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Southern Presbyterian Review 1847-85


American Christian Rulers: or, Religion and men of government; comprising sketches in American...    by Edward Jonathan Giddings,   1890   Goo  

American Lutheranism - Vol 1: Early History of American Lutheranism and The Tennessee Synod    by Friedrich Bente   MBk

Churches between the mountains: a history of the Lutheran congregations in .. ‎  David H. Focht  1862   Goo

The American Missionary    (magazine) 1878 - 1901)    Cor 

American slavery. A protest against American slavery, by one hundred and seventy-three Unitarian ministers   Rhode Island & Massachusetts Christian Conf   Arc

Annual Report of the Board of Missions for the Fiscal Year .    by Episcopal Church. Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society  1920   Goo 

Annals of the American Pulpit: Or, Commemorative Notices of Distinguished American Clergymen...     by William Buell Sprague. 1858    Goo

A Biographical Memoir of Richard Jordan: A Minister of the Gospel, in the Society of Friends;... 1828  Goo

The Centennial History of the American Bible Society    by Henry Otis Dwight   1916    Goo

Christianity in the United States from the First Settlement Down to the Present Time.   by Daniel Dorchester. 1888    Goo

The church on the changing frontier; a study of the homesteader and his church      Arc

Churchyard literature : a choice collection of American epitaphs.   by John R. Kippax  1877   ABC

The Development of Religious Liberty in Connecticut .    By Maria Louise Greene.  Gut

The Development of the Sunday-school , 1780-1905: The Official Report...     1905   Goo

The Early Jesuit Missions in North America: Comp. and Tr. from the Letters of the French Jesuits,...   by William Ingraham Kip. 1873    Goo

The Early Religious Customs of New England: An Address at the Two Hundredth ...   by Edward James Young   1882    Goo

The English Church and Its Bishops 1700-1800.     by Charles John Abbey. 1887   Goo

Free Religious Association(Boston, Mass.). Freedom, fellowship in religion: a collection of essays and addresses.     by committee of the Free Religious Assoc. Boston: Roberts Brothers 1875   MoA

George Batten's Directory of the Religious Press of the United States: A List of All Religious...     by George Batten Company. 1892   Goo

A half-century of the Unitarian controversy, with particular reference to its origin, its course, and its prominent subjects among the Congregationalists of Massachusetts.     by George Edward Ellis, 1814-1894.    Boston : Crosby, Nichols, and Company, 1857     MoA

Historical collections relating to the American colonial church, ed. by William Stevens Perry, D.D., bp., ed. 1832-1898,   MoA  

A History of American Christianity.    by Leonard Woolsey Bacon. 1897   Goo

History of American Missions to the Heathen, from Their Commencement to the Present Time.    by Joseph Tracy, Solomon Peck, Enoch Mudge, William Cutter, Enoch Mack. 1840   Goo

The History of the Church of England in the Colonies and Foreign Dependencies of the British Empire.     by James Stuart M. Anderson, 1856   Goo

History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   by Brigham Henry Roberts. 1902    Goo

History of the Afro-American Group of the Episcopal Church. By George F. Bragg, Published in 1922   UNC

A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church .   by Nathan Bangs.   1840   Goo

History of the Society of Jesus in North America, Colonial and Federal ...   by Thomas S J Hughes. 1908    Goo

Holy-days and Holidays: A Treasury of Historical Material, Sermons in Full ...    by Edward Mark Deems   1906   Goo

Index of Presbyterian ministers, containing the names of all the ministers of the Presbyterian church in the United States of America; with references to the pages on which those names are found in its records and minutes, from A.D. 1706 to A.D. 1881    by Beecher , Willis Judson, 1838-1912   Arc

Naturalizations of foreign Protestants in American and West Indian colonies (pursuant to statute 13 George II, c.7)   FHB

Indian Missionary Directory and Memorial Volume.     by Brenton Hamline Badley, 1876    Goo

John Checkley; Or, The Evolution of Religious Tolerance in Massachusetts Bay: Including Mr....   edited by  Edmund Farwell Slafter  1897   Goo

King 's Handbook of notable Episcopal churches in the United States     by Shinn, George Wolfe, 1839-1910   Arc

History of the Afro-American Group of the Episcopal Church.     by George F. Bragg    1922   UNC

Journal of the ... Annual Convention of the Diocese of Central New York ...   12th convention 1880     by Episcopal Church.  1869    Goo  

Journal of the ... Annual Convention, Diocese of New York.     Sep 30, 1868     by Episcopal Church. Diocese of New York.  1785     Goo

Journal of the ... Annual Convention, Diocese of New York.     125th convention 1908   by Episcopal Church. Diocese of New York.   1785    Goo

Journal of the ... Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Wisconsin -   June 1865      by  Diocese of Wisconsin.  1886     Goo

Journal of the Proceedings of the Bishops, Clergy and Laity ...    by Episcopal Church General Convention, 1838    Goo

Law for the clergy: a compilation of the statutes of the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, relating to the duties of clergymen in the solemnization of marriage, the organization of churches and religious societies, and the protection of religious meetings and assemblies, with notes and practical forms, embracing a collation of the common law of marriage.     by Sanford Amos Hudson, 1817-1905.   Chicago,: S. C. Griggs and company, 1877.     Goo     MoA

The Life of Mary Baker Eddy and the History of Christian Science     by Georgine Milmine and Willa Cather  Cather uncredited in this edition; New York: Doubleday Page and Company, 1909   Arc

The Mennonites of America.   by C. Henry Smith. 1909    Goo

Minutes of the Christian convention, held at Aurora, Illinois. Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st, 1867.: Containing the proceedings & resolutions of the Convention [respecting freemasonry ...]   Chicago,: V. Dean & Ottaway, 1867.    MoA  

Missionary Adventures in Texas and Mexico: A Personal Narrative of Six Years' Sojourn in Those...    by Emmanuel Domenech. 1858    Goo

Missionary Work Among the Ojebway Indians .  by   Edward Francis Wilson.   Gut

New themes for the Protestant clergy: creeds without charity, theoloy without humanity, Protestantism without Christianity; with notes on the literature of charity, population, pauperism, political economy, and Protestantism.     by    Stephen Colwell, 1800-1871. Philadelphia : Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1853, c1851   MoA

The obligation of the Sabbath: a discussion between Rev. J. Newton Brown, and Wm. B. Taylor - Brown, J. Newton (John Newton ), 1803-1868   Arc

Organized Sunday School Work in America, 1905-1908: Triennial Survey of ...     by International Sunday-School Association 1908   Goo

The gift of power received by faith: illustrated and confirmed by the testimony of eighty living ministers of various denominations    by Phoebe Palmer , 1807-1874    Arc

Pioneers of religious liberty in America : being the Great and Thursday lectures delivered in Boston in nineteen hundred and three by Boston : American Unitarian Association, 1903   OpL   

The position of Christianity in the United States, in its relations with our political institutions, and specially with reference to religious instruction in the public schools.     by    Stephen Colwell,   1800-1871. Philadelphia : Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1854  MoA

The proceedings of the court convened under the third canon of 1844, in the city of New York, on...     by Benjamin Tredwell Onderdonk, Episcopal Church, Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress). 1845    Goo

Puritan missions in the Pacific: a discourse, delivered at Honolulu, (S.I.,) on the anniversary of the Hawaiian evangelical association, Sabbath evening, June 17, 1866.    by Samuel Chenery Damon, 1815-1885.   New Haven,: J. Hunnewell, 1868       MoA 

The Religious Foundations of America: A Study in National Origins.   by Charles Lemuel Thompson.   1917     Goo

Religious Orders of Women in the United States: Accounts of Their Origin and ...     by Elinor Tong Dehey  1913    Goo    

Religious orders; or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women, by the author of...   by Mary Magdalen Taylor   1862   Goo

A Review of A Pastoral Address by the Right Rev. T. N. Staley, D.D., Reformed Catholic Bishop...     by William De Witt Alexander. 1865   Goo

Sermons on various subjects, evangelical, devotional, and practical adapted to the promotion of Christian piety, family religion, and youthful virtue      by Joseph Lathrop   Arc    vol 1   vol 2

Shakerism detected : their erroneous and treasonous proceedings, and false publications contained in different news-papers, exposed to public view by the depositions of ten different persons living in various parts of the states of Kentucky and Ohio : accompanied with remarks    by JamesSmith,  1737-1812     Arc

Account of the people called Shakers: their faith, doctrines, & practice, [&] a history of their rise…     by Thomas Brown, b. 1766    Troy, New York, 1812   KDL

Shakers : compendium of the origin, history, principles, rules and regulations, government, and doctrines of the United Society of believers in Christ's second appearing   with biographies of Ann Lee, William Lee, Jas. Whittaker, J. ocknl, J. Meacham, and Lucy Wright.      by Frederick William Evans, 1808-1893.    New York : D. Appleton and Company, 1859     MoA    PtW

Sketches of church life   in colonial Connecticut,     ed  Lucy Cushing Jarvis     ABL

Thomas Carlyle's moral and religious development; a study:    1891   Arc

Two Centuries of Border Church Life: With Biographies of Leading Men and Sketches of the Social...     by James Tait   1889    Goo  

Why Am I a Jew?: I.Discourse Delivered Before Sinai Congregation,Chicago,1895.    by Emil Gustav Hirsch, 1895    Goo

World Survey by the Interchurch World Movement of North America: Revised Preliminary...    by Interchurch World Movement of North America 1920    Goo


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