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Addresses relating to the growth of the church in the missionary jurisdiction of South Dakota [microform] : from June, A.D. 1860 to June, A.D. 1898   Arc

Annual Report of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of South Dakota for ... ‎ - by South Dakota Board of Railroad Commissioners   1918     Goo

The Baptist History of South Dakota ‎   by Thomas Miles Shanafelt, Thomas Miles, 1840-1909 Shanafelt, South Dakota Baptist Convention  1899   Goo     OpL

A brief history of South Dakota ‎    by Doane Robinson  1905   Arc    Goo

A century in review : city of Elk Point South Dakota 1859-1959   FHA

The church on the changing frontier; a study of the homesteader and his church      Arc

Civil Government of the United States and South Dakota ‎   by John Asa Ross, Frank Leslie Ransom  1913   Goo

History and government of South Dakota ‎    by George Martin Smith, Clark Montgomery Young, Burke Aaron Hinsdale, S. W. Clark   1904   Goo

History and civil government of South Dakota     by George Martin Smith  1898   OpL

A history of Jerauld county, South Dakota    by N. J. Dunham    OpL 

History of Marshall County, Dakota: Its topography and natural history, and ...    By George Hickman  1886  Goo

History of Minnehaha county, South Dakota    by Dana Reed Bailey     OpL

A history of South Dakota century farms   by Joanita Kant    1985   OpL

History of southeastern Dakota: its settlement and growth, geological and ... ‎  1881  FHB   Goo

Grigsby's Cowboys.: Third United States volunteer cavalry, Spanish-American war . A historical...    by Otto Louis Sues   1899   Goo  

Literature of South Dakota: O. W. Coursey ‎ by Oscar William Coursey  1916    Goo

Memorial and biographical record of Turner, Lincoln, Union and Clay counties, South Dakota   by Unknown author  1897   OpL

Official directory and rules of the Senate and House of representatives and ... ‎ by South Dakota. Legislature, South Dakota  1902     Goo

Pa-ha-sa-pah, or, The Black Hills of South Dakota: a complete history of the ... ‎ by Peter Rosen  1895   Goo

Report of a reconnaissance of the Black hills of Dakota, made in the summer of 1874.    by William Ludlow.   United States. Army.  1875.   MoA  

Results of Spirit Leveling in South Dakota 1896 to 1910, Inclusive ‎ by R. B. Marshall  1911    Goo

Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the State of South Dakota ‎ by South Dakota. Supreme Court  1914   Goo

Report of the Annual Meeting of the South Dakota Bar Association ‎    by South Dakota Bar Association,    1897    Goo

Sisseton, the Geographical Center and Future County Seat of Roberts County, South Dakota    by Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway Co Chicago 1893   Goo    

South Dakota: a republic of friends ‎   by Willis Ernest Johnson  1911  Goo

South Dakota Bureau of Immigration 1st Annual report of the Commissioner of Immigration for the State of South Dakota,  Har     1912     1914  

South Dakota historical collections ‎   by South Dakota State Historical Society,      Goo  1908    1920

South Dakota legislative manual ‎    by South Dakota. Legislature, South Dakota. Bureau of Public Printing,  Goo   1921

South Dakota : resources--people--statehood. The gleanings of a journey through the territory      by Frank S.  Child   Goo

South Dakota State House: Laying of the Corner Stone... ‎  by South Dakota State capitol commission, William Henry Harrison Beadle, 1908   Goo

Statutes of the State of South Dakota (2d Rev. Ed.) Embracing the General ...  ‎ by South Dakota , Edwin Lincoln Grantham   1901   Goo

The sunshine state: a history of South Dakota ‎    by Frank L. Ransom  1912   Goo

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Report: Reconnaissance of the Black hills of Dakota, in the summer of 1874 1875   MoA

Who's Who strong in South Dakota,     by O.W.   Coursey,        1912     1914    1916

Yankton college Yankton college, SD by John Williams McCurty   1907    OpL

[Yearbook] (Volume yr.1920)  Sioux Falls High School (S.D.)   Arc  

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