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All the western states and territories, from the Alleghanies to the Pacific, and from the Lakes to the Gulf, containing their history from the earliest times ..   by   John Warner Barber, 1798-1885.    Cincinnati, O.,: Howe's subscription book concern, 1867.   MoA

The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid, The Noted Desperado of the Southwest, Whose Deeds of Daring and Blood made His Name A Terror in New Mexico, Arizona and Northern Mexico ,     by Pat F. Garrett    BMk    Pos

Chronicles of Border Warfare , Or, A History of the Settlement by the Whites, of North-western...      by Williams Powers , Alexander Scott Withers, William Hacker , Lyman Copeland Draper   1895    Arc

Dragoon Campaignsto the Rocky Mountains: Being a History of the Enlistment, organization and first campaigns ...   by James Hildreth  1836   Goo

Early Western Travels, 1748-1846: A Series of Annotated Reprints of Some of the Best and Rarest...      by Reuben Gold Thwaites. 1907    vol 6   vol 30

The golden state: a history of the region west of the Rocky Mountains; embracing California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Washington Territory, British Columbia, and Alaska, from the earliest period to the present time ... with ahistory of Mormonism and the Mormons.    by Rolander Guy McClellan.   Union publishing company;  1872  MoA

Gregg's Commerce of the prairies,       by Josiah Gregg, 1806-1850.    Cleveland, Ohio, 1905.   LC

The History of Oregon and California, and the Other Territories of the North ...‎     by Robert Greenhow   1845    Goo

Historic Sketches of the Cattle Trade of the West and Southwest    by Joseph G. McCoy    KC

History of the early settlement of the North-western Territory: from its earliest exploration ...    by John Brown, Dillon, 1808?-1879.   Ind. 1854    KDL

History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis & Clarke to the Sources of the ...     by Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, John Bach McMaster, Nicholas Biddle  1906  Goo

History of the Expedition Under the Command of Lewis and Clark.     by Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Elliott Coues   1893     Goo

History of the Expedition Under the Command of Lewis and Clark: to the sources of the Missouri...     by Meriwether Lewis, William Clark  1893    Goo

History of the northwest coast     by Hubert Howe Bancroft  (1832-1918.)  Arc  vol 1  vol 2

Indian wars of the West: biographical sketches of those pioneers who headed the western settlers…     by Timothy Flint, 1780-1840.   1833   LC  

James's Account of S. H. Long's expedition, 1819-1820.   Account of an expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains.   A.H . Clark, 1905.   LC

Law West Of Fort Smith A History Of Frontier Justice In The Indian Territory 1834-1896     by Glenn Shirley   Henry Holt And Company, 1957    OpL

Laws, decisions, and regulations affecting the work of the commissioner to the five civilized tribes, 1893-1906, together with maps showing classification of lands in the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole nations, and recordings districts, railroads, and principal towns of the Indian Territory       by United States. Commission to the Madrid exposition, 1892    Govt. print. off, 1906     OpL  

Lloyd's Steamboat Directory, and Disasters on the Western Waters: containing the history of the...     by James T. Lloyd   1856    Goo  

The loyal West in the times of the rebellion: also, before and since: being an encyclopedia and panorama of the western states, Pacific states and territories of the Union. Historical, geographical, and pictorial.      by   John Warner Barber, 1798-1885.   Cincinnati, F. A. Howe, 1865     Goo    MoA    

The log of a cowboy : a narrative of the old trail days.    by Andy Adams,1859-1935.  illus by E. Boyd Smith.   Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1903.   Gut

The Making of the Great West, 1512-1883     by Samuel Adams Drake   1887   Goo

Mansfield on the condition of the western forts 1853-54.    by Robert W. Frazer  University of Oklahoma Press   1963   OpL     

The Memories of Fifty Years - Containing Brief Biographical Notices of Distinguished Americans, and Anecdotes of Remarkable Men; Interspersed with Scenes and Incidents Occurring during a Long Life of Observation Chiefly Spent in the Southwest   William H. Sparks    MBk

The native races of the Pacific states of North America.     by Hubert Howe Bancroft  1875   Goo     1875       1882  

The new empire and her representative men; or, The Pacific coast, its farms, mines, vines, wines, orchards, and interests; its productions, industries and commerce, with interesting biographies and modes of travel      by Wilson Hamilton    Arc

New Life in New Lands: Notes of travel [Chicago, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Calif. - westward migration]    by Grace Greenwood,   1873    Har

New light on the early history of the greater Northwest: The manuscript ... ‎  Alexander Henry,David Thompson   1897    Goo

The old Northwest Territory; its missions, forts and trading posts.    By Charles R.  Brown, 1836-   Moore & Quale; Kalamazoo publishing co., 1875  MoA 

On the plains with Custer : the western life and deeds of the chief with the yellow hair, under whom served boy bugler Ned Fletcher, when in the troublous years 1866-1876 the fighting Seventh cavalry helped to win pioneer Kansas, Nebraska, and Dakota for white civilization and today's peace    by Edwin L. Sabin,   (Edwin Legrand), 1870-1952 Charles H Stephens,    J.B. Lippincott Co., 1913     Opl 

The overland stage to California: personal reminiscences and authentic history of the great overland stage line and pony express from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean.      by Frank A. Root   1837-1926. & William Elsey Connelley. Columbus, Ohio: Long's College Book Co, 1950     Root

Pages from the Early History of the West and Northwest: Embracing Reminiscences and Incidents of...     by S. R. (Stephen R.) Beggs. 1868   Goo  

Pacific coast directory, for 1880-81 : containing names, business and address of merchants, manufacturers and professional men; county, city , state, territorial and federal officers, and notaries public, of California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Arizona , and British Columbia : together with a sketch of the different cities and towns ... : complete classified and alphabetical lists, convenient for reference...  Arc

Parker's illustrated hand book of the Great West :  a record of statistics and facts, with practical suggestions for immigrants as to profitable investment of labor & capital in industrial pursuits in the Great West     by Nathan H. Parker.     1869   Har

The Patrons of husbandry on the Pacific coast.: Being a complete history of the origin, condition and progress of agriculture in different parts of the world; of the origin and growth of the order of Patrons, with a general and special grange directory, and full list of charter members of the subordinate granges of California. Also, of the foes of the farmers, or monopolies of land, water, transportation and education; of a protective tariff, currency and banking.     By Ezra S. Carr (Ezra Slocum), 1819-1894.  San Francisco: A. L. Bancroft and company, 1875.   MoA

Pills Petticoats And Plows The Southern Country Store     by Thomas D. Clark    University Of Oklahoma Press, 1944    OpL  

Pioneers of the Rocky Mountains and the West    by Charles Alexander McMurry   1904    Goo

The poets & poetry of the West: with biographical ...    by William Turner Coggeshall, 1824-67 (N.Y.) Free Speech League  1913   Goo   MoA  

The Prairie Traveler : A Hand-Book for Overland Expeditions. With Maps, Illustrations, and Itineraries of the Principal Routes Between the Mississippi and the Pacific.    by Randolph B. Marcy, Captain US Army.   Authority of the War Department, 1859   KC

Report of J. Ross Browne on the Mineral Resources of the States and Territories West of the Rocky...     by John Ross Browne   1868    Goo 

Sketches of Western Adventure: Containing an Account of the Most Interesting Incidents Connected to the west, from 1755 to 1794    by John Alexander McClung, Henry Waller   1872   Goo  

Songs of the Cattle Trail and Cow Camp    by John Avery Lomax   1919    Goo  

The States and Territories of the Great West ...: with a map    by Jacob Ferris 1856  Goo

The Story of the Marking of the Santa Fe Trail      by the Daughters the American Revolution in Kansas ...    by Almira Sheffield (Peckham) Cordry, DAR Kansas   1915    Goo

The Territorial Papers of the United States‎  by Dept. of State, Clarence Edwin Carter, John Porter Bloom, National Archives (U.S.), United States. National Archives and Records Service   1914  Goo

Touching incidents in the life and labors of a pioneer on the Pacific coast since 1853   Arc

The Trans-Mississippi West (1803-1853): A History of Its Acquisition and ...    by Cardinal Goodwin   1922   Goo

Vigilante Days and Ways: The Pioneers of the Rockies, the Makers and Making ...      by Nathaniel Pitt Langford - Vigilance committees – 1893    Goo

West American History    by Hubert Howe Bancroft 1902    Goo

Who's who in the Northwest Northwest, Pacific  1911   Goo

Williams, R. H. (Robert Hamilton), b. 1831.   With the border ruffians : memories of the far West, 1852-1868    by R. H. Williams, sometime lieutenant in the Kansas rangers and afterwards captain in the Texan rangers; ed. by E. W. Williams.   1907     MoA    

The Winning of the West     Vol IV   1791-1807 Louisiana and the Northwest    by Theodore Roosevelt   1896    Goo