA

Old Market Street, Chester, Pennsylvania ; historic incidents that have taken place within, or are associated with this highway    by Henry Graham  Ashmed  Arc

The Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851: An Historical Sketch   [ Christiana, Pennsylvania]    by William Hensel    DC

The chronicles of Middletown, containing a compilation of facts, biographical sketches, reminiscences, anecdotes, &c., connected with the history of one of the oldest towns in Pennsylvania;   by  C. H   Hutchinson,   Arc

City of Allegheny, Pa.: History & institutions; ...sketches of the banking, wholesale & mfg interests & ...    1897   Pitt

Clearfield, Pennsylvania  City Directory   DC   1928 \

Colonial Records of Pennsylvania    by Samuel Hazard   Arc  Goo      Index      Index to vol 1-26

                General index to the Colonial records in 16 volumes, and to the Pennsylvania archives [1st series] in 12 volumes -

v. 1. 1683 to 1700 v. 5. 1745 to 1754 v. 9.   1762 to 1771 v.13. 1781-1783
v. 2. 1700 to 1717 v. 6. 1754 to 1756 v. 10. 1771 to1775 v.14. 1784-1786
v. 3. 1717 to 1736 v. 7. 1756 to 1758 v.11. 1776 to 1779 v.15. 1786-1789
v. 4. 1736 to 1745 v. 8. 1757 to 1762 v.12. 1779 to 1781 v.16. 1789-1790

Country Clergy of Pennsylvania   1890    Arc      Goo

Danville, Montour County, Pennsylvania : a collection of historical and biographical sketches     by  D. H. B  Brower,   Arc

Directory of Lock Haven, Bellefonte and Philadelphia and Erie railroad, 1874 ... ‎ Lock Haven, Pa     Goo

A Brief history of Lebanon Presbyterian Church : Mifflin Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 1776 to 1901    FHA

Directory of Homestead, Munhall, Six Mile Ferry, and adjacent parts of Mifflin Township, Al, Allegheny County, Pa: … directory of citizens…post office address…business directory, register of public institutions, benevolent and secret societies, churches, schools, borough government, industries...  Homestead, Pa.     M.P. & J.R. Schooley at the Local News Office,    1891-:  Pitt

Directory of the Borough of Chester, for the Years 1859-60: Containing a Concise History of the...  1859    Goo      MoA

Documents Relating to the Connecticut Settlement in the Wyoming Valley (Pa)    by William Henry Egle   1893   Goo

Early maps of the Ohio Valley: a selection of maps, plans, and views made ...from 1673 to 1783    Lloyd Arnold Brown, 1907     Pitt

The early settlement of Dallas Township, Luzerne County , Pennsylvania - Ryman, William Penn, 1847-1899   Arc

Early western Pennsylvania politics     by Russell Jennings Ferguson    Pitt

Economy [Pa.] of Old & Ambridge of of Today: Historical outlines, ...settlement... development…     by Elise Mercur Wagner,    1924    Pitt

Election Return [counties of Pennsylvania, 1756-1789]      Elections   1907   Goo

Emaus, Pennsylvania  City Directory    DC   1929 - 30

Elwood's stories of the old Ringgold cavalry, 1847-1865 : the first three year cavalry of the civil war    by John William Elwood, 1842-1933     Pitt

Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania biography    Arc  vol 1    vol 2    vol 3    vol 4     vol 5     vol 6     vol 7      vol 10

Erie Cemetery : A Hand Book, Historical, Biographical and Descriptive ...   by Erie Cemetery (Association)  1903    Goo

The Fair Play Settlers of the West Branch Valley , , 1769-1784   [PA]:   A Study of Frontier Ethnography      by George D. Wolf    1969    MBk

Ford City Residential Directory    DC   1919-20 

Fort Ligonier and its times: a history of the first English fort west of the Allegheny Mountains and an account of many thrilling, tragic, romantic, important but little known colonial and revolutionary events in the region where the winning of the West began ; based primarily on the Pennsylvania archives and colonial records...    by Chester Hale Sipe     Pitt

Fort McIntosh : its times and men : with a historical sketch of the French and British claims in the Northwest, and their meeting in arms at the head of the Ohio, and the Indian incursions and outrages in Western Pennsylvania and the Ohio territory    by Daniel Agnew 1809-1902   Pitt

Fort Necessity and historic shrines of the Redstone country: Washington bi-centennial issue, 1732-1932     Sons of the American Revolution. Pennsylvania Society. Fort Necessity Chapter   Pitt

Fort Pitt     by Charles W William Dahlinger,   1858-    Pitt

Fort Pitt and its times : a historical sketch     by Daniel Agnew, 1809-1902.   Pitt

Fort Pitt and letters from the frontier    by Mary Carson Darlington,1824-1915.   Pitt

The French in the Allegheny Valley      By Thomas Jefferson Chapman, 1836-1905. M.A    Pitt

Frontier advance on the upper Ohio, 1778-1779    by Louise Phelps Kellogg d 1942   Pitt

The frontier forts of western Pennsylvania.    by George Dallas Albert  1906   Goo   Pitt

The frontier policy of Pennsylvania   by George Arthur Cribbs   Pitt

Frontier retreat on the upper Ohio, 1779-1781   ed Louise Phelps Kellogg, d1942   Pitt

Garretts Run, Pennsylvania  Residential Directory    DC   1919 - 20

Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania.   by John W. Jordan   Pitt  vol I   vol 2   vol 3

General history of Company D, 149th Pennsylvania volunteers : and personal sketches of the members   compiled by John W. Nesbit   Pitt

General index to the Colonial records, in 16 volumes, and to the Pennsylvania archives [1st series] in 12 volumes, prepared and arranged by Samuel Hazard, under an act of the General assembly of Pennsylvania.    MoA       General index        OpL

A Geological Hand Atlas of the Sixty-seven Counties of Pennsylvania...   by J P Lesley.   1885   Goo

George Croghan and the westward movement, 1741-1782  by Albert Tangeman Volwiler, 1888-1957    Pitt

Golden shadows : Duquesne's golden jubilee, September 14-20   Pitt

A goodly heritage : earliest wills on an American frontier    by Ella Chalfant   Pitt

Graff, Pennsylvania  Residential Directory    DC  1919 - 20

The great steel strike and its lessons.   by William Z. Foster,1881-1961 intro by John A. Fitch   Pitt

Guide to Laurel Hill Cemetery , Near Philadelphia, 1847    by Conger Sherman – 1847   Goo

The Harmony Society, at Economy, Penn'a. Founded by George Rapp, A. D. 1805 With an appendix by Aaron Williams. D. D.   Pitt

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  City Directory    1889      1930    

Hazard's register of Pennsylvania     ed by Samuel Hazard    Goo      vol  13
vol 1 vol 3 vol 5 vol 7 vol 9 vol 11 vol 13 vol 15
vol 2 vol 4 vol 6 vol 8 vol 10 vol 12 vol 14 vol 16

Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal ...   memoirs of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Vol. II.  Allentown ...     Leh

Historical account of Bouquet's expedition against the Ohio Indians, in 1764   with preface by Francis Parkman... biographical sketch of General Bouquet.   by William Smith, 1727-1803   Pitt

Historical collections relating to Gwynedd :  a township of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, settled 1698, by Welsh immigrants, with some data referring to the adjoining township of Montgomery, also a Welsh settlement     by Howard M. Jenkins. Jenkins, Howard Malcolm 1884     Har

The History and Antiquities of New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.     by John Warner Barber  1856   Goo

The history of an expedition against Fort Du Quesne, in 1755; under Major-General Edward Braddock.    by Winthrop Sargent 1825-1870   Pitt

History of Carnegie Veteran Association ... [illus.] [Andrew Carnegie; J. Pierpont Morgan]     by William Brown Dickson,   1865-1942     1938     Pitt

History of Hanover Township: including Sugar Notch, Ashley, and Nanticoke ...   By Henry Blackman Plumb  1885   Goo

History of Pennsylvania, 1905  Arc    vol 2     CMU 

The History of Pennsylvania: In North America, from the Original Institution ...     by Robert Proud, American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress), Joseph Meredith Toner Collection   1798   Goo

The history of Pennsylvania from the earliest discovery to the present time. Including an account of the first settlements by the Dutch, Swedes, and English, and of the colony of William Penn, his treaty and pacific measures with the Indians; and the gradual advancement of the state to its present aspect of opulence, culture and refinement     by William Mason Cornell,  1802-1895   Arc

Early history of western Pennsylvania , and of the West, and of western expeditions and campaigns, from MDCCLIV to MDCCCXXXIII.    By a gentleman of the bar. With an appendix, containing, besides copious extracts from important Indian treaties, minutes of conferences, journals, etc., a topographical description of the counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland, Washington, Somerset, Greene, Fayette, Beaver, Butler, Armstrong, etc. by I. Daniel Rupp, (Israel Daniel)     Pitt

A history of the region of Pennsylvania north of the Ohio and west of the Allegheny river, of the Indian purchases, and of the running of the southern, northern, and western state boudaries.   Also, an account of the division of the territory for public purposes, and of the lands, laws, titles, settlements, controversies, and litigation within this region    by Hon. Daniel Agnew   1902    Pitt

An illustrated history of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,     by William Henry Egle, 1830-1901.Harrisburg,: De W. C. Goodrich & co., 1876        MoA

Mirror of olden time border life embracing a history of the discovery of America, of the landing of our forefathers at Plymouth and their most remarkable engagements with the Indians ... from...1620, until the final subjugation of the natives, in 1679 : also, history of Virginia, embracing its first settlement, the progressive movements of civilization... and a narrative of the ... struggle between the white settlers and Indians in north-western Virginia, Kentucky, &c. : also, history of the early settlement of Pennsylvania... and the subsequent warfare : to which are added, personal narratives of captivities and escapes : together with numerous sketches of frontier men S. S. Miles Abingdon, Va 1849   OpL

A History of Philadelphia's University City ,    by Leon S. Rosenthal   UCH 

History of Scranton and its people    by Frederick L. Hitchcock  1914   HT

A city's danger and defense. Or, Issues and results of the strikes of 1877, containing the origin and history of the Scranton city guard. By Samuel C. Logan, D. D. by Logan, S. C.  1887    HT

History, the First national bank of Scranton, Pa., incorporated 1863; issued by authority of the Board of directors. by First National Bank (Scranton, Pa.)  1906   HT

The Scranton tribune and the city of Scranton. Published in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Scranton tribune, June 20, 1901  HT

Story of Scranton    by Steinke, Bill  1914   HT 

Webb's Scranton city directory  1876-77   1883   1884

History of St. Augustine's Parish.     by Thomas J. Chapman   GenW   Index   Part 1     Part 2    Part 3

Souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee and History of St. Augustine's Church   GenW

History of the Alleghany Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania ...      by William Harrison Bruce Carney    Lutheran Publication Society, 1918     Opl

History of the Allen Township Presbyterian church and the community which ... by John Cunningham Clyde, Presbyterian Historical Society   1876   Goo

History of the insurrection : in the four western counties of Pennsylvania in the year MDCCXCIV… circumstances…     by William Findley, 1741 or 2-1821 member of the US House of Representatives   Pitt

History of the Johnstown flood ... : With full accounts also of the destruction on the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers, and the Bald Eagle Creek     By Willis Fletcher Johnson   Pitt

The Character of a steel mill city : four historic neighborhoods of Johnstown, Pennsylvania / Character of a steel mill city : four historic neighborhoods of Johnstown, Pennsylvania  1989   HT

Johnstown city directories   CPA   1869    1876   1889   1896  

A history of the Monongahela Navigation Company    by an original stockholder.     by James Veech   Pitt

History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company: With Plan of Organization ...     by William Bender Wilson   1895   Goo

A history of the townships of Byberry and Moreland, in Philadelphia, Pa  byJoseph C. Martindale 1901   OpL

History of the Underground Railroad in Chester and the Neighboring Counties of Pennsylvania   Arc       DiC

History of the Washington Infantry of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Thirty-sixth anniversary, 1855-1891.    Pitt

History of the western insurrection in western Pennsylvania ... the whiskey insurrection, 1794,   by Henry Marie Brackenridge 1786-1871    Pitt  

A history of Wilkes-Barré, Luzerne County , Pennsylvania : from its first beginnings to the present time, including chapters of newly-discovered early Wyoming Valley history, together with many biographical sketches and much genealogical material       by Harvey, Oscar Jewell, 1851-1922   Arc   vol 1    vol 2    vol 3     vol 4    vol 5

A history of transportation in the Ohio valley, with special reference to its waterways, trade, and commerce from the earliest period to the present time     by Charles Henry Ambler, 1876-1957    Pitt

Homestead: The Households of a Mill Town [Charities Publication Comm., NY]    by Margaret Frances Byington, 1877-1952   1910   Pitt

Illustrated Altoona  by Altoona, Pa. Board of trade.  1896   OpL

Twentieth Century History of Altoona and Blair County, Pennsylvania, and ...   By Jesse C. Sell  1911  Goo

Locomotive testing plant at Altoona, Penna    by Pennsylvania Railroad. Test Dep  1910   OpL

In Old Pennsylvania Towns ‎    by Anne Hollingsworth Wharton  1920   Goo

The Indian chiefs of Pennsylvania, or, A story of the part played by the American Indian in the history of Pennsylvania : based primarily on the Pennsylvania archives and colonial records , and built around the outstanding chiefs - Sipe, C. Hale (Chester Hale), b. 1880    Arc

Indian Eve and Her Descendants: An Indian Story of Bedford County , Pennsylvania      by Emma A. Miller Replogle 1911   Goo

The Indian wars of Pennsylvania : an account of the Indian events, in Pennsylvania, of the French and Indian war, Pontiac's war, Lord Dunmore's war, the revolutionary war, and the Indian uprising from 1789 to 1795 ; tragedies of the Pennsylvania frontier based primarily on the Penna. archives and colonial records     by C. Hale Sipe ; introduction by Dr. George P. Donehoo - Sipe, C. Hale (Chester Hale), b1880   Arc

Lancaster county Indians: annals of the Susquehannocks and other Indian tribes of the Susquehanna territory from about the year 1500 to 1763, the date of their extinction. An exhaustive and interesting series of historical papers descriptive of Lancaster county's Indians...        by Henry Frank   Eshleman, 1869-1953     Lancaster, Pa, Express Print Co, 1909    OpL      

Kittanning, Pennsylvania  Residential Directory    DC  1919 - 20

The Last of the Rangers; Washington County, Pa., 1794 [James Seale; Washington Co. Hist. Soc.]    by Homer L Clark,   1906     Pitt

The Latimers : a tale of the western insurrection of 1794    by Henry Christopher McCook 1837-1911   Pitt

The Layman's Progress: Religious & Political Experience in Colonial Pennsylvania, 1740-1770     by Dietmar Rothermund,   1962   Que

Lebanon County's distinguished governor John Andrew Melchior Schulze 1775-1852.    by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards  1922   Arc

 Farm and Business Directory of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania   DC   1914

Letters to the Connecticut courant, Pennsylvania independent republican, Washington chronicle, North Carolina union banner, Nemaha courier, Pittsburg commercial, and Topeka record,   Washington , United press association, 1867     LC

The life of William Penn, the settler of Pennsylvania, the founder of Philadelphia and one of the first lawgivers in the colonies, now United States, in 1682 ... By M. L. Weems., Weems, M. L. (Mason Locke), 1759-1825.     CMU        MoA

Lights & shadows of Sewickley [Pa.] life, or, Memories of sweet valley,   Agnes L Ellis,   Phila, 1893   Pitt

Lives of the Governors of Pennsylvania: With the Incidental History of the ...     by William Crawford Armor 1872    Goo

Lives of the Lykens-Williams Valley history - directory and pictorial review.     by J. Allen Barrett  Telegraph Printing co., 1922    OpL  

Logstown ," on the Ohio : a historical sketch        By by Daniel Agnew, 1809-1902   Pitt

Lykens-Williams Valley history - directory and pictorial review.     by J. Allen Barrett  Telegraph Printing co., 1922    OpL

Major-General Anthony Wayne and the Pennsylvania Line in the Continental Army -    by Charles Janeway Stillé   1893   Goo

A major street plan for Pittsburgh, a part of the Pittsburgh plan.       Pittsburgh (Pa.). Citizens Committee on City Plan of Pittsburgh.   Pitt  

Manorville, Pennsylvania  Residential Directory    DC   1919 - 20  

Manual and directory of Smithfield St. M.E. Church for 1888 : containing full account of the centennial celebration of Pittsburgh Methodism, held in the Smithfield St. M.E. Church, Sept. 16-23    prepared by the pastor, Chas. Bayard Mitchell, 1857-1942.     Pitt

The massacre of Wyoming. The acts of Congress for the defense of the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania, 1776-1778: with the petitions of the sufferers by the massacre of July 3, 1778, for congressional aid by Wyoming Historical and Geological Society United States. Continental Congress Hayden, Horace Edwin  1895     OpL

McCain, Pennsylvania  Residential Directory    DC  1919 - 20  

In memory of the early settlers of Squirrel Hill and their descendants... are interred in the Turner's burial ground, Squirrel Hill.     Pitt

Men and steel     by Mary Heaton Vorse, 1874-1966   Pitt

Message from the governor of Maryland, transmitting the reports of the joint commissioners, and of Lt. Col. Graham, U. S. engineers, in relation to the intersection of the boundary lines of the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, & Delaware.    Commission on Boundary Lines between Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania   1850.   MoA

Minutes of the State Convention of the Coloured Citizens of Pennsylvania, Convened at Harrisburg, December 13 and 14, 1848.  DiC

Names of Foreigners who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Penn.1727-75     by William Henry Egle 1892    Goo     OpL

Names of persons who took the oath of allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania between the years 1777 and 1789   byThompson Westcott 1865  Arc

Narratives of Early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey & Delaware, 1630-1707 [maps]    by Albert Cook Myers,   1912    Goo    Que

The Negro in Pennsylvania: Slavery-Servitude-Freedom, 1639-1861    DiC

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania  City Directory   DC  1936 - 37 ;

Notes and Queries: Historical, Biographical, and Genealogical ... edited by William Henry Egle  1895   Goo   vol 1   vol 2   1897

Notes on the Settlement & Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia & Pennsylvania, 1763 – 83    by Joseph Doddridge, 1769-1826.  1876   Pitt    LC  1824

The Ogden Mining and Manufacturing Company: incorporated under the laws of ... By Ogden Mining and Manufacturing Company    1866  Goo

The office and duties of coroners in Pennsylvania   by Graham Cox Woodward   International print. co., 1911   OpL

The Old Home Week Book, Made Up of Sketches of History, Biography and Reminiscences pertaining to Prospect, Butler Co, Penn.    by Andrew White McCulloch, David Luther Roth  1912     WYV

Old Time Notes of Pennsylvania: A Connected and Chronological Record of the Commercial ...     by Alexander Kelly McLure   Arc  vol 1    vol  2

Old Westmoreland    by Edgar W. Hassler   RCi

Orderly-book of the Pennsylvania state regiment of foot May 10 to August 16, 1777 - Pennsylvania infantry. 13th regt., 1777-1778   Arc

Otzinachson: Or, a History of the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna ...   by John Franklin Meginness   Arc   1857   1889  vol 1    ol 1 pt 2     Goo  1857    1889

Otzinachson ‎ by John Franklin Meginness  1857    Goo

Paintertown, Pennsylvania  Residential Directory   DC  1919 - 20

Partial Transcription of Hazleton, PA  Directory    1909     1912    1914    1916     1921  

Pastorius's Description of Pennsylvania    by Francis Daniel Pastorius    MoA

Pattonville, Pennsylvania  Residential Directory    DC   1919 - 20  

Penbrook, Pennsylvania  City Directory   DC   1930  

Pennsylvania at Salisbury, North Carolina: Ceremonies at the Dedication of ...     by James Dunlap Walker -Soldiers' monuments – 1910    Goo

Pennsylvania County Court Reports   1907   Goo

Pennsylvania marriage licenses issued by Governor James Hamilton, 1748-1752     by  Helen Jordon, of Pennsylvania , comp  Arc

Penn. Marriages Prior to 1799     DMK  pt 1    pt 2    pt 3

Pittsburgh; commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania   Pitt

Proceedings and Debates of the Convention of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to Propose...     by Pennsylvania .  1837  vol  2 1837   Goo

Proceedings of the general Society of the Cincinnati, with the original institution of the order : to which are annexed the act of incorporation by the state of Pennsylvania... May 1800    Arc

Proprietary and State Tax Lists of the County of Lancaster: For the Years ...     by   William Henry Egle, Lancaster County, Pa    1898    Goo

The provincial councillors of Pennsylvania, who held office between 1733-1776, and those earlier councillors who were some time chief magistrates of the province, and their escendants     by  Charles Penrose Keith   Arc

Public ledger almanac (Volume 1897/1903)    Arc

The Quaker Colonies, a chronicle of the proprietors of the Delaware     by   Sydney George Fisher, 1856-1927.    Gut    MBk

The Red Book: Social, business & telephone directory of Bellevue , Avalon, Ben Avon & Emsworth Pa. 1904   Pitt

The Register of Pennsylvania : devoted to the preservation of facts and documents and every other kind of useful information respecting the state of Pennsylvania      by Samuel Hazard,  1784-1870    Arc    vol 9

Report of the Select Committee Relative to the Soldiers' National Cemetery [ Gettysburg, lists names] ...    by House of Representatives, General Assembly, Pennsylvania   1864   Goo

Slavery in Pennsylvania    by Turner , Edward Raymond, 1881-1929   Arc

Some Pennsylvania women during the War of the Revolution    by  William Henry Egle, 1830-1901   Arc

Souvenir of Loretto Centenary 1799-1899   CPA

Souvenir of Reunion & History of St. Bartholomew's Church Wilmore, PA   1909   CPA

Thomas Gertrude of Wyoming; or, The Pennsylvanian cottage [British poet "popular with early 19th-century American,,,  1809    MoA     Voc

Thomas Holme, 1624-1695: 1624-1695 : Surveyor General of Pennsylvania       by Irma Corcoran. 1992    Goo

Tour of the Governor of Pennsylvania, Members of Staff, and the Pennsylvania Panama-Pacific Commission - Pennsylvania Day, September 4, 1915    Cal

A tribute to the virtues, & public usefulness of the Irish & Scotch early settlers of Pa. By a descendant    by George Chambers, 1786-1866.    1856  MoA

20th century history of the city of Washington and Washington County, Pennsylvania and representative citizens       by Joseph Fulton McFarland, Arc  vol 1   vol 2

Warrantees of Land in the Several Counties of the State of Pennsylvania ...   1898      Goo

Warren centennial : an account of the celebration at Warren , Pennsylvania July 2d, 3d, and 4th in commeration of the first century after...   Arc

The Warren cook book, comp. and arranged by the Second auxiliary missionary society, formerly the Young ladies' missionary society of the Presbyterian church - Warren, Pa.    Arc

Weekly notes of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ...     U S Circuit Court (3rd Circuit), District Court (Eastern District) 1876    Goo

Welsh founders of Pennsylvania. Glenn, Thomas Allen, 1911-  .  Goo    Har

Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania [incl. Welsh land companies]      by Charles Henry Browning,   Phila.   1912      Goo    Har

Western Pennsylvanians : A work for newspaper & library reference [Western Pa. Biographical Assn]    by Chales Alexander Rock.  1923    Pitt

Where wigwams stood: a history of Muncy, Pennsylvania, as seen through the pages of Now and then     by Katherine Yurchak     Arc

The wilderness trail; or, The ventures and adventures of the Pennsylvania traders on the Allegheny path, with some new annals of the old West, and the records of some strong men and some bad ones, by Charles A. Hanna ... with eighty maps and illustrations.  KDL

Williamsport schools through the years      Williamsport Education Association   Arc

The Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association presents: the pride of tradition. 1983 - 1988    Arc

Whiskey rebels : the story of a frontier uprising (in Pennsylvania). Images online of this book by Leland D. Baldin  1939   ABC

History of the western insurrection in western Pennsylvania ... the whiskey insurrection, 1794,   by Henry Marie Brackenridge 1786-1871    Pitt 

1903 Year book of the Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution   FHA  1903

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